iFixit confirms iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM

iFixit confirms iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM

Summary: Siri, do you might if we do a teardown?


iFixit's teardown of the iPhone 4S uncovers some interesting facts about Apple's iPhone 4S.

First thing we discover - as rumored, the iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM. This has been confirmed by markings on the A5 processor:

The markings to look for are the E4E4, which means that the CPU is a two 2 Gb LPDDR2 die, and 4Gb translates into 512 MB.

Chipworks has a photo of the A5 processor die:

Other highlights from the teardown:

  • The battery has an extra 0.05WHrs compared to the iPhone 4!
  • Battery connectors are different, so it's unlikely that an iPhone 4 battery would fit in the 4S.
  • The 4S features the vibrator motor from the Verizon iPhone 4, a linear oscillating vibrator:

Note that the iFixit teardown is ongoing at the time of writing, so I'll update this post with any new information as it comes in.

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  • RE: iFixit confirms iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM

    So the iPhone 4s is basically an update to the Verizon iPhone 4. I wonder if the new iOS update will be the same across all versions of the phone. Or will it be fragmented like iOS 4? I would expect better from Apple, lets hope they deliver.
    • Since slow 2008' iPhone 3G gone from the list of upgradable hardware, the

      @Rick_Kl: ... functionality is universal (of course, except for Siri, which is not part of iOS 5).
      • RE: iFixit confirms iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM

        @DeRSSS The versions of iOS for Verizon and AT&T were both different. I was wondering if Apple did something different for iOS 5, or would it be more of the same?
  • RE: iFixit confirms iPhone 4S has 512MB of RAM

    Well hopefully Siri will make it to the ipad2 then...
    • Not sure how soon since iPad is 'less personal' than iPhone; you can not ..

      @unredeemed: ... put it in your pocket.

      Also, despite all of the promotional videos, the most often and convenient scenario of Siri's use is when you do not have to press the button and wait for anything, but just move the phone to your ear as speak what you want <b>right away</b>.

      Obviously this will not work well on iPad, even though technically it can perfectly work in such scenario since it has microphone.
  • &quot;do you MIGHT if we do a teardown'???

    You must have dictated this using voice recognition S/W eh?