Is this Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse?

Is this Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse?

Summary: German online store Notebooksbillinger seems has prematurely let the cat out of the bag with regards to Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse.

TOPICS: Hardware, Microsoft

German online store Notebooksbillinger seems has prematurely let the cat out of the bag with regards to Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse.

Check out the Arc Touch gallery here

For a brief period the online retailer had photos and details of the new peripheral.

Here's the spec:

  • The mouse seems to be bendy and folds flat for storage/travel
  • Features a 2.4GHz nano wireless transmitter
  • Touch scrolling
  • Battery indicator
  • Works on most surfaces

Price listed as €69.99.







Topics: Hardware, Microsoft

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  • Nice.

    This is going to be a monster hit.
    Microsoft just hits one homerun after another.
    • Are you serious?

      It's funny these days - you can't really tell sometimes if people are being snarky or not. I think it looks like a nice mouse, albeit pricy for the PC crowd.

      After Zunes and Kins and Ballmer's ongoing string of recent technology turds, Microsoft could use to have a few well-received quality hardware products...
    • RE: Is this Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse?

      Would this be the same MS whose enterprise value has nose-dived by $160 billion in the last three years?
      • Not quite... That's the same MS that had record profits

        in the second quarter of this year.

        And that's the same MS that is still making a much higher profit than Apple or any other technology company.


        MS: Thanks to consumer demand for Windows, sales reached $19.02 billion during the quarter, which ended Dec. 31, a 14 percent increase from $16.63 billion in the same quarter in fiscal 2009.

        Apple: The Company posted revenue of $13.50 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.07 billion, or $3.33 per diluted share.

        Lesson: You can't judge the worth of a company by the bad press or tech-blogs that constantly bash either MS or even Apple.

        Lesson 2: You can't judge a company by just looking at market or enterprise value.

        Lesson 3: When it comes to the value of all products (take the net worth of each individual product and then total up the worth of all of them) offered by MS vs those offered by Apple, the total net worth of Microsoft's lineup would end up being many times that of Apple, but with MS, the established base of their offerings, including Windows OS and Office (as examples), would make Microsoft the more stable company and the one with a better outlook for the future with the much bigger and established customer base.
      • Point?

        @AndyPagin MS has paid out a boat load in dividends over the last several years while Apple has paid nothing - impact on market cap is axiomatic as you pay out cash but everbody (should) know that - in spite of that, market cap remains fairly steady over the last number of years - Apple's cap has grown substantially but they also started quite small and benefit from a lot of new kid hype

        In the meantime on the real world corporate operating front, MS earnings are 8.6% of market cap vs. AAPL's 6% - cashflow 10% vs. 6.5% - profit margin 30% vs. 22.7% - return on equity 40.6% vs. 32.2%

        Hardly time to count MS out
  • RE: Is this Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse?

    I love my Arc mouse. Best compact wireless mouse I've had. After going through several Logitech and other MS mice in one year for my lappy, the Arc mouse has been a steady work horse, and the tiny USB plugin really helps with not knocking it on things and breaking it (the problem I've had with several other wireless mice). I'm not sure about having no scroll wheel as this appears to lack. I'm sure the center silver strip is some kind of touch sensitive wheel emulator, but I like the little 'clickety' feed back I get when scrolling.
  • Erm...

    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Is this Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse?

    It's really gonna have to be good to get me away from my current Arc Mice.......

    Like "bigsibling" - I have gone thru several different versions and love this current model.

  • Won't do it. Not going to happen

    Ms has a habit of making these one-of's and abandoning the people that bought them with lack of new versions or at least drivers for the newer OS's. I absolutely loved my Strategic Commander. Think I can get it to work with Windows 7? Nope. I can't even get a replacement.
  • RE: Is this Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse?

    Logitech makes the best wireless mouse. Period.
    • RE: Is this Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse?

      @Micromush isn't that kind of like saying BMW makes the best cars period?
    • RE: Is this Microsoft's Arc Touch mouse?

      That just sounds like your opinion, man.
      The Horns
  • Oh man, I gotta stay outta this one...

    ...I'm still using my beloved Ergonomically designed Logitech Mouseman Wheel. I think I've nearly worn the rubber off the part above the thumb button. I'm looking at Gaming mice now though...High DPI, comfort...this thing looks like a bendable remote control.
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