iTunes 7.2 is out

iTunes 7.2 is out

Summary: iTunes 7.2 is out ... DRM-free tunes to follow shortly.


I've just noticed that Apple has released iTunes 7.2

iTunes 7.2

This is an important release of iTunes because it supports DRM-free iTunes music(also known as iTunes Plus - the "Plus" is for the extra 30 cents "piracy tax" that you'll have to pay for these tunes).

I can't see any iTunes Plus tunes currently available for purchase but I expect these to follow shortly.

Is Apple onto a winner with iTunes Plus?  I'm still skeptical about the demand for DRM-free tunes, especially given the added premium.  I guess time will tell.


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  • Not so much a piracy tax,

    more a doesn't-require-an-iPod-tax.

    Given that iTunes DRM tracks can only be played on an iPod and given that Apple has always made a profit through the iPod but makes no money on music sales through iTunes it's to be expected that they'd want to make a profit on DRM-free sales if they're not going to guarantee iPod sales.

    Makes no difference to me though, so long as it's cheaper to get an album on CD and rip it myself I'll continue to buy my music on ye olde 12CM discs.
    • Don't forget the record companies.

      If you think that EMI won't be getting the bulk of that extra 30 cents.... then you're
    • Since when?

      iTunes and music sales is the core of the Apple profit model. Like any service/product relationship, the product is there purely to feed the high-profit service. iPods have little-to-no magrin in the retail market, and Apple is still paying royalties to HP for the technology.
      • How wrong can you be...

        .... and what the hell have HP got to do with it?
      • No profit Margin?

        That is completely wrong, the iPod has a huge retail margin. The cost of the parts is near half of the cost of what the consumer pays.
    • Pay more to get less

      Great quote here:

      "Previous to this PayPlay sold only DRM-crippled WMAs for $0.77, the MP3s sell for $0.88. I guess that we could take that as a tacit admission that DRM makes music worth less, but it does seem a little weird to charge a premium for music that doesn't treat you like a crook."
      tic swayback
  • DRM Free songs are also higher bit rate

    That is the real winner for me. The DRM free bit is great sure, but having twice the audio quality is what will make me really happy.
  • It makes it a viable option for me

    My home is set up with a couple of Squeezeboxes for audio play. They can play AAC files just fine, but can't play anything with Apple's DRM. So I haven't bought any music from Apple. Now Apple is an option for me, although I'll still go to eMusic first.
    tic swayback
    • For the extra cost (call me cheap)

      I still won't buy into it. With CD's I still get more for my money.

      This also prevents me:
      • So you pirate music?

        If not, there is nothing to worry about. Thats like saying you wont drive a car because it has a license plate that is registered to you, and 'if' you were to commit a crime, the police would know who was responsible.
        • Funny . . .

          And here I thought that ripping my own CD's (Which I paid for) was Legal . . .
          • Yeah, but the record companies...

            disagree. After all, they've gotten me to buy the White Album three times already.
            Letting me rid my own CDs for my own use means I may not have to buy it ever
            again (unless Apple Corps releases a new version mixed from the tracks used in
      • It has its uses

        I agree and will buy the cd almost always over iTunes, given their prices. eMusic, at around a quarter per song, is cheap enough to be a real alternative to the cd, but not iTunes. But occasionally, when you want one song off a soundtrack, or a cd is re-released with bonus tracks, or when there's an iTunes exclusive, it's nice to be able to grab that from iTunes for 99 cents without having to buy the whole soundtrack cd, re-buy the new version of the cd you already own, or go without.
        tic swayback
      • Not that I encourage piracy

        but I imagine a lot of people will convert them to MP3's anyway. Also I agree with Tic with regards to buying only one song vs. an entire CD. The biggest reason why I don't have that many CDs (I've got 75 or so) is because I won't buy them for just one song.
        Michael Kelly