Ice Cream Sandwich woes for some Transformer Prime users

Ice Cream Sandwich woes for some Transformer Prime users

Summary: "Unknown" serial number problem preventing ICS installation.


Trying to get Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' onto your shiny new ASUS Transformer Prime tablet but seeing it fail because of an "unknown" serial number problem? You're not alone.

The 'Ice Cream Sandwich' update was released for the Transformer Prime last week, but some users are unable to install the much-awaited update because their tablets are showing an 'unknown' serial number under the 'About tablet' menu. ASUS support representative Gary Key posted this possible solution over on the XDA-Developers forum that might be worth a try, but given the feedback I wouldn't hold my breath:

As for the Serial Number Unknown problem, please try doing a factory reset. If it does not work the first time, after the reboot, please try it again and once at the desktop, wait about 10~15 minutes for the system to sync with the server. So far this has worked for users I am directly assisting at the moment on another forum but it has not worked on two particular units that were returned yesterday.

If this doesn't help, you'll have to wait for a better fix from ASUS.


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  • RE: Ice Cream Sandwich woes for some Transformer Prime users

    Maybe if they hadn't locked the thing down so much, people wouldn't be having this problem. Can't be installing a free OS on a system without a matching serial number, can we? Sheesh.
    • Not to disagree ....

      @jgm@... but a serial number could be used as a primitive way to control what kind of image is loaded. A way to make sure the image is certified for the hardware.

      The #1 reason Android devices become unstable and/or die soon after the installation of a generic ROM is because the ROM includes unapproved/untested drivers that damage the internal components by not regulating currents correctly.
      • RE: Ice Cream Sandwich woes for some Transformer Prime users

        @wackoae You're gonna need to provide some references for that one, pal. Sounds very unlikely to me.
      • Right. It's like it can ever be an Android problem

        And here I though internal voltages were usually regulated by onboard, unprogramable IC's, and such.
        William Farrel
  • Yes.......and

    Transmitter power is programmable for some radio (i.e. Blutooth, Wifi, etc) chips.
    However they are self limiting in the maximum; and not self destructive.
    So, "drivers" are not thusly suseptible.
    However, overclocking in the ROM implementation might be able to cause damage.
    Not usually percievied as a "driver" though.