iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

Summary: Jailbreaker goes straight, joins Apple.


Comex, the hacker behind the iOS jailbreak site JailbreakMe.com is joining Apple as an intern.

19-year old Comex, real name Nicholas Allegra, announced this move to Apple on Twitter:

Given how much time Comex has spent looking for bugs and exploits in iOS, it's no surprise that Apple wants him on the team. However, Apple's win is a loss for the jailbreaking community. The exploit that Comex came up with for the latest incarnation of JailbreakMe was the first to support the iPad 2. Comex was a powerhouse behind the jailbreaking community, and his move to Apple could be a blow to jailbreakers.

Comex isn't the first jailbreaker to join Apple. Earlier this year Peter Hajas, the developer of MobileNotifier, joined the company.

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  • If you can't beat them, hire them

    A decent salary with some options probably did the job.
  • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

    Actually I think this is the aim of the jailbreakers they want to get nituced and get a good job
  • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

    one more reason to switch to Android ...
    • If you wanted an 'open' platform

      you should have bought Android to begin with, IMHO.
  • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

    Yep, Samsung hired the Cyanogen Mod guy and Now this.

    I agree, another Reason Android is looking better!
    • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

      @Peter Perry
      Go ahead put your money where your mouth is buy an Android device no one is stopping you. Wait, what about OS upgrades? Hmm, with so many devices you will have to check and see what version of Andriod will work with your device. Plenty of free applications to boot, no wait that is true on the iPhone as well. Lots of support available from Google, no wait, how do you get support from Google? Google is not evil, no wait, Google is Evil with a capital E. If you like the form, functions, features and fit support the device maker you want...as long a Google allows separate first class Android devices now they are getting Motorola...In any case your money is yours to spend how you see fit. Be careful what you ask for you just might get it!
      • Correct....

        @geoff@... <br><br>He might get a device that stays powered for more than a day. Quite hand when you fly around, and not so good when it dies before you get to the hotel. No doubt yours lasts 14 days on one charge.. mine lasts 20 hours with 3g and bluetooth enabled. Dont make me laugh.
    • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

      @Peter Perry oH, pLEEEZE pETER pERRY!! You're such an Ihater, to begin with, going all the way back to your NZ days....Just go get your Android, or Windows hardware and stop crying cause your mom won't give you a raise in your allowance to buy an Apple product...<br><br>besides you've got your vrroom tablet, and in your twisted mind anything you own is the best out there...Well except when you post in your new alter ego, aka toddybottom,(another name that shows your age) where all you say is the tablet market is sick, cause Apple's on top...Wah, WAh, WAH.......
  • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

    I just can't understand how the hiring of a hacker by Apple has anything to do with Android...wouldn't the hacker bring fresh ideas for Apple to incorporate into iOS?

    After fighting the good fight, we all need to eat and live!
    • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

      @Gr8Music UM, I didn't see the part where the author mentioned anything about Android????
  • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

    The last I checked, interns don't make any money. That is why they are called interns. I suspect he is doing this to get inside info that will help him in jailbreaking in the future.
    • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

      @puffmanxx Um, no actually that isn't true. Though there are plenty of internships that don't pay, paid internships do exist, and since Apple is filthy stinkin' rich, I'm sure they offered him a fine amount of money for his time, since he clearly knows what he's doing.
  • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

    Lol, now which hard headed Apple fanboy is gonna tell me that the cydia and the jailbreak community has not been a big influence in the development/growth of iOS? :p
  • RE: iPhone jailbreaker becomes Apple intern

    Jail break available for ios 5 beta 7


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    Download Redsn0w 0.9.8b7 for Mac