iPod touch ... ordered!

iPod touch ... ordered!

Summary: I’ve ordered an iPod touch. Well, OK, I didn’t order it, my (wonderful) wife Kathie did. In fact, she ordered two. They’re the 16GB versions. She placed the order via WiFi using her HP iPAQ … :-)


I’ve ordered an iPod touch.  Well, OK, I didn’t order it, my (wonderful) wife Kathie did.  In fact, she ordered two.  They’re the 16GB versions.  She placed the order via WiFi using her HP iPAQ … :-)

That’s very cool, but it gets better.  Given the wait (Amazon won’t get them until the end of the month) she’s agreed to take a trip to the Apple store.  I’ve got the number of the nearest Apple store on speed dial and I’ll be checking in with them daily for stock.  As soon as the store gets stock in, we’ll embark on the 2 hour trip to the store.

I think we’ve been bitten by the Apple bug …

Seriously, I like the look of the iPod touch.  I don’t have a WiFi-enabled portable device since my iPAQ decided to misbehave so I’ve been looking for a replacement.  The iPhone was always a possibility but I’d rather keep my cellphone as a separate device so the new iPod touch fits the bill.

Think there will be a price-drop before the Holidays?

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  • Comparing apples to apples...

    Ok, more like Apples to HPs.

    I don't get it? Isn't replacing an iPaq with in iPod Touch like exchanging a Swiss Army knife for a butter knife? Albeit a diamond encrusted butter knife.
    • She'll keep both ...

      ... really. She's far more of a gadget nut that I am!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • I am thoroughly impressed...

    Adrian. Won't be long you will be banging out your articles on a shiny new MacBook
    • Only when Apple

      releases an ultra-lite MacBook Pro with an Intel quad
      inside. :)