KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

Summary: Yep, you read that right ... KIN is coming back to Verizon.


Yep, you read that right ... KIN is coming back to Verizon.

PPCGeeks were first on the scene with this leaked roadmap:

Interestingly, these will be sold as feature phones and not need a $30/month data contract.

So what's going on here? My guess, it's a way of getting rid of inventory without junking the handsets.

Anyone interested? Anyone? ;)

Topics: Verizon, Hardware, Mobility, Telcos

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  • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

    You mean they are going to sell them the way they should have been sold in the first place!? Too little too late for what might have been an interesting cheap smart phone for the young hipsters.
    • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?


      How is it too little too late? Please explain. I doubt that all the youngsters went out and bought a smartphone. smh.
      • Too little, too late because...

        they aren't being made anymore. That means when inventory has dried up, to paraphrase, "No Kin for you!".
    • The hipsters already have a smartphone

      @jspignardo@... It's called iPhone.
      • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

        @HollywoodDog No. That is only for people on ShiT&T. And its expensive, requires expensive data plans, and is worse than comparable Android phones.
      • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

        @Jimster480 By all means please tell me how the iPhone is "worse" than comparable Android phones?

        And again tell me how the data plan is expensive and the device is expensive when both costs are the same as the comparable smartphone?

        Did you know I can stream Netflix on my "worse than Android" iPhone? And I can run any app in the Apple App Store - look ma, no fragmentation here!

        In short your post is FUD, lies, and trolling.
  • Clearing remaining MS stock? (nt)

    • Making Room for WP7

      Economister. Why stock KIN when people will be buying WP7?
      John Zern
      • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

        @John Zern They aren't buying WP7.
    • I'll just leave this right here

      A little math shows Elcoteq was paid over $60,000,000 to build some Kins. If the unit cost was $120 (a guess), that's half a million Kins.
  • It will be interesting to see how many of these move.

    While freeing the Kin from an expensive data plan removes its fatal flaw, the problem now is that the brand is blighted. It will appeal to cost-conscious bargain shoppers, but not many more. While a lot of the target teens and tweens might take _anything_ their parents will pay for, most of the oh-so-hip kids I see seem to be incredibly brand-aware, and I just can't see them going for the Kin with its stink of failure.
    • There is no stink of failure with the Kin

      [i]I just can't see them going for the Kin with its stink of failure.[/i]

      Ask 100 people on the street what they think about the MS Kin and 90 will say [i]Kin? What's that?[/i], 9 will say [i]Is that the new XBox thingy?[/i] and only you will go into an hour long rant about how much Kin sucks.

      Kin failed [b]so[/b] badly that no one knew it existed. Hence, no stink of failure. Not like Apple TV!
      • Clearly you will be waiting in line for a few of these...

        Kin things.
      • I'd like to, I really would

        I don't believe they were ever sold in Canada though.

        Cue the: [i]Were they ever sold anywhere?[/i] response which would actually be genuinely funny. Too bad you didn't think of it but then again, you Apple types can't do anything but copy, you never come up with anything yourselves. :)
  • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

    Its about time. This is what they should have done the first time around. You would think that Verizon as big as it is would have known this. Glad to see it coming back as it started a revolution in new UI design. I can't get my hopes up too high as I believe Verizon will find some other way to kill this phone like they did last time.
    Loverock Davidson
    • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

      @Loverock Davidson VZW didn't kill the KIN... it's still essentially an entry level smartphone - not quite a "true" smartphone but definitely more than a normal feature phone but it still used data to connect to all of the social networks (as it was billed as a social networking device) hence the reasoning for the data plan.

      Having said that and with VZW selling the KIN sans data plan I wonder how many they will sell and how useful it really will be without a data plan.
      • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

        @athynz They could sell the cheapest data plan for $15 or just include it, considering that it wont be using very much data at all.
  • AKH: question for you...

    Do you feel you are the least professional blogger on ZDNet yet or is there another blogger on this site that you feel you still have to overtake? Just curious. :)

    PS Paul Murphy doesn't count.
    • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?


      LOL great post! His quality of articles certainly went down. But i can't blame that strictly on him, feels like the quality of the whole zdnet siet in general went down. Coincidentally about the same time of the new website rollout. Hrmm.
      Loverock Davidson
      • RE: KIN ressurected ... whaaaaaa?

        @Loverock Davidson I have to agree with that - the new site rollout STILL sucks out loud and it seems like more and more of the articles are nothing more than click bait at best.