Lodsys vs Angry Birds

Lodsys vs Angry Birds

Summary: Angry Birds, normally used to going up against the pigs, now find themselves in a battle with patent troll Lodsys.


Angry Birds, normally used to going up against the pigs, now find themselves in a battle with patent troll Lodsys.

I've covered Lodsys a few times already, so if you want to get up to speed, hit the links. Bottom line: Lodsys is going after iOS and Android developers with the intention of getting them to buy licenses for Lodsys patents.

Lodsys has now modified its complaint to remove one developer and added five new game companies to the to the list of those being sued.

Florian Mueller over on FOSS Patents has the details:

  • Rovio is accused of infringing at least one of Lodsys's patents with Angry Birds for iOS and Angry Birds for Android -- here's the related paragraph (click to enlarge):
  • Electronic Arts: The Sims 3 for iPhone
  • Atari: Atari's Greatest Hits for iPhone and Atari's Greatest Hits for iPad
  • Square Enix: Big Hit Baseball for iPhone and Big Hit Baseball for iPad
  • Take-Two Interactive: 2K Sports NHL 2K11 for iPhone

This is a big change in tactic for Lodsys because it is now going after app developers who have deep pockets. This fight is no longer confined to indy developers. This could get interesting.

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  • Break the bank

    In its struggle against SCO, IBM showed how to use five billable lawyer-hours on its side to create fifty billable hours for the patent troll. It's a never ending torrent of motions, interrogatories, depositions, discovery requests, on every tiny point being litigated. Until the troll goes bankrupt.
    Robert Hahn
    • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds

      @Robert Hahn
      Ram U
    • I like that idea

      @Robert Hahn
    • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds

      @Robert Hahn Great idea!
    • In other words...

      @Robert Hahn
      The company that can pay more for lawyers should win all court cases. Nice.
      • Of course not

        But the company that actually produces a product should be getting more support
      • <a href="http://www.angrybirdsonline.ws">Angry Birds Online</a>

        @toddybottom <br><br>Yeah true, but eventually the courts will see this for what it is. Angry Birds Online rules!
    • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds

      @Robert Hahn
      That's a great idea if you have money. But many of these patent trolls just beat you down through litigation. A couple of motions and there goes the money for your R&D.
      Apple and Microsoft litigate to knock down the competition. Even if they know they won't win, they use litigation to batter the competition.
      One of the reasons that there aren't anymore risque exhibits sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts is because the 'morality' group litigated them to the ground. The 'morality' groups lose the case, but win the battle because the funding goes into fighting in court.
  • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds

    could yo have at least told us what the patents did that the are supposedly infringing upon?
    • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds

      Lodsys's patent has to do with a system where users of an application can provide direct feedback to developers about what they like and don't like, integrated right in the app. Lodsys is now claiming this patent applies to in-app purchase buttons, including "buy this app" buttons, "buy this add-on", "buy another product by same developer" etc.<br><br>Their justification is (put down your coffee first): By using the in-app purchase button, the user is expressing the feedback that They Like The App! (enough to pay more). And the way this feedback reaches the developer? The fact that the developer's account balance increased indicates that the users are providing the feedback. Unbelievable!
      • No more ridiculous than half the things Apple has sued for

        There is no difference.
    • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds


      Well I wrote a version of the Artillery game on a Tektronix graphics terminal in the early 80s.

      Anyone think I have a shot?

  • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds

    This crap won't hold up in court for a minute. It's like patenting a "Process for Acquiring Fuel for Preparation and Intake" and then going after people who go grocery shopping
    • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds

      If they end up in Eastern Texas jurisdiction it well my be in Lodsys favor. Courts do deal in law not emotion.

      It is my hope this fails for Lodsys. Patent trolls are getting on my last nerve.
  • Good for Lodsys

    There is absolutely no difference between what Lodsys is doing here and what Apple is doing when it sues companies like HTC for patent violations. Patents are property and cannot be used without the owner's permission. It makes no difference whatsoever if the owner is currently using that property or not. Just because I'm not using my back yard doesn't mean I want to allow homeless people to sleep in it for free.
    • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds

      The difference is that Apple has a product it wants to protect. Patent trolls never make anything; they are just lawsuit factories.
      • How is that a difference?

        If I want to use my back yard as a vegetable garden of not use it at all, that is my choice. I still don't want homeless people sleeping in it. Lodsys does have a product they want to protect. The product is a patented method of doing something. It is a product that is protected by law.

        This is absolutely no different in any way from what Apple is doing right now to HTC. Apple is a lawsuit factory too.
    • Sure, patents are property...

      @toddybottom ...and this particular patent seems to be the property of a horse which he left on a road.
      • Shouldn't you let a judge (and jury) decide this one?

        You have absolutely no idea how valid this claim is. Who are you to decide that this claim is worthless?
    • RE: Lodsys vs Angry Birds

      @toddybottom How do you figure that? HTC is in violation of patents Apple created, while in this case Apple <i>already licensed the patents from Lodsys</i> and this is simply a case of where Lodsys is simply being greedy. rather than protecting their patents.</i></i>