Is the PS3 too expensive?

Is the PS3 too expensive?

Summary: Is the PS3 too expensive? Is it out of the reach of regular gamers?

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Sony's PlayStation 3 games console is an amazing piece of technology, but as a gaming platform many have given it a lukewarm reception.  Now it seems that Sony is open to cutting the price of their console.

Is the PS3 too expensive?  Is it out of the reach of regular gamers?  Have you bought a PS3? Was it worth the money?

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Topic: Open Source

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  • For the features, it's exactly right

    The iPhone comes in at the exact price points. If you were too an HD DVD drive to an Xbox360 you're at the same price. I don't think it's a matter of is the price right, it's more a question of if the market is ready for a fully-featured high-def media center. Considering most people still think DVD is high-def, it may just be too early for this tech.
    glocks out
    • Too Techie?

      So basically you're saying that it's not too expensive it's just too techie.
  • Features are okay...

    however I will wait until the middle of 2008 or first half of 2009. Too expensive.
    Grayson Peddie
  • why is the ps3 is worth it?

    if you look at the ps3 is a great piece of hardware, in the other hand people say is too much, I don't think so, cause if you look at the xbox 360 you pay $399.00 for the premium box, and if you want to watch hd dvd you have to pay an extra $199.00, so for you xbox fan, make your on calculation...and also in the long road sony will dominate the market, just like they did with ps2, and be aware that the 360 is been in the market for a year...
  • The PS3 is a bargain - for some people

    The PS3 is a proving to be a very polarizing console among gamers - it's viewed as a bargain by some and rediculously expensive by others. I'm firmly in the former camp, and think the PS3 gives me a lot of bang for the buck.

    Why? Because I made the PS3 the centerpiece of my home theater room. The Blu-ray player is my sole HD movie player, and as most of you know Blu-ray playback makes the PS3 a relative bargain compared to the $1,000+ dedicated players on the market. I also fully utilize the PS3's SACD playback capabilities, which are stellar as well. Just adding the PS3 to my system effectively allows me to remove 3 components, and that is refreshing.

    My primary use for PS3 is, of course, for games, and the PS3 does games amazingly well. Granted, the launch lineup leaves a lot to be desired, but it is worth noting that most systems, including the 360, had crappy launch titles mostly ported from previous consoles.

    Given that the PS3 benefited from having many launch titles ported from the 360, PS3 game quality should improve substantially over the 360 in the coming year. Don't believe me? Go back and look at 360 launch titles or PS2 launch titles compared to the most recent releases on those systems. I think it is reasonable to expect the same sort of improvements on PS3, especially since developers are still learning how to develop for the system.

    I've been fortunate enough to be able to make full use of the PS3 for games and Blu-ray playback in a custom designed home theater system with a 1080P display. I don't think the full benefits of the PS3 can be used or appreciated with a non-HD system, and that would make the PS3 rediculously overpriced for what you get out of it.

    I came seriously close to buying an Xbox360, but ultimately the PS3 offered me more of what I wanted in a system. Not everyone will end up making the same decision though, so it all depends on what you truly want in a console.
    • The PS3 is a bargain - for some people

      well done my friend .....
    • Can Netfront do Google Docs?

      Sony wimped out and didn't pre-install Linux on all the PS3s but rather made it an option to install Linux from XMB. They supplied Netfront as the web browser.

      I've not played with Netfront, but if it can handle Google Docs, the PS3 can replace the home PC for many people.
      Edward Meyers
  • I think no matter which way we look at it...

    The initial cost of the system may be more expensive than the other two.. But depending on the needs of the user, the other 2 systems could be just as much.. Take me for example.

    I bought my Wii 3 weeks ago now (or maybe I've been having so much fun that its been only 2 weeks.. Who knows), and I've so far spent close to the cost of the PS3 and don't even get the same things.

    System $280 Bucks
    Extra Remote $45
    Nunchuk $25
    Extra Warranty $50
    Component Cable $50
    Rapala Tournament Fishing 50 bucks

    My Wii (Almost equivalent to the Holiday Bundle) - 575
    Xbox 360 (Holiday Bundle) - 567

    ** Factored in our 14% Tax

    I think in the end you get more out of the PS3 because it has better graphics (although it obviously hasn't been even close to maxed yet). That's assuming you're looking at it from a graphics perspective.

    But from a game play.. I'm biased. Xbox 360 and PS3 can't beat a Wii in playability.