Is this the iPad 3?

Is this the iPad 3?

Summary: Physical Home button lives on!

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

M.I.C. Gadgets have what they claim is the front glass panel and the rear shell to an iPad 3, along with a selection of third-party cases for the device.

Here's a video showing the components that M.I.C. Gadgets have in their possession:

Here's what we have:

  • A rear shell that is slightly thicker and differently tapered compared to the iPad 2 which supposedly makes it feel thinner.
  • The new shell is compatible with iPad 2 ‘Smart Cases.'
  • The dock connector is unchanged.
  • The front glass panel still features a physical Home button.

I think that it's important to note that all we have here is non-working shell parts that may be real, fake or some sort of pre-production samples. It's hard to see much difference between the rear case of the iPad 2 and what purports to be an iPad 3. The most convincing part is the dock connector, which is significantly different to that seen in the original iPad or iPad 2.

What do you think? Real or fake?

Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • what?

    as i have a slow connection i cant view the video but i dont get what you are saying.
    Firstly you say the "dock connector is unchanged" the you say "In fact, the most convincing part is the dock connector, which is significantly different to that seen in the iPad or iPad 2."
    • updates on the inside not outside...

      I believe that they mean, the dock connector is still 30 pin and will work with all the peripherals out there. At some point in the last few weeks some have hinted at a new design.

      The changed bit, is all to do with the internal cable and harness to the new motherboard. This is slightly different and hints at this being more likely to be real or a prototype before the event.
  • Dock connector

    Yea which is it? The same or different? I watched the video and it looks the same to me.
    • The dock connector interface is unchanged.

      But the pat is drastically different. There was crazy speculation (and wishful thinking on the part of crazy people) the dock connector would go away.
  • same

    looks the same to me
  • If it is really iPad3

    I like my iPad 2 over this because iPad 2 may be slightly thicker, but will have better chances of holding it firmly. And if there are no significant changes other than slightly increased RAM, little bit enhanced cameras and I don't I would go for it. I would go straight to iPad 4 and use these $ to buy Win 8 Tablet once it comes.
    Ram U
    • Wrong

      First of all, the iPad 3 is supposed to be thicker than your iPad 2. Secondly, enhancements will be a much improved screen resolution, Quad-Core processor, much improved camera system and possibly enhanced networking (4G). In my own opinion I feel strongly that the video being spread across the internet of the "iPad 3" is actually an iPad 2S. I believe the iPad 3 is what we saw in the product invitation. Gizmodo did an incredible article breaking down the reasons for a home-buttonless iPad 3. So, in my opinion, add the lack of a physical home button, and addition of multi-touch bezel features to the list. It makes for a pretty appealing iPad update.