Is the Galaxy Tab UI an iPad rip-off?

Is the Galaxy Tab UI an iPad rip-off?

Summary: The user interface of Samsung's Galaxy Tab slate, as revealed in a teaser video earlier this week, is a rip-off of Apple's iPad user interface, so claims The Gadgets.


The user interface (UI) of Samsung's Galaxy Tab slate, as revealed in a teaser video earlier this week, is a rip-off of Apple's iPad user interface, so claims The Gadgets.

We’ve got some shots from Samsung’s teaser video revealing several UI elements of the Galaxy Tab. We’ve got them compared with the iPad UI. To our disappointment, they are very much same as the iPad.


Here’s the QWERTY keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy Tab on the left and the virtul QWERTY of the iPad on the right. Yea, I have to tell you, otherwise you’d think both are the snaps of the iPad QWERTY at different angles.

I dunno. There are similarities, but then neither Apple or Samsung are reinventing the wheel here. Stuff looks like other stuff, people need to get over this.

One thing that does strike me is how Samsung seems to be able to cram more features onto the screen without making the UI look cluttered. Take the email client for example:

To my eye, this looks more like the Gmail interface.

I'm far more concerned about screen size and price than a few similarities in the UI to the iPad.

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  • Wow, a similar software querty keyboard

    Bajeebers, Palm Pilots had something that looked pretty similar to that back in the 90's fer cryin' out loud. The screen was tiny and monochrome, naturally, but it still had pretty much the same buttons.
  • What were they expecting???

    Crylic characters? Maybe Japanese pictograms? There are only so many ways to show a keyboard on screen.
    • RE: Is the Galaxy Tab UI an iPad rip-off?


      Preach Brother Preach!
  • RE: Is the Galaxy Tab UI an iPad rip-off?

    Perhaps Samsung should arrange the letters randomly so they're not accused of copying? ;) I say the iPhone has copied their interface from my IBM Selectric typewriter! :D
    • The keyboard is just one item

      But having the special (non-standard) keys in the same location, with the same visual texture, and shape is a sign of cloning.

      Yet the keyboard is only one thing. Pretty much the entire UI looks and feels like the iOS UI. This is not a "similar" design inspired by some features of the iOS. It is very clear and deliberate clone.
  • Absolutely agree

    @doodlius, Scubjarr, and bmgoodman - I couldn't have said it better myself.

    P.S. I hope the email is more gmail like than Apple like. I prefer that to the Apple Mail interface(s) by a large margin!
  • shame

    these apple wannabes really have no pride. shamelessly copying apple everywhere they can. down to the last pixel. it is really disgusting. i recently saw the design of the sms functionality of the xperia by sony ericsson. an exact copy of apple's sms app design. the same bubbles, the color, everything. an exact copy down to the last pixel.
    banned from zdnet
    • RE: Is the Galaxy Tab UI an iPad rip-off?

      @banned from zdnet : Errr. And Apple has never copied/mimicked any other product out there? I think we know what you are using to type your replies here on, make your calls and listen to.

      What some called the "skate" was out in Windows before Apple came out with the iPad. It just never took off.
      Gis Bun
      • You are so hilariously WRONG

        #1- It is SLATE (with an L) not skate<br>#2- The failed tablets were out WITH Windows. Not "in" Windows.<br>#3- The two top reasons for the failure were price and WINDOWS. Not a single one work as advertise because the OS selected by the OEM could not run efficiently with the limited specs and could not do touch screen well. In other words ... same as today.
  • I've never heard of them

    The Gadgets? Is this person a friend of yours? Are you just trying to increase his web traffic to help him out or what?
  • What's funny...

    When Apple releases a new product, you don't hear anyone saying this new iProduct <b>look and feel</b> just like my ______<br><br>Off all the Android phones inspired by the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phones come the closest in cloning the iPhone, shamelessly. Anyone looking at the below link have to agree that they set out to clone the iPhone 3Gs.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a> <br><br>So I am not the least bit surprise they're doing the same with the iPad.
    • RE: Is the Galaxy Tab UI an iPad rip-off?


      Actually the iPhone looked like an LG Prada.
      Sleeper Service
      • Back in 2007?

        @Sleeper Service <br><br>Or was it the LG that looked like the iPhone? One or two similarities back in 07 but overall the two phones were not twins.
      • Ah yes, standard Apple zealot logic

        So as long as we ignore all data points that prove you wrong, you are 100% right.
      • RE: Is the Galaxy Tab UI an iPad rip-off?

        @Sleeper Service

        In what ways were the UI's similar? I ask, because I've seen very little about the Prada. I do know that it didn't have any QWERTY keypad at all. It used T9 for texting.
    • I agree. Apple had to copy someone

      but then again it is fascinating how much Apple designed the iPhone 4 after the Zune HD, with the chrome outer bands, the less thin design of previous iPhones, and the same basic shape of the Zune.

      Yes, Apple is so orginal it shows in their competitors previous work.

      Interesting. Maybe their competitors have discovered time travel. :|
      Tim Cook
      • Ah, but only Apple has Time Machine

        @Mister Spock
        I'll give Apple credit for their fantastic naming innovation which is the only area where Apple actually is innovative. While MS has Volume Shadow Copy with Restore Previous Version, Apple has Time Machine. If you didn't happen to know that Time Machine was vastly inferior to MS's implementation (and very late to the game I might add) which would you rather use?
    • Yes, I agree, it IS fascinating

      @dave95. <br>Note that your post is actually more correct than you probably meant it to be. You focused on what the internet echo chamber says and not on what reality IS. The reality is that Apple copies all the time and that Steve Jobs himself freely admits it. So yes, it IS "funny" that no one in the blogosphere ever writes about it. Hmmmmm...
      • Totally missing the point

        @NonZealot <br><br>There's a big difference between being inspired by another company's device and creating your own unique version (better or worst). And just plain <b>cloning</b> the look and feel of another company's device. Ask the guys in China about the latter.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a>
    • OMG! You're right!

      @dave95. They both have icons on the screen - and dots to let you know which screen you're on - and four icons across the bottom - and a speaker where your ear would be during a call!!! I bet the Samsung has a touch screen and virtual keyboard, too. Shameless.

      But seriously. There are only so many ways one can design and set up a four-inch touchscreen.