iPad 3 - What we know

iPad 3 - What we know

Summary: What do you expect from the iPad 3? What would you like to see?

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

Yikes! One post about the iPad 3 and my inbox is stuffed with people who think that I know more about Apple's plans that I'm letting on!

What do we know about the iPad 3?


Outside of Apple (and the associated companies involved in development and supply chain), no one knows anything about the iPad 3. Sure, there are a lot of rumors and speculation going around, but it's important to be aware that it is rumor and speculation, and not information. The hit rate for the Apple rumors spread by pundits and tech sites being even vaguely accurate is appallingly low ... bear that in mind next time you get excited about something! We're left with guesses, at best, educated guesses, as to what's coming up next from Apple.

Here are my best educated guesses to some of the questions I've been asked today:

Oh, and no, I don't know more than I'm letting on, and no, I don't have an iPad 3 here in the lab like one person claimed (although I would say that, wouldn't I ...).


If history is anything to go by, Apple announces iPads in March and makes them available for pre-order shortly after. However, bear in mind that with Apple you can't rely on past history ... look at how everyone was thrown a curveball with the iPhone 4S.

What about the January release rumor?


How much?

Like I said earlier, I'm not holding my breath for a price cut. Sure, I'd like a price cut, but there's no real reason for Apple to cut prices. The iPad is selling well and there's no real competition to it out there.

What will it look like?

Given the lengths that Apple has gone to to patent the design of the iPad, I thick it's safe to assume it's not going to be radically different from what we have now. Don't expect a smaller or larger tablet either ... given how devices such as the Kindle Fire have show how 7-inch tablets suck, that's no going to happen.

What about the hardware?

I expect the iPad 3 to be evolutionary not revolutionary. I expect a better CPU and GPU, possibly more RAM and maybe expanded storage up to 128GB. There will also be a better battery powering all this, but it remains to be seen if it will result in better battery life.

What about 4G/LTE?

It makes sense to offer that, and doesn't add much to the cost though, but it would chew through battery life. My guess is that Apple didn't add LTE to the iPhone until a power-efficient chipset became available. With that said, my guess is it won't be offered on the iPad 3.

What about Near Field Communication (NFC)?

Has NFC made much of a splash on Android handsets? No. Why would Apple add it to the iPad and not the iPhone?

Better cameras?

Likely. The camera on the iPhone 4S is top-notch.

What about a 'retina display' or 'HD display'?

No, for reasons I outlined here. You've been reading DigiTimes, haven't you?

What about the 'two versions' theory (HD and standard)?

No. More after hours DigiTimes reading, right?

Thunderbolt port?


USB port?


3D display?

Hahahahahahahah ... no.

What version of iOS?

Historically the iPad hasn't been the platform of choice for Apple to unveil a new version of iOS, so I expect it to run a version of iOS 5 if it is released in early 2012.

Thinner? Thicker?

Not that you'll notice!

Let's see how many of these I get right!

What do you expect from the iPad 3? What would you like to see?

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: iPad 3 - What we know

    Boring day, right?
    • LMAO!

      The author is covered in exploded inbox residue.... :)
  • RE: iPad 3 - What we know

    "What do we know about the iPad 3?

    Is this really ZDNet?

    Impossible. They'd never say a thing like that.
  • Competition

    Wait, you said there is no real competition. I beg to differ. I have an iPad2 and now a Transformer Prime. I love the prime and prefer it.
  • RE: iPad 3 - What we know

    On your reason why there won't be a 7" iPad, I like how you cited your own article which is simply a re-vomit of someone else's opinion.

    Nice work.
  • RE: iPad 3 - What we know

    Adrian, I have to agree on all your points. The majority of the rumours are wish lists, nothing more. Please post your score on the announcement day!

    CobraA1 :)
  • Your candor is refreshing, Adrian.

    But c'mon!! Let's have some crazy, wild-ass guesses, just like from every other tech guru out there!
    • OK - here's one.

      Press the "Apple" logo and the iPad3 will sing a prayer to Steve Jobs ;-)
      • What a magnificent idea, Zoggy!

        You'd better patent that one! :-P
      • Too Late


        Apple is currently suing Hallmark for putting that in a card... :(
      • RE: iPad 3 - What we know


        I'd love to see a link to Apple v. Hallmark cards.
  • ZDNet bloggers need a new year's resolution, and they need to promise not

    to write blogs about nothing. That's a Seinfeld idea, to create a TV show about nothing, but at least, Seinfeld's show was very entertaining. This blog, well, it's about nothing, with no content, and it's not funny, and it's not entertaining in any fashion whatsoever.

    Not a good way to start the new year. In fact, if this blog had been a TV show, it would have been cancelled before it's first episode aired. That's a hint, you guys.
    • Geez, tough crowd!


      I think the last line is a clue:
      <i>"Let???s see how many of these I get right!"</i>

      You can award marks out of 15 after the iPad3 ships.
  • RE: iPad 3 - What we know

    iPad 3, What we know "NOTHING"!!! First honest article written yet. Thanks. If you meet someone from Apple and ask them what they know (And I have) They know NOTHING!!!
  • RE: iPad 3 - What we know

    Far too many sources cite a retina display capability so I'll back that guess.

    I'm surprised you didn't mention Siri. Or did you just wish to limit your opinions to hardware attributes?
  • RE: iPad 3 - What we know

    We know a lot about the next iPad.

    Same overall form factor. There will be a wi-fi and 3g version. Likely be $499 base model. It will have that cool white Apple logo on the back. People will line up for it like Russians used to line up for bread.

    Do I really need to continue?
  • Biggest thing...

    Don't make me buy the damm apps all over again because the hardware changed.

  • RE: iPad 3 - What we know

    Good God, the iPad 2 only just came out. Who cares about the 3?
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • Leave the bars opened someone drunk will leave an iPad3 behind

    The best way to get Apple prototype products is just looking for dunk customers in the bars. Apple employees are notorious for this kind of things.
  • RE: iPad 3 - What we know

    I predict it will be called the iPad 2S. And have Siri - which everyone will rave about .