Let your iPhone run wild and free ... free of AT&T that is

Let your iPhone run wild and free ... free of AT&T that is

Summary: Jon Lech Johansen (aka "DVD Jon") has done it again. Once again he's sticking it to the man and come up with a way to activate an iPhone without having to sign up with AT&T.

TOPICS: iPhone, Mobility, AT&T

Jon Lech Johansen (aka "DVD Jon") has done it again.  Once again he's sticking it to the man and come up with a way to activate an iPhone without having to sign up with AT&T.

I’ve found a way to activate a brand new unactivated iPhone without giving any of your money or personal information to AT&T NSA. The iPhone does not have phone capability, but the iPod and WiFi work. Stay tuned!

In order to be able to pull off this stunt you'll need to download his special iPhone Activation Server Software.  But he's not made it simple for those wanting to break free of AT&T's grip - you need to be able to make sense of the magic numbers!

Magic iTunes numbers:

Offset 2048912: 33C0C3

Offset 257074: 28

Offset 257013: 33C9B1

This is so going to annoy AT&T.

Topics: iPhone, Mobility, AT&T

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  • Cool Hack

    But what's going to turn the cell phone manurfacturers free is better legislation
    making subsidies for phones illegal, forcing all networks to treat all phones equally,
    and completely changing the billing model. How should networks compete? By
    offering higher speed. By building out towers. By offering services. Say a new
    phone comes out with a new service like Apple's voicemail. It will have to have
    worked out the new service with at least one carrier, but the other networks could
    then compete -- maybe after a year of exclusivity. Billing would be per transaction.
    More towers, more transactions. Neat new service, new billings. You would sign up
    with one provider as your "first choice" provider, and send your $50 to them, but
    the entire network would end up divvying up the money.

    What people are calling "free enterprise" at the moment is anything but.
    • Sounds like socialism

      Bordering communism. I don't understand how anyone can reason that "forcing"
      equality is good for competition. The phone companies are competing fine the way
      things are right now. I don't want the cell providers to be equal. I want them to
      compete; I want one to work harder than the others to earn my monthly pay-out.
      I don't like bringing politics into ZDNet (and I'm annoyed when the writers do it!!) but I
      couldn't Swift48's comment go without challenge.
      • broadband playing field

        Well, providing some ground rules that promote competition sounds like a good idea to me. My (monopoly) phone company (AT+T, as it happens), has leveraged their economic power into very little wireless or internet (DSL) competition. I'm paying for 6 MB DSL service, gettting barely half that, and I know that in other countries where last mile competition is required, prices are lower and speeds are ten times higher.
        Actually, today's paper had a Bay Area business/local government consortium complaing that we are losing our comeptitive edge because we're not keeping up on the broadband technologies that we invented -- short-sighted business practices that are crippling the technology. Others can do it, why not US telecomm companies?
        Agreed, I don't want this to be a political forum either, but we need a level playing field to make all this technology available .
    • re: Cool Hack


      We do [b]not[/b] need yet another law cobbled together by the mental deficients roosting in DC. And the iPhone is certainly not the first cell phone linked to a sole telecom provider. Nor will it be the last one, unless people like you get your way.

      I have believed for a very long time that the First Amendment should read: "Congress shall make no law." That would have put a quick halt to much of the tomfoolery that goes on in Washington.
      M.R. Kennedy
    • Heaven save us

      From would be do-gooders.
    • ATT Runs Amok

      Way back in time (for you pre-ATT cell addicts) ATT was dismantled by the govt for monopolistic business practices of the US land line phone system.
      It appears that the govt action was short sighted and failed to recognize the possibility of ATT's ressurection in the cell industry. Its deja Vue all over again, except its ATT & Apple pie time.
      Good luck Iphone junkies, hope ur Iphone doesnt turn to apple cider vinegar.
      • Those were the days

        I long for the days when AT&T ran the whole phone system. Do you remember----one phone call got you your phone, your local and long distance service, the staff knew the products, the products were built to last, technical personnel came to your home - at no extra charge - ...sounds like paradise...
  • Ummm....and then?

    I dunno...this looked like it could have been a cool little story but it came to an abrupt
    end. It could have been built on a little more. But anyway...
    I think it'd be great if people could get an iPhone without tying it to AT&T. It'd be
    pretty useless as an internet device though. Without a cell network, you're limited to
    WiFi. WiFi is great, but I'd rather not have to look for a hotspot to check my email.
    That's just me though. I'm a spoiled Verizon EVDO junkie and everywhere I go is a
  • Buy Archos instead

    If you want the capability of Iphone other than a the phone, and don't need a touch screen, the archos products are much better as a multimedia player/wifi player. It cost less and you can get a lot more Gigabytes, more media formats are supported. Of course the Archos marketing machine is about zilch, so you haven't heard of their products.

    Downside to Archos is that their user interface is not 100% intuitive, you must be technically savy to use an Archos, no touchscreen. No Status Quality ( If you own an Iphone, you are somebody ).

  • Not news....



    I've also read (somewhere on TUAW.com, I think) that a SIM card from a non-iPhone will let the iPhone work as an iPod. No hacking required.
    • Following up...

      here you go.

  • So, let me see if I have this right.

    Buy a phone, but use it for the other features?

    My G5 iPod is fine for watching videos, and my laptop has my surfing covered. I think I will wait for a future generation of iPhone before I get one. Once it is usweable on a better cell. system, and has a bigger HDD and better battery, then I will give it some serious thought. Until then, the people who need one can buy them. Those of us hwo just want one may wait for a better one.
    • i'm not getting one either

      but i am excited to see where this trend leads!
      In a few years I'll benefit greatly from the newer versions.
  • Archos 604++ on the idea

    If you want good technology and less marketing hype get the archos. I have the 604 and it plays any format iI download off tvtorrent (oops) and you can change your batteries. They also have gen 5 version with touch screen but I rather feel physical buttons then touch my screen on a video player(lol). Just seems like touching your tv screen to change channels seems idiot, rather not have my screen dirty. But it is for those who think outside the box instead of within one.
  • Archos 605

    50 times better than your iphone(or ipod).

  • iphoneless

    Umm so if I'm reading this right, I can take my phone and activate everything but the ability to make phone calls? In otherwords turn my smartphone into a PDA?

    Hmm, I know the last consideration in buying a phone these days is how well the phone works... but isn't this taking the marketing hype a bit too seriously? I mean, a phone that makes no calls? What's the point?

    Maybe I just lack that genetic defect that makes one NEED the latest Apple gadget.
    I'm all for sticking it to the man, though so for those of you that have one, go right ahead. You'll have the most ridiculously priced iPod yet! How cool!
  • Ipod has made some errors like MS has

    Mac has made some errors in making their Ipod's totally dependent on AT&T as the choice of provider should be left to the buyer of the unit not Mac or AT&T. MS has tried the same thing with their heavy handed tactics with 3rd party software developers that make software to compete with MS own software. Internet Explorer was just one of many issues that MS has had to back up on due to some court action with other software developers wanting to sell their products that were directly competing with their browser. Can you imagine what would happen if we all had to buy AOL with our computers ! For those that have and use AOL that wouldn't be any concern but for most that want no part of AOL it would start an all time major loss in sales to the PC manufacturers as everyone would move to having custom built machines instead. Ipod may be facing the same kind of thing if Sony or another leading manufacturer comes out with something that will do all Ipod will do and leave it to you as to what provider you want. Mac needs to rethink this as it could well turn out to be a fact.
  • Monopolies

    at&t should NOT have a monopoly on the service! This is attempt to kill competition in America. It's time for it to arise again like Dracula out of his coffin...further proof that restraints and regulations are NEEDED on American corporations!
  • ARCHOS Is Best

    The only drawback to early ARCHOS units (I have a 480) is the built in bnattery. When it eventually died (swelled up and popped the case open) I sent it back to ARCHOS. They replaced the battery promptly and returned my unit to me with all 56GB I have used so far. The latest units have user replaceable batteries.

    I use mine when traveling to bring along several movies, 5416 music selections, etc. and use it to store pictures taken while traveling if I start to run low on Memory Card space.

    Try any of that on your EYE Phone!
  • RE: Let your iPhone run wild and free ... free of AT&T that is

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