iPhone activation and sync

iPhone activation and sync

Summary: Apple has released a video that takes us through the iPhone activation and sync process.

TOPICS: iPhone, Apple, Mobility

Apple has released a video that takes us through the iPhone activation and sync process

Here are some of the highlights:

Online activation

Apple iPhone video

iPhone owners will activate their iPhones with AT&T via iTunes.

Works for new and existing customers

Apple iPhone video

Both new and existing AT&T customers will be able to activate the iPhone using iTunes.  Options available are:

  • Replace a phone on my account with this iPhone
  • Add a new line to my existing account
  • Activate one iPhone now
  • Activate two or more iPhones on an Individual or FamilyTalk Plan

Transfer an existing mobile number

Apple iPhone video

Process takes up to 6 hours.

The Plans

Apple iPhone video

Plans for the iPhone start at $59.99 per month for 450 minutes of talk time, 5,000 night and weekend minutes and 200 SMS text messages.  For $99.99 you get 1,350 minutes, unlimited night and weekend minutes and 200 SMS text messages

Apple iPhone video

For an additional fee you can get more SMS text messages.

Billing info

Apple iPhone video

Pretty straight forward.

Next -->

This may take up to 3 minutes

Apple iPhone video

I wonder how long it'll take come Friday evening???

Done activating!

Apple iPhone video


Your iPhone

Apple iPhone video

If everything works out, this is what you'll see.

Syncing contacts

Apple iPhone video

Seems simple enough.

Sync selected email accounts

Apple iPhone video

Again, simple.

Sync your music

Apple iPhone video

iPod easy.

Podcast support

Apple iPhone video

Listen to your podcasts on your iPhone.

Sync videos

Apple iPhone video

Videos on the move.

What's on your iPhone?

Apple iPhone video

See how your using your 8GB!

Apple iPhone video


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Topics: iPhone, Apple, Mobility

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  • Apple does it again

    Once again, we see Apple taking a product, or in this case a process, designed by other companies and making it vastly better. No, Apple didn't invent signing up for cel phone service, but damn, sitting at your computer for 5 minutes beats the hell out of sitting around in the cel phone store for half an hour while your local dolt fills out form after form after form.

    Also, the data plans seem very reasonable to me, after all that hand-wringing and whining from the tech press. I'm paying near to that already for cel phone service, so if I buy one, I'll be adding internet access for a few dollars a month.
    tic swayback
    • Don't know how it's in the states

      But overhere they need to establish your identity, proof of your current address before they will even give you a contract.

      But then again, I expect overhere in europe we will se version 2 of the iPhone as no 3G is a nono for most operators.
    • This feature has been available from ...

      .... Verizon for years and doesn't even require a computer. Sounds like Apple took this a step backwards.
      • Really?

        So you can set up an entire Verizon account without having to go to a store and fill out a form, and without having to use a computer? Do you fill out the form with your address and mail it in? Do you have to spend 20 minutes on the phone itself/another phone? How does it work?
        tic swayback
        • when i signed up 4 years ago

          I did it entirely on the internet. Picked my plan, a phone, then when the phone got there, there was an activation process that took 2 minutes. Verizon is fairly good at it :)
          • "Doesn't require a computer"

            Odd, Shadetree said the process didn't require a computer. Tough to get on the internet without one.
            tic swayback
          • ahh

            i didn't take that route. the internet one was pretty easy though.
        • Yes

          Buy a phone online, or call and order a phone, it arrives, you charge it up, power it on and poof, the network programs it. Over the Air Activation, been around for a few years on the CDMA side.


          As for how it works, several hundred pages of standards.


          I hope the iPhone activation process is as robust as OTASP
          • How do you set up your contract?

            Activation, I understand. What about choosing a rate plan, adding in things like text messaging, etc? How does one do this merely by powering on the phone? Don't you have to sign some sort of contract? Have some sort of credit check? How is this done solely through the phone itself?
            tic swayback
          • Would you have to buy an iPhone too?

            or does it just magically appear with no credit checks, no rate plans decided, no credit card given. iPhone or whatever, you still actually have to buy the thing and tell someone what plan you want, lol. If you call any carriers 1800 number, choose a phone, give them a credit card, tell them which rate plan you want, you are done, no computer. It arrives, the network replaces the dummy MIN, registers your mobile, calculates the secret authentication vectors, pushes you into the right HLR and it all happens automagically, with the right phone number.

            The process is network based, and bulletproof now. With one of our overseas customers, 67+M OTASP actications, not a single failure. I do hope that the iPhone activation is robust, however, it is not revolutionary. The number port is the hardest part. Having the customer initiated the number port (takes 6 hours) is the hardest part since it must be registered in national databases. A consumer web portal does not exist, it must be going through a secured proxy that the carrier is authorizing Apple to link to.

            When you are in the store, and the waiting is happening, the difference is, they are activating the phone for you, to use the second you leave the store. In this regard, having the web based signup is actually a drawback because you are looking at 6 hours plus (if you port your number) before you can use the phone.


            P.S. I am not saying it isn't cool, or different, just not revolutionary. I'll wait and see how the activations and the live reviews of activations go.
          • A credit check happens online

            ---iPhone or whatever, you still actually have to buy the thing and tell someone what plan you want, lol---

            You do this online, which as far as I'm concerned, is a lot easier than doing it over the phone. If you want to take your time, see all the plans available and choose one, reading all the fine print, that's tough to do on the phone.

            Also, apparently a credit check is run online when you register the phone.

            ---I do hope that the iPhone activation is robust, however, it is not revolutionary.---

            Not revolutionary at all. Just something done better. All I ever claimed. Supposedly the number port will work a lot better as well.

            ---When you are in the store, and the waiting is happening, the difference is, they are activating the phone for you, to use the second you leave the store.---

            Well, that and the 40 pages of paperwork they fill out.
            tic swayback
          • Administration Functions Too

            OTAF and OTAPA Over the Air Function/Parameter Administration is another function in CDMA networks. Your phone acting up, they can reprogram it while you are on the phone with an operator. Moving? Update the MIN in the phone without going to the store, etc. This is one of the perks of CDMA. Now with GSM, sim based, I can take my sim out, stick it in any phone (like rented in Paris) and have service (if my plan allows it), but then again, the iPhone is sim locked, mandating a return or some trip to the store to update/replace the sim.

            All of it is pretty cool, but one aspect of CDMA rules, CDMA2000 data rates, or 3G.

          • But the iPhone activation is revolutionary

            Why do you confuse the zealots with facts?
  • wow

    Didn't now the iPhone had 80 Gb ;)
    • Long term rumor

      Before the iPhone was released the basic rumor was a Flash based
      iPhone first, followed about 6 months later with a HD version.
      Looks like the second version is already in the testing stage -
      maybe for the Christmas buying season or MWSF 08.
  • Adrian, Lay off the iPhone articles...

    Enough is enough about the dam phone, write some after you have access to one. What is with the obsession over the iPhone ???
    • Sorry ... but it's popular

      Since last night I've had 43 emails from people wanting info ...

      Come Monday you'll hear less about the iPhone ;-)
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • All of us who are tired of the articles should ...

        write Adrian Emails, I am sure there are more than 43 of us.
        • iPhone is like Paris Hilton of phones :)

          It is not my thought though but these two look quite similar :) What is so special about iPhone anyway?
          • No, it's the Steve Jobs of phones.

            With a bit of Jonathan Ive thrown in for very good measure. :)