iPad 3 to cost more than iPad 2? Unlikely

iPad 3 to cost more than iPad 2? Unlikely

Summary: Why would the price hike for the Wi-Fi models be more than that of the Wi-Fi + 3G models?

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

With the expected unveiling of the iPad 3 only days away, the rumor mill continues to bubble away.

Today a new rumor, bought to us by Chinese website Weibo (via MacRumors), claims that the iPad 3 will cost some $80 more than the existing models.

Image credit: Weibo

The first column shows the price for the iPad 2 in dollars, the second for the iPad 3, again in dollars, and the final column is in Chinese Yuan (calculated from the US dollar price). As you can see, the iPad 3 Wi-Fi models cost $80 more than the existing iPad 2 models, and the iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 3G models costing $70 more.

Couple of things jump out at me about this:

  • Why is the Chinese Yuan price an exchange rate conversion of the US dollar value? That seems an odd touch.
  • Why would the price hike for the Wi-Fi models be more than that of the Wi-Fi + 3G models? A $10 price difference here seems unusual.

I'm calling this 'rumor' bogus.


Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • iPad 3 to cost more that iPad 2? Unlikely

    Totally agree Adrian. If anything, Apple might go for a price decrease especially if there are significant hardware upgrades.
  • Little sense.

    Doesn't make much sense. Why would the previous gen be priced the same when it's being replaced? Also Apple doesn't price their stuff at $X79. It's usually at $x99 or $x49.
  • iPad 3 to cost more that iPad 2? Unlikely

    I don't know, Apple users are willing to pay higher prices for their products. On the other hand, Apple hasn't raised prices when they refresh products. Given that information I'll agree with you, iPad 3 won't cost more because at $700 its its already overpriced.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Why?

      Is that because Apple products are worth more, or because "Apple users" like to pay more for everything: canned corn, toilet paper, garage door openers, everything they buy.

      Also, is one an "Apple user" before one purchases the first Apple product? If not, how do they ever become Apple users?
      Robert Hahn
      • Yes

        Loverock Davidson-
    • Why don't you get lost

      • No

        I think I will stay, thanks.
        Loverock Davidson-
      • It is usually better to ignore the troll

        than it is to feed their need for attention.
        Jumpin Jack Flash

      What part of $499 DONT YOU UNDERSTAND????
      • The part

        The part where it clearly states $699.
        Loverock Davidson-
      • Leave him be

        He always quotes pricing for the highest spec he can find just to get the reaction you gave him.
  • I'm with Adrian.

    I highly doubt that Apple will change it's pricing at all (though the iPad 2 will obviously take a price hit). It's this current price point that has kept Android tablets (as much as I love them) from making any headway.
  • They didn't charge more for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

    They made the jump to retina on those two models and the prices were the same.

    Just a bunch of hype that I'm sure Tim Cook will dispel.
  • I would raise the price too.

    If I were Apple. Those dingbats will line up no matter what the price is and what the product is. Heck it's could be a pad of canary colored paper, charge $600 and watch the tech punidts roll around on the floor licking the carpet .
    The apple crowd will buy and praise anything and everything that comes out of apple.
  • Ipad 3 Pricing

    The retina display is going to cost more so the price is going to jump. I guessing that Apple is unwilling to take the hit on their profits and only make 170 profit on each ipad 16GB model instead of 250. They actually want you to buy the higher end model because a 64GB model only costs them 50 more to make. I think the price difference on the 3G models is to get people to sign contracts with cell phone companies. Althought 10 is a little puzzling for the price differential. I think that all the misinformation on the web is helping apple sell product. The next gen is never that different than the previous gen. My guess is the display and siri on the new ipad 3 and that is it. Quad core? Since we would know it was in production I seriously doubt that a different processor is in the new units.
  • The third column says "price in rmb as calculated from exchange rates"

    probably explains your point "Why is the Chinese Yuan price an exchange rate conversion of the US dollar value? That seems an odd touch."
    other *