iPod touch software 2.0 - Well worth upgrading

iPod touch software 2.0 - Well worth upgrading

Summary: I've only had the version 2.0 iPod touch software loaded onto my 'Pod but I'm already feeling the benefits.


I've only had the version 2.0 iPod touch software loaded onto my 'Pod but I'm already feeling the benefits.

Here are just a few of the improvements that I've noticed:

  • Overall the interface feels snappier and more responsive.
  • The ability to mass move and delete emails is amazing.
  • The new scientific calculator is a pleasant addition.
  • Coverflow feels smoother and easier to use, and the transition from it to a list view when changing the orientation of the of the device is a lot smoother.
  • Skipping forward and back in video is smoother and far easier to use (I had noticed that rewinding was quite hard to control on the old software).
  • Email retrieval and display feels a lot faster.
  • The OS feels more robust - certain websites don't seem to shut down Safari and dump me back to the icon screen like they used to.
  • Passwords are a lot easier to enter now you get to see what the last character you entered is.
  • Controlling playlists is a lot smoother and easier to use.
  • The App Store does contain a few gems.

Overall, a worthwhile upgrade. Still, having to pay for an update that contains security updates sucks a bit.

Anyone else seeing an improvement after loading the 2.0 software onto their iPhone/iPod touch?

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  • C'MON ENOUGH ALREADY with articles on the bloody iPhone 2.0!

    C'MON ENOUGH ALREADY with articles on the bloody iPhone 2.0!!!

    Are the writers at ZDNet being paid by Apple because the obsessive amount of articles on here relative to Apple?s market share or even their forecast market share is ridiculous!!!!!

    My HTC Diamond with HPDSA 3.5G is faster than the new iPhone has better WiFi and GPS, double the screen resolution and has other features which the iPhone doesn?t but what other mobiles have had for the past 14 months.

    I can also buy 3rd party applications without being locked into an Apple online store and can buy it unlocked.

    So, either give other phones the same coverage or CUT IT OUT ffs - ENOUGH!
    • It isn't about the iPhone 2.0 you fool...

      ...it's about the iPod Touch 2.0. Heck, Adrian is one of the
      few bloggers writing about the iPod Touch instead of the
      iPhone and I for one appreciate it.

      Also, I've seen many many more useless rants like yours than
      iPhone articles, so it's a bit rich to be complaining about quantity.
      • Oh, not just useless rants LIKE his...

        ...he's posted the same betching rant on 4 articles that I've come across so far. As much as he says ZDNet is obsessing, at least when they say they're writing about the iPhone, they know they're writing about the iPhone. It appears he's searching the entire site for the word Apple and posting the same, idiotic, PITA rant over and over and over. I think someone ought to take a look in the mirror if they want to see a picture of someone obsessed.
    • Enough of your whining, you fatuous twit!

      You're just a troll, and everyone knows it, so why don't you
      just STFU! Drivel-spewing idiots like you are a dime a
      dozen, and the price is going down by the minute. Your
      idiotic claim about the writers being paid by Apple pretty
      much consigns you to the tinfoil hat brigades. On that
      note, how much might HTC be paying you for your
      mindless bleatings here, troll-boy? If anything at all,
      they're being screwed. If you really can't control your
      compulsion to rant, why don't you get a soapbox and go
      to a public park? But then, you would be in close physical
      proximity to those who might not see or accept your point
      of view, and who might feel compelled to take violent issue
      with you. I wouldn't blame them, either.
    • He's not just terrorizing ZDNet. Check this out

      Look at the 7th messaage in the comments section and see if you recognize the name. Like somebody else said, "I wonder how much HTC is paying him" to rant like a lunatic.


      Then there's comment #4 on this site

      And comment #1 on this site.


      And #18 here


      And at 7:46 PM ON 05/24/08 here

      Anyone ELSE see a pattern here?
      • Hypocritical?

        Um dude... You posted the EXACT same post that you posted in other iPhone articles in reply to Martin's "same" posts.... I see the pattern... Expect I saw it in the last post too...
        • Just giving him a taste of his own medicine

          On the other hand, here's a google link to his posts on ZDNet. Virtually every single one of them the same thing.


          Now, here's a Google link to my posts on ZDNet. You can see I don't have to repeat the same drivel over and over and over.


          Judge for yourself.
  • RE: iPod touch software 2.0 - Well worth upgrading

    Thanks for the info Adrian, I think I just might pay the $10 to upgrade.
    Loverock Davidson
  • RE: iPod touch software 2.0 - Well worth upgrading

    Dude, you don't get it... you don't own an I phone... it's like a kid
    who gets a knock off toy for Christmas and shows the puss face
    when they open the box. You also do not have the the iphone
    kick ass browser, compared to my old win mobile IE browser
    which was slow and navigation was not as pleasant. That alone is
    worth the price. I am happy with it and don't miss the Win mobile
    OS at all.
  • RE: iPod touch software 2.0 - Well worth upgrading

    Do you have to get this update if you've bought the iPod Touch V2 or is this upgrade for the older iPod Touch???
  • RE: iPod touch software 2.0 - Well worth upgrading

    I finally managed to get it to grab the update at 11:24 CST last night. Nothing like taking forever to grab an update. But I let it run all night to install the software and synch info back to the 32gb edition.

    I have been so focused on apps, that I have not tried out any of the previous applications and fixes that they applied. Thanks for the heads up on the improvements though. I will definitely have to check them out.

    A couple of days ago, I downloaded every free app that they had on the App Store. I am now systematically going through them and finding which ones should be deleted because they are garbage. A lot of them fall into this category, but there are some really awesome ones as well.

    For instance, the Bloomberg app is the best stock tracker and new aggregator that I have seen. I can research any stocks and the latest news on the company in no time.

    I have noticed a couple of problems with so many apps loaded on the phone. If I open too many of them and then close them, it does not free the memory. it will get to the point that opening a new app causes it to go back to the menu without really launching the application. I have to do a hard power off to clear the memory. Not such a good feature.

    Another problem I have run into is that when I delete apps from the menu (tap and hold the screen till they all vibrate and then hit the X to remove them), they eventually come back without me having to resynch the device in the cradle. It is almost like it created a wireless synch connection with my iTunes on the Mac. I am going to try changing the settings in iTunes to not synch all apps and see if that stops the problem.

    There were already a couple of apps updated in the store. The Touch noticed this without me even opening those applications and asked me if I wanted to do an upgrade of them. It took a bit to do, but was successful.

    One concern I had was Movies were turned off by default in the new software. When I turned on synching of movies in iTunes, it warned that it would wipe all music and everything else from the device. it should be able to just synch those movies down in addition to the contents. It should not have to wipe the device and start over. With 32GB, that takes forever to fill the iPod.

    And Exchange synching works like a dream. I can see all of my folders and manage my mail better than I can in Outlook Web Access or even Outlook.

    Overall, not a bad upgrade. I can work through the minor problems until they patch the software (as long as they don't charge me for the bugfixes).
    Marty Hillman
  • RE: iPod touch software 2.0 - Well worth upgrading

    Definitely worth the upgrade - it's not worth whingeing about the upgrade cost when you suddenly realise for a few bucks you've suddenly a Nintendo DS and PSP butt-kicking multi-touch and motion sensitive gaming device, without having to buy new hardware.

    What other company, in the history of tech gadgets has been able to transform a device so completely, for so little? The iPod Touch and iPhone are truly remarkable devices that just blow all the competition out of the water. Just when you thought that some of the iClones out there were starting to catch up with their improved GUI's tacked on over the dog that is Windows Mobile, the App Store has changed the 'game' again.
  • The $10 Fee is an Accounting Problem

    They can give the new software free to iPhone users
    as they can justifying spreading the revenues from
    each sale over a few years. No so with the touch -
    all revenue has to be recorded in the quarter the sale
    was made. A quirk related to Congress & the SEC -
    and Apple has no desire to fight more battles with
    them. At least it's a very reasonable fee for touch
  • RE: iPod touch software 2.0 - Well worth upgrading

    I spent a frustrating Friday night trying to download update 2.0 but Saturday morning it worked smoothly. After installation, the UI does seem rather brisk and the tilt responsiveness is improved as well.
    It seems well worth the ten bucks to get the improved calculator and the ability to run stand-alone apps. It is more functionality my originally purchased iPod Touch came with. It also seems to be more function for the money that the 20 bucks for Update 1.4 provided!