iOS 5.1 available for download

iOS 5.1 available for download

Summary: Lots of new features ... plus bug fixes!

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Apple

I just checked my iPhone and it seems that iOS 5.1 is available for download.

Whole raft of improvements are on offer:

  • Japanese language Siri
  • Photos can now be deleted from the Photo stream in iCloud
  • Camera shortcut always visible in lock screen
  • Camera face detection
  • Better camera app for iPad
  • Improved Mixes and Genius playlists
  • Audio for TV shows louder and clearer
  • Podcast controls for playback and 30 sec rewind
  • Updated AT&T network indicator
  • Addresses battery life bugs
  • Fixes a bug that causes audio on outgoing calls to drop

You can download the update via iTunes of if you have iOS 5.0 installed OTA (Over The Air) by going Settings > General > Software Update.

I've installed it on my iPhone 4 and iPad with no problems at all. I'll get back to you with some first impressions later.

Topics: Mobile OS, Apple

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  • huh?

    "Podcast controls for playback and 30 sec rewind"

    Huh? I already have that, before the update.
    • why

      Not on the iPad, you didn't. They removed them in 5.0+. Which was dumb.
      • Well, don't have the iPad

        Well, don't have the iPad, just have the iPhone.
    • Or you can go with Downcast and have 30 secs back and forward...

      Downcast is a great podcast player for iPad. They've had it for months. Apple just caught up.
      Roger H
  • hmm

    So they're finally going to fix the battery huh?
    • Why?

      There is nothing wrong with the battery and it STILL outlasts any battery powering any Android device.
    • eh?

      What battery problem? My original ipad last for hours and hours.. more than I manage to last for sure!
  • Waiting

    Not going to update without a jailbreak, as ios without a jailbreak is like beer without alcohol.

    The only way to make ios usefull is to jailbreak it.
  • But why? (Iphone 4)

    No real compelling reason to upgrade. Jailbreak or not. Without intorducing Siri to more platforms its just bug fixes really. Another update to update. Not that apple is the only one updating for the sake of headline time.
  • 30min and still

    Downloading and preparing to install ... before any sign of life from the phone. let's see if it's worth the wait.
  • iphone update 5.1

    Did anyone lose any information after the update?
    • No, but...

      I did not lose any information but my iPod Touch 4 had a weird problem. It refused to sync any music and told me I did not have enough free space:

      "iPod touch cannot be synced because there is not enough free space to hold all of the items in the iTunes Library (additional space required)."

      I searched Apple and found that I needed to stop syncing music and photos, sync, then enable syncing music and photos, and sync again. Fixed the problem. My iPhone 4S and iPad 2 had not such issues and all three devices sync from the same computer and have the same music library. Weird.
  • iso

    hope you like your info steal that is the cloud hacker heaven
  • Ahhhh....

    Wait for 5.2. By then they will fixed the bugs in 5.0 that should of been fixed in 5.1. Even better. Wait for 6.0. :-)
    • Hmmm...

      Like your consistently poor spelling and grammar which should [b]have[/b] been fixed years ago?

      Just goes to show: too dumb to spell = sucked in by Microsoft!
    • I guess you will never ever get any tech then

      After all, if you follow your own advice there's no chance you'd opt for a mobile, a tablet, a PC, or even a mainframe, or even a car.

      You'd be still waiting for the next version, and hopefully getting more and more depressed when perfection was not achieved.

      Either that, or you're a useless tosser making throwaway comments.
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  • Worked fine here

    My workhorse 3GS took the update fine (only 128Mb over the air delta - guessing there is about 50 meg more stuff in the iPhone 4 and 4S versions?).

    The irritating levels of lag have gone, especially apparent in the ipod functionality (I still don't know how they managed to screw that join the original 5.0, especially considering they actually simplified the app by separating out the video playback function!).

    The phone feels a lot snappier, like it did on the last versions of iOS 4 and iOS 3.

    This is good!
  • One hint

    I upgraded my iPod Touch which failed; just disconnected & would not restore.

    Then I upgraded my iTunes version to 10.6 and tried again; this time it looks OK, though still waiting for 30Gb of stuff to transfer.

    I am not looking for any new features, just some bug fixes as the iPod music app was surprisingly broken in the 5.0 'upgrade' and a few other annoying bugs that they really needed to have fixed.

    We shall see if they have tomorrow..
  • Apple Os5.1 iphone 3GS 32GB

    Don't bother, bricked my phone and took an incredible 6 hours to recover.

    I was not amused. Not going to let my ipads near it.