IE7 beta on new Sony PCs

IE7 beta on new Sony PCs

Summary: Is Sony shipping PCs with IE7 installed on them and set as a default browser?


Anyone able to confirm the story that I've been coming across that Sony is shipping new PCs with IE7 beta installed on them as the default browser?  Seems like a move that could cause a lot of tech support calls to me.


Topic: PCs

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  • Privacy and security

    Those are the two things most conscientious comupter users want. Somehow that fact has completely escaped Sony.
    Michael Kelly
    • Yes, it would seem so

      ... sounds like a really bad idea to me.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • Sony & IE7b3

    I've been using IE7b3 as my default browser since the end of June, and would never go back to IE6. The IE7b3 is more stable and functional than most released code of existing browsers that have been out for years.