It's official! Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 released

It's official! Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 released

Summary: Just a quick note - Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 has been released and distributed to mirror download sites.

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[UPDATE: It's now official.]

Just a quick note - Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 has been released and distributed to mirror download sites.

Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 releasedThere's no official announcement yet (I expect this to be made within the hour) but the release notes have been uploaded to the Mozilla website.

Firefox 3 Beta 5 includes more than 750 changes from the previous beta, improving stability and web compatibility, providing platform and user interface enhancements, and resulting in the fastest Firefox ever. Many of these improvements were based on community feedback from the previous beta.

The download site hasn't been updated yet but if you're creative with the download link you'll find it (here are the US English downloads for Windows, Mac and Linux).   

I'll have more on this latest Firefox beta soon ...

[UPDATE: Download page updated.]

Topic: Browser

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  • If you're running the beta version on Linux

    Why not go try SwiftFox ?

    Cons: Many add-ons won't work

    Pros: it's really REALLY fast.
    Real World
  • Wooo Hooo!!! Yahoo Mail no longer causes crash

    It looks like the Firefox team finally managed to find a workaround Yahoos horrible code.

    After 5 minutes, FF3-b5 is till running with Yahoo Mail open in one tab. Before, it took less than 10 seconds to bring the browser down.
    • LOL! Yeah, but since Microsoft now owns Yahoo, ...

      ... don't be surprised if MS finds a Yahoo workaround so that it DOES start crashing again!


      • Message has been deleted.

        • Message has been deleted.

          Hallowed are the Ori
    • re. Yahoo crash

      Actually, that was a conflict with Firebug. You could either disable Firebug temporarily, or upgrade to the latest Beta version. In either case, the "Yahoo bug" went away.
  • No need to download manually

    My Firefox's update system found the new update a few minutes ago on its own.
    Michael Kelly
  • RE: Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 released

    Just upgraded and glad to see they fixed the address bar and history in it.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Do the plugins work?

      I'd love to work with it but do the plug ins work? If not, do you know if I can preserve my current V2 installed and intact while fooling with these endless beta's?
      • adblock doesn't. :~( [n/m]

        • Adblock plus doesn't

          but it did on beta 4, as well as bbcode and weatherfox. Now of those 3 none of them will work. Could be the developers just need to update it too.
          Loverock Davidson
          • If the plugins are anything like those of previous versions

            it's possible that you could just unjar the plugin installer and change the max version value yourself. I've done that a few times when I've been too impatient to wait for the developer.
            Michael Kelly
      • Yes, to your queston

        To answer your question which everyone else ignored... yes, install the Beta version as a separate programme. The install will place the usual Firefox icon on your desktop - assuming you elect for it - so make sure you rename your existing V2 shortcut to clearly differentiate between it and the Beta.
        • Best to create a separate Firefox profile...

 run the beta with, avoid possibly corrupting your current profile. Complete instructions here:

          I test Firefox nightly builds, so I do this stuff all the time. It's really not hard at all.
  • No Adblock Plus?

    Hmm...seems Adblock Plus isn't compatible with this beta.
  • Enough about the plugins!

    What part of "Beta" does no one understand? Of course plugins aren't going to work! That's why the betas install in a completely separate folder from the normal installation of Firefox! They're for testing purposes, not to replace the main browser!

    When B4 crashed on me oftentimes, I didn't complain. Why? BECAUSE IT IS A FREAKIN' BETA.
    • chill out.

      people are just curious what works and what doesn't. noone's crying about it, or calling for heads. we all know what "beta" means. relax, jumpy.
    • Sure. Everyone stay quiet and not say a word...

      That way everything will still be busted at launch because the developers didn't know about the problem.

      Like you said. It's a freakin' BETA, and people need to know about this stuff.
  • RE: Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 released

    After using it for about 15 min. I can honestly is faster! And, as for plug ins, when it installed it said that my yahoo theme would not work, but when I went onto Yahoo...there it was, and it showed up super fast. Now, after another 15 mins, I may have something bad to say...but not now.
  • Who made you forum queen ?

    Umm, SuperPUS
    What's wrong with asking if certain plug-ins work on the beta release?

    Don't approve of the question - go back to MySpace and find a new pal or something.