iPod touch - Update time!

iPod touch - Update time!

Summary: I've decided to throw $19.95 at Apple and see what the January Software Update has to offer.


I've decided to throw $19.95 at Apple and see what the January Software Update has to offer.

iPod touch - Update time!This is a pretty big update for the iPod touch because not only did I have to apply the January Software Update (which is what brings in the new features) but I also had to upgrade iTunes and update the firmware from version 1.1.2 to the latest 1.1.3.

Check out the upgrade image gallery here.

I'm pleased to report that all the upgrades went well. Getting your hands on the January Software Update is easy - once you upgrade iTunes to 7.6 it's clear and in your face. This is twenty bucks that Apple wants you to spend.

iPod touch - Update time!OK, the update's installed and working. Mail has been hooked up to Gmail and I've had a play with Google Maps and everything seems to work fine.

Apple is carrying out a fire sale and monetizing the apps it has available before opening out the platform to developersHere's the question though - is the upgrade worth $20? Right now I'm not ready to commit and when I've used it a little more I'll have a better handle on how I feel. However, if you pressed me for an immediate answer I'd have to say "no" it's not worth the $20. That kind of money buys a lot of shareware software and if the iPod touch and iPhone were open to developers we'd see apps that competed with these available, and I have no doubt that we'd see free apps that would rival these.

Here's my guess - Apple is carrying out a fire sale and monetizing the apps it has available for the iPod touch/iPhone before opening out the platform to developers. The demand for these apps is there, and where there's a demand, there are dollars to be made. But once the platform is open in such a way that updates won't brick the platform, that's when the rug will be pulled from under high-cost apps drip-fed to customers through Tunes.


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  • ITouch Update

    I'm an early adopter/IT guy and I'm disguested at the cheesy applications I've been yearing for, for months (it seems) just to get Stocks, Mail, Notes, Maps and Weather :-( Where is the innovation? Where is the cutting edge? Why am I being charged $20? Isn't paying $400 dollars for a 16 GB mp3 player complete with mp3 files laced with DRM payment enough? I should have stuck with my Creative Zen.
  • Perhaps not...

    Based on what I've seen, I'll be saving my $AUD25 (what we pay down in Australia) for the upgrade. None of the five apps is particularly compelling. As you suggest, once the SDK becomes available there'll probably be free apps that are better than these offerings.
    Jason Etheridge
    • Speaking of the iPhone SDK...

      I'm surprised we've heard not even a peep of that specific upcoming feature. Sure, we've heard all about Google and the new Maps app and all that, but nothing on what the actual SDK will comprise of. According to Jason D. O'Grady's live blog post at MacWorld, Jobs spent literally a minute talking about the SDK, yet Jason gave no specifics. Is there anyone who's got a link with SDK specifics?
      Tony Agudo
  • RE: iPod touch - Update time!

    Im a bit confused- apple declares that 1.1.3 is a SECURITY update-- is it now a charged for Security update with a few minor apps thorwn in? If so isnt this a really dangerous precedent?
    • No, the apps are sold separately

      The apps are for sale, the security app is free. Both are separate installs.
      Len Rooney
  • Bought the 16BG itouch for my wife and

    she agrees this would be a total waste of money and just another Apple luxury tax for the clueless. <br>
    There is no doubt there will be thousands of Apple fanatics that will buy this w/o even looking to see it's worthless, simply because it's from Apple.
    Don't do it. There is nothing here you can't already do by setting up bookmarks or favorites.
  • RE: iPod touch - Update time!

    Since the new apps are now available on new iPod Touch units, Apple should have provided these for free for the early adopters of the Touch.

    Now, even if I wanted to purchase the January upgrade, I cannot as I reside in a country where iTunes Store is not available. A lot of iPod users are in our region. How can we get this upgrade?
  • hey, can you write off the $20?

    just curious.. can you write off the $20 as a business expense, since you'll be reviewing the upgrade for us on your blog?
  • RE: iPod touch - Update time!

    Strange, I just got my itouch for $ 314.oo from Onsale.com 16gb version with 1.1.2. Plugged into my MAC and went for SW update and it gave me 1.1.4 version. There was no charge for it. Am I missing something? Is there something else for $20.00?
  • iPod touch update... not that obsurd

    I can see that most responses are pretty upset about the Apple Inc. iPod Touch update. Though I see your points of view (which is really only one point of view), I'm not sure I can agree with the opposition to this update to the iPod Touch.

    When you purchase new technology you have to know that there are going to be updates, fixes, patches, and maybe even bugs. The idea that Apple, Inc., charges for the update is not obsurd. If you paid $299 for the iPod touch when it first came out (which was a mistake if you weren't ready for some growing pains), you got a decent gadget that was head and shoulders above any competition. I might add, that this is still true today. This first run iPod can perform new functions with a $20 app update. [Sorry that it has security updates for your protection. Reading through some of the posts i see that at least some of you know where to go to find out what the updates contain.]

    You have the advantage of owning the latest technology first, before those of us (yes me too) who waited to exchange enough aluminum cans to keep from going into debt for one. You have been enjoying Apple's cool new gadget and I was all alone with my iPod video with no Wi-Fi. How Lame is that?! Now you have the opportunity to update with something Apple will not void your Applecare warranty with and you complain. And, oh... i also bought mine used and purchased the update.

    Seems to me that you all got spoiled and now you think Jobs owes you some money back or something. Ever heard of time value of money? How about depreciating inventory? How about new technology development causing quick reduction in technology gadgetry prices? Come on, guys, this is the pluck and chuck generation. As soon as this opens up for open source Apple customers will lose the Apple warranty. When Apple finally does open this up, you probably won't be surprised to see the next gen on the market very soon after.... if not before.

    So, come on! There's no lack of things you can complain about. Be happy. Enjoy your gadget!
  • RE: iPod touch - Update time!

    I'm confused. Do you have to get this update if you've bought the iPod Touch V2???