iPhone vulnerability on YouTube

iPhone vulnerability on YouTube

Summary: iPhone exploit video on YouTube.


Not much in the way of new information, but you can check out the iPhone's vulnerability for yourself on YouTube.

Expect a patch from Apple soon which will put an end to this story ...

Topics: iPhone, Mobility, Security, Social Enterprise

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  • So Adrianne there are many here on ZDNET that want to know ,

    what is up with the Zune ? How is the Zune market nowadays ? I'm pretty sure the boys and girls here on ZDNET want to know how Microsoft is fairing on the Zune ? That would be an excellent story .
    • Nice deflection.

      Having trouble accepting Apple's superior security now that they have something someone wants to attack?
      • are you saying there wont be an update?

        Im sure there will be a security update reasonably soon that will close this, probably before someone hacks the new york times webserver with iPhone-specific code.

        The fact of the matter is, this is all a big IF. Yes, it can be done, but do you honestly think this will ever make it into the open? Do you really think iPhone hackers are going to set up thousands of exploited wi-fi routers in the hope that the (currently) small number of iPhone users will stumble across it and start grabbing their SMS messages? It just seems really unlikely that it will happen before the update that closes it.

        And here's some food for thought. A few exploits from everyones other favorite mobile devices.




  • Misleading Title

    This article would imply that there is a Youtube vulnerability with the iPhone.

    Not that the known vulnerability is being shown ON youtube. Thats a cheap way to draw in eyeballs, IMO.
  • Proof that the Apple fanboys are as bad as the MS ones

    Amazing ... a reference to the fact that the iPhone is exploitable (no surprise for any device with this type of scrutiny on it), and the story even ends with the statement that a patch will likely be out soon. And what do the Apple fan-boys do? Instead of taking the high road, they attempt to shift attention and/or discredit the author or title of the article. Worse, they mark the story as not worth while - afterall, why would they want word to get out to users so that they know to be cautious? No, better to live in the fantasy of denial. The same pathetic ploys used by MS fanboys.

    I guess there's no room for middle ground in these forums. Only rabid fanatics of the worshipped companies need post ... be it MS, Apple, or some other.