Latest iPhone details from AT&T

Latest iPhone details from AT&T

Summary: AT&T has released some additional information relating to the iPhone that might be of interest to anyone wanting to purchase the revamped iPhone 3G.


AT&T has released some additional information relating to the iPhone that might be of interest to anyone wanting to purchase the revamped iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3GHere's the info that's been made available. A few points of note:

  • While the contract-bound 6GB and 16GB iPhone 3Gs will go on sale July 11 for $199 and $299 respectively, AT&T has revealed that no-contract versions be made available "in the future" and will cost $599 and $699, depending on storage. 
  • Also, the iPhone 3G will go on sale at Apple and AT&T stores at 8 am local time on July 11, instead of the evening launch that the original iPhone had.
  • Current AT&T customers who are upgrading to iPhone 3G will pay an $18 upgrade fee and new AT&T customers will pay the standard $36 activation fee.

"We can't wait to offer iPhone 3G to our customers, and we want to make sure the buying process is as easy as possible," said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO of AT&T's wireless unit. "Considering all the great new features of iPhone 3G, we think our pricing and monthly plans present a tremendous value for consumers and businesses alike."

So, who's picking up an iPhone 3G?

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  • iPhone

    I will be at my local AT&T Wireless store at 8am on the 11th. I'm so very ready to dump my bloated Verizon contract and get the iPhone while still saving cash over the course of the contract.

    It is a win, win!
    • iPhone 3G

      I will also be buying an iPhone on the 11th, though at an Apple store.

      Can't wait.
  • Sick of America...

    Thats right, I said it. I'm over this BS country and all its red tape.
    When did we become so concerned with corporations an forget
    about the little guy? The iPhone is being sold unlocked
    everywhere but the US-lame. Then, on top of being tied down to
    ATT, we have to pay the subsidies for the iPhone with increased
    monthly fees. LAME. I could've sworn we had something called
    'free enterprise' in the US-why not sell the device and give
    consumers incentive to sign up with a service provider? The
    provider with the best combined coverage/incentives gets the most
    iPhone customers on it. Plus, some people can't even get ATT
    coverage...what do they do? Buy the Samsuck No-Instinct?? I'm
    sick of Europe getting all the benefits while the US sits back and
    figures out ways to nickle and dime the consumer to death with
    policies and regulations. Anything to put more money in corporate
    America's pockets. After all, they're the ones that fund elections
    and lobyists. If you don't think so, then you're as diluted as those
    who think the Instinct is an iPhone killer. Fix it America!!!
    • Calm down, Beavis

      Are you serious with this post? Do you actually think the US government is somehow forcing AT&T and Apple into this business model? If you don't like it get a different phone, from a different provider, and complain to AT&T. If enough people do that maybe they will change their business. That's free enterprise. For the life of me I can't figure out why you're trying to blame the government for this. And you should realize that the cell phone companies are going to get there money one way or another - whether it be the price of the phone, activation fees, monthly fees, cancellation fees - whatever.
      • thanks Buthead...

        no, I don't think in the least that the government is forcing Att to
        do anything. I just meant to compare how our world works versus
        that across the Atlantic. Its the nature of how our society has
        become that bothers me, giving corporations all the power whilest
        the consumer suffers. See current gas price as an example. I
        actually have an iPhone already and am posting using it. I love it
        and will buy the 3G immediately. I'm just bitching because I don't
        want to be told who to use my phone with. ZiPhone will unlock it if
        he hasn't already, I'm just venting. And I'd rather pay an upfront
        cost than a monthly fee, but that's just me I guess. If you can't
        vent on the Internet, then where the hell can you??
        • Current Gas prices?

          They're paying close to 8.00 a gallon at the moment, from what I understand.

          As for the phone, what's wrong with the current business model? Just because YOU can afford 699.00 dollars for a cell phone up front doesn't mean that the majority of people can, too.

          It was Apple decision to go with just one carrier, as it is their decision to offer their products exclusivelly at their stores and no one else's, if they so wish it.

          The government can't force Apple to sell their products thru TigerDirect or CompUsa, so they can't force Apple to offer the phone thru Verizon, either.
    • sick of ill-thought posts

      You make it sound like ATT is the only carrier around.
      They're not, so we all have a choice. I [i]could[/i] buy an
      iPhone, but since I don't like the service plan prices (and
      the moderate coverage in my area), I won't.

      Sometimes a person just has to do without and this is one
      thing the US could learn better.

      The last time I checked, free enterprise gives the
      corporates choice on how they do business. If you don't
      like how one company does business, go somewhere else.
      If you just have to get an iPhone (where no other choice
      exists), buy it and shut the f--- up. Nobody [i]has[/i] to
      own an iPhone.
    • America's sick of you maybe?

      Another poor baby not breast fed and mad at world because he can't have his way. A valid argument turned into a diatribe by an unrealistic shot-gunning of everyone and everything is more noise polution instead of considered reasoning. Vote with your wallet and don't buy the phone fella! That'll teach 'em!
  • Forgot abt $399 and $499?

    1. $199/$299 for existing customer with eligible upgrades (or) existing iPhone owners (or) new line of activation
    2. $399/$499 for existing customers who dont want extended 2 yr contract.
    3. $599/$699 for no-contract
  • RE: Latest iPhone details from AT

    I don't want the government to force Apple to do anything. I want
    the government to step up and force service providers to allow any
    device on their network and quit this silly locking of devices. And
    bringing up gas prices was not done to compare them to overseas
    prices, I'm not incompetent. The current price of gas is most
    affected by those trading oil futures, and the government let's it
    happen cause it puts money in all their pockets. Ben Stein talked
    about it on his radio show. Lemme guess, you actually believe
    your vote makes a difference don't you? That's cute, really.
    • contradiction

      You just contradicted yourself in the first two sentences. You
      don't want the government to force Apple to do anything but
      you want every device on every network? That was Apple's
      choice to be tied to a single carrier, not ATT.

      And you really want the government to step in and muddy the
      waters with their ineptitude? More government = more
      problems. If it weren't for the government catering the
      environmentalist goofs, we wouldn't have near the energy
      problem we're facing today (oil, electricity, etc.).
  • RE: Latest iPhone details from AT

    two more quick notes: Verizon was first approached by Apple but
    couldn't agree with them on the revenue sharing and support
    details. I cancelled my Verizon contract minutes after reading this.
    If that doesn't show you that service providers care less about the
    customer than fattening their wallets, then I don't know what to tell
    you. Now, everyone has a right to make as much money as
    possible, I would if it was my business. But at some point, you
    have to say I'm rich enough, let's be a better business. And it
    didn't seem like the 10million or so who bought the first iPhone
    had any trouble coughing up the $600 for one. If you can't afford
    that, try getting a job instead of blogging at 2:30pm on a Tuesday.