Is Apple "unmodding" modded Apple TV boxes?

Is Apple "unmodding" modded Apple TV boxes?

Summary: Is Apple unhappy about users modding their Apple TV boxes?


Is Apple "unmodding" modded Apple TV boxes?  I've come across a few stories/rumors suggesting that it might be. 

Several of us over in the Awkward TV IRC(l0rdr0ck, myself, and others) have had our Mod’d Apple TV’s played with over night(SSH/VNC disabled), our guess is apple has started to fight back the mod’d Apple TV’s. This is a warning to all of you to block your Apple TV from the internet by going into your routers settings and denying it internet access!

I can't confirm or deny this at present.  It seems likely to me It's that old chestnut of who actually owns the hardware we buy - us of the company that subsidizes the hardware in order to sell additional services (because that's where the long term money is) and then feels that it own the hardware.  Companies look at consumers who use the hardware in their own way (as opposed to the way it wants you to use it) as, well, not much better than thieves.

This kind of thing is just going to get worse.  As companies move away from selling hardware and software and move to selling products, the long-term service becomes the main income stream, not the initial hardware sale.

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  • Classic Apple behavior

    I'm not too surprised about this, since Apple is (in)famous for doing everything possible to keep their software running on their hardware. Here we're seeing the opposite: making sure only their hardware runs their own software.

    Apple, let the users run what they want, but you could just say that if you want to run third-party apps, don't expect support from us, you're on your own. That would be fair, right?
    Tony Agudo
    • Ejaculating a bit early are you not?

      Judge Apple when or if these rumors are confirmed. Then I'll side with you on this one.

      Something like this could be actionable in law me thinks.
    • common crook

      Apple is clearly illegaly tampering with YOUR HARDAWRE. Last time i checked home invasion was a crime.... but he! this is not surprise comming from apple.
      • Get a grip

        For one thing, the hardware is not being affected AT ALL. Learn the difference
        between software and hardware. As far as the software, no one "owns" any software
        these days, it is all licensed.
      • Spellcheck????

        Two words. Webster's Dictionary.
  • What Another ZDNET Story On This?

    Looking for headlines or CREATING them? This is the 2nd article on this same subject from a ZDNET writer. Get the story first AND the FACTS and also read the licensing agreement regarding the included OS. You may have bought the hardware but you don't get the right to alter the software - AKA HACK IT. Hacked in any way shape or form is HACKED. Get the FACTS FIRST then publish. OR, try and get a real job.
    • Actually, it's the third...

      story on the same subject. George Ou started with his [moronically titled] "Did Apple install a rootkit in Apple TV?" Jason O'Grady followed with "Apple locking out modded Apple TVs?"
  • Here's a novel idea

    Actually get the story before engaging in useless speculation. Does your blog post
    add ANYTHING not covered already by other blog posts on ZDNet?
  • How dare they write stories on this!!

    What can they be thinking? There is nothing interesting at all about having custom configs or mods mysteriously change without the purchaser's intervention! It happens all the time!
  • Its tripwire doing it

    I noticed on my box SSH being disabled after about 10 minutes. Just kill the tripwire
    process and everything is OK again.

    These guys complaining are morons that should learn Unix sometime instead of
    using kiddie scripting andf then complaining when it doesn't work.

    Chloe at CTU probably implemented the tripwire process.
    • Or run the uopdate process to let Tripwire...

      know that the system has been changed and to update it's database