It's all fun and games until someone gets banned from CES ...

It's all fun and games until someone gets banned from CES ...

Summary: Since a few people have asked me for comment on the whole Gizmodogate incident I'm willing to break my self-imposed vow of silence on the matter and say a few words ...

TOPICS: Hardware, Mobility

Since a few people have asked me for comment on the whole Gizmodogate incident I'm willing to break my self-imposed vow of silence on the matter and say a few words ...

This is how I look at it - someone decides it would be funny to run amok at a high-profile event pulling off a childish prank (and recording it) in order to get a lot of link love.  That childish prank interferes with a huge amount of time, effort and money that companies have expended to be at the event.  That video is then posted on the net along with snickering commentary, with those behind it feeling smug at having happy slapped major corporations and the event organizers.

Now ask yourself this - is the CEA going to just let this one slide?  Noooooo.  Why?  Because this year there was only one group of induhviduals messing about, next year, things would be a free-for-all.  Banning these behind the prank from CES was inevitable and personally if the retribution ends there, Gizmodo can count itself lucky. 

Now yes, I did see the video, and there's something hypnotic about watching all those glowing TVs wink out, and you can also see the funny side of people swarming around the lifeless TVs trying to resuscitate them.  But I'm also mature enough to realize that a) your messing with someone else's stuff, and you just don't do that, and b) that you're messing with the careers of people who are already highly stressed and don't really need more stress.  That's not cool.  What makes it worse is that this was random acts of vandalism carried out in order to make money.  That's not cool either.  Doing what they did at CES isn't something they should feel sorry for, it's something they should feel ashamed for. 

I also agree with Ed Bott, Gizmodo have labeled themselves as the clowns jokers in the pack, and that action has painted a giant bulls-eye on the outfit.  As a bit of a prankster myself at times, I know that there's nothing that people like more than getting the prankster back.

Topics: Hardware, Mobility

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  • Kick these children out of adult venues

    There is no place for this at CES. Kick these stupid creeps out of CES and other industry events forever (CTIA, ...).

    Companies spend small fortunes to bring awareness and prestige to their products. We don't need jack asses to undermine them. If so, next stop is pie and egg toss pranks, flat tires and toilet paper shows. No thanks.
    • I agree 100%.

  • A little bit of hypocrisy on Gizmodo's part...

    Here's what they originally had to say about the toy they had such fun with.
    • Hilarious

      Truely hipocratic, but then again. We all don't care for Gas companies, but we keep going back to them. We would probably think they were our saviours if they gave us a free sample every once in a while and that is exactly what he did for Gizmodo
  • Ban them for life

    While I'm not in the consumer electronics industry, I do attend several trade shows every year- not only do the vendors spen a lot of money to bring thrir wares, the attendees do as well.
    I would be major p*ssed if I had taken time off, spent money traveling and in accommodations only to have some juvenile prankster try to sabotage a presentation I was trying to watch.

    Gahh... un-bloody-believable.
  • RE: It's all fun and games until someone gets banned from CES ...

    I thin this is right by CES to enforce a BAN. We can't have children destroy for vendors that have payed good money to be there.
  • Yes,it was funny, but... It wasn't the time or place.

  • Yeah be professional at the PORNO show!!

    If "non-professional" behavior were an issue, they would have put a stop to that portion a LONG TIME AGO!! I know what will get said, "That's not part of CES. It's separate." Yeah, and I've got scenic, oceanfront property for sale in Arizona.
    The CES and the AVN Awards... just like Peanut Butter and Jelly.
    Anyone want to wager that if they banned the AVN Awards, attendance at the CES would drop?
    You won't find any mention of it on the CES website, but everybody knows.
    • Um....

      They turned off the television monitor in the middle of Motorola's presentation. Last time I checked, Motorola makes cellular technology...not porn.

      Regardless of what you claim is also present at the show, it is difficult to argue that the above action was appropriate or mature in nature.

      And, while we're at it...even those in the porn industry rely on trade shows, and they put in just as much money and work as any other. The industry isn't important. What is important is that they want to be taken seriously as journalists, and then behave like 12-year olds.

      Why does it matter what kind of presentation they disrupted? I hope it never happens to you. I know I personally would be pissed, and can safely assume that everyone I work with would be as well if it happened to one of us.
  • Alright, You changed my Opinion

    Though I still feel this prank was relatively harmless on a scale of Pranks that can be done. Fair is fair. Pulling something that can be frustrating at a high profile event and distributing the results on the web was a bit too much. Perhaps this would have better executed at something similar to, "DEFCON?" They seem to have more respect for such pranks and the atmosphere would be a bit more fitting.

    I would be completely for this with the exception of the Copycats. Which I say either now or later, I think that Copycats should be banned.

    Now that this "Vulnerability" is out though. I think that event holders should be wary and protect themselves in the proper manner. Magnetic Tape over the IR port should be a good precaution.

    Meanwhile, banning every copycat will probably be a mild deterrent at best.