Lenovo to offer Linux notebooks

Lenovo to offer Linux notebooks

Summary: Lenovo is to start offering Linux-powered notebooks as an alternative to Windows. This means that now two of the top three PC makers will have a Linux line.


Lenovo is to start offering Linux-powered notebooks as an alternative to Windows.  This means that now two of the top three PC makers will have a Linux line.

The plans were announced by Lenovo at the start of the LinuxWorld annual conference held in San Francisco.  As you can imagine, the plans are sketchy at present (no pricing info or what models will be available) but what we do know is that the Linux distro will be supplied by Novell.  We also know that the Linux-powered notebooks will be available sometime later this year. 

It'll be interesting to see if Lenovo publicizes its Linux notebooks more than Dell has done for far or whether customers will have to know where to look if they want one.

I'm willing to wager that HP will have a Linux range ready real soon.


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  • Message has been deleted.

    • I see your point!

      If you teach a man to fish, can he still poke himself in the eye with a coathanger? You insight into Open Source as opposed to Goodyear tires was also insightful. What am I talking about? Well, my comments are as relevant as your's was. :D

      • I think he's trying to sell you something (nt)

      • What did he say I wonder...

        Linux User 147560
        • Selling some Un-Email program

          whether it is possible to unsend, not at my imap server, anyway, some cheap superpowerful all knowing easy to use and only pennies a day making you gorgeous to the women email de-send tool. :D

  • Cool. I thought it would be HP next

    however, I am in the market for the first 17" laptop with Linux pre-installed, be it Dell, HP, Gatweway, Toshiba, ... if it isn't bottom of the line, 17" with the best quality display and is priced indicating that the MS tax is not levied, I want it!

    Aside: After reading No Axe's surprising and detailed Vista review here, I can't help but think more and more Tier one's are looking at ways to reduce support costs and grow their market.

    I also think Linux is gaining a LOT of traction overseas. In exploring new MP3 players, the Meizu M6 (It is ONE IN DEMAND product, just ordered the MP6 8 gbyte, can't wait) being USB Mass Storage with a Penguin loggo under supported operating systems (China) just leads me to believe that Linux demand is a lot higher than many think.

    • O/T No_Ax's comment

      [i]"After reading No Axe's surprising and detailed Vista review"[/i]

      I have to say that I was taken abck by that. No_Ax has always been such an out-and-out MS type that I was beginning to think that he was Bill Gates.

      He must have been well and truly p*ssed off to post that!
      • I know you may not agree..

        But I call'em like I see'em.
        • Even so...

          [i]"But I call'em like I see'em."[/i]

          ... it must have taken a lot to make you post it publicly. I don't think I've ever accused you of actually being *paid* by M$ to shill, although I have implied it (which is *nearly* the same) ;-)

          I withdraw the implication, although I am sure that we will continue to not see eye to eye.
      • Vista made no_ax look bad....

        in front of one of his customers.

        While others have had similar experiences with other versions of Windows, it was always their incompetence and no fault of Windows. But now Windows has bit no_ax and suddenly Windows has the problem.
    • zareason has what you are looking for.

      Try this for size. They call it their mega-laptop
      • Thanks, going to check it out. (NT)

  • How much

    more than the MS versions of the same hardware will they cost?

    Given that the first thing most users will do is remove SuSE in favor of another distro, the "Microsoft tax" issue is critical.
    Yagotta B. Kidding
  • wonderful

    i was looking into a laptop that could run Ubuntu pretty fast...I have a 1.5 GHz Centrino and a 5400 RPM HDD that basically doesn't do ANT builds fast at all. 20 seconds compared to Gentoo running the same ANT task in 5-9 seconds. I think it's the ext3 filesystem, actually, but I like Ubuntu better, so I'd rather get a new, fast, cheap laptop :)
  • Cool

    I just wish all manufacturers decided to do the same. also, if all distros shared more info, more and more software would be available for Linux. Has anyone noticed how close to linux vista has come??? Such as the home directory, folders that are located in a different place as they would be traditionally on windows? passwords and root permissions by default?
    Are we missing something????