iPhone's improved battery life

iPhone's improved battery life

Summary: Apple improves iPhone battery life - but is it user-replaceable?

TOPICS: Apple, Hardware

Apple has released some new info about the iPhone today - Battery life is significantly better than Apple estimated back in January!

The improvements are pretty impressive.  Talk time is up from 5 hours to 8 hours, Internet usage up from 5 hours to 6 hours, video playback up from 5 hours to 7 hours and audio playback up from an estimated 16 hours to 24 hours.  Bear in mind that this data will vary considerably depending on real-world usage, but it's still impressive.

Sounds like the Apple boffins either managed to cram a bigger battery into the phone or squeezed better efficiency out of the components. 

One thing that I'm still waiting to find out - is the battery user-replaceable?  Oh, and how usable is the virtual keyboard?  :-)

Topics: Apple, Hardware

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  • Hurray!

    ---is the battery user-replaceable? Oh, and how usable is the virtual keyboard---

    Glad to see you finally asking these as questions, rather than just assuming things and writing off the product sight unseen.
    tic swayback
    • Thus far...

      ...I haven't seen anything that would confirm that the battery is a replaceable item. Have you Tic?
      D T Schmitz
      • Sadly, no

        But I refuse to condemn the product on guesses.
        tic swayback
        • true

          reserve judgement
          D T Schmitz
        • Equally

          But I refuse to promote the product on guesses. If Apple has a problem with people speculating over the battery, they can deal with it easily.
          Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
          • Speculate away...

            ...but don't condemn until you know for sure.
            tic swayback
          • but make sure...

            not to have a hint of negativity while questioning the speculation...

          • Negativity is fine

            I'm worried about the battery, and the lack of an SDK pisses me off and has turned me off to the phone. But I'm still willing to keep an open mind until I can actually play with one.
            tic swayback
    • I think ...

      ... that pigs will fly before Apple makes the battery replacable. Although,if it is replaceable, I hope that the next iPods use the same technology - it's buy one then (I'm happy that the nono's battery is fixed, but for the video iPod I'd want a replaceable battery).
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • iPod battery is replaceable

        You can buy an iPod battery and replace it or pay Apple to do it for you. Where have you been?
        tic swayback
        • So is my transmission

          but it's hardly "user replaceable".

          Swappable might be a better way to define what most people are willing and/or able to do.
          • Really?

            Doesn't look all that hard to me:

            Or just pay $99.

            Then again, my iPod is around 4 years old and the battery works just as well as it ever has, so replacing is not even an issue. Having to pay $99 to keep a complex gadget running after 5 years or so doesn't seem that outrageous to me.
            tic swayback
          • Uhm

            "Then again, my iPod is around 4 years old and the battery works just as well as it ever has"

            That's not physically possible, but I guess belief is more important than fact.
          • Believe it or not

            Whatever. I mostly always use it plugged in in the car, but when unplugged (rarely) it has never died on me. Sorry to break your heart.
            tic swayback
  • iPhone coverage explained

    A superb article in New York Magazine, with a quote that perfectly explains much of the attitude toward the iPhone exhibited by ZDNet bloggers:

    Apple?s competitors, by contrast, find the prospect of the iPhone terrifying. ?The entire f*cking Western world hopes that it?s a case of imperial overstretch,? says the CEO of one of the planet?s largest communications companies. ?But everybody is quietly saying, er, what if people want to buy a $500 phone? What if, er, people have been waiting for a device that does all these things? What if this thing works as advertised? I mean, my God, what then??
    tic swayback
    • Houseboat?

      In the article to which you link, page 6, 3rd to last paragraph reads:

      [i]"Dayton goes on to enumerate what he sees as the iPhone?s other shortcomings: ?No removable battery. No removable memory. No GPS,? he says. ?It has a bigger screen, so watching a movie on it will be better?but with no removable battery, you?re not really going to want to do that and make phone calls. So you?ve got the houseboat problem: It?s neither a house nor a boat, it?s both, and it?s not particularly great at either.?"[/i]

      If all you want is the pure joy of wanting then by all means ENJOY!

      It's an exciting time for technology lovers, myself included!
      D T Schmitz
      • True ...

        ... if you really want one, go for it and enjoy. I've made plenty of purchases that have been based on want! Nothing wrong with it. The only bind with this piece of tech is the two year contract ...
        Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
        • Two year contracts

          What phone out there doesn't come saddled with a contract (at least in the US)? Are you willing to pay $750 plus for an unlocked Nokia? Then don't you still need to sign a contract for service?
          tic swayback
          • Go Phone

            FWIW, my choices for using an unlocked N95 include dropping in a prepaid Cingular 'Go Phone' SIM.
            D T Schmitz
          • Prepaid cards

            Hadn't thought about those, how does that work with data plans and internet access?
            tic swayback