Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

Summary: Apple's Mac OS X finally breaks the 6% mark worldwide usage mark.


Data in from California-based web metrics firm NetMarketShare shows that the total Mac OS X usage share worldwide has hit 6% for the first time.

Impressive? Well, yes and no. Hitting 6% is certainly a huge achievement but Mac OS X has been hovering at the 5% mark for a long time ... here's NetMarketShare data going back to September 2009:

So it's taken Apple's Mac OS X a long time to break the 6% mark.

In other news, Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion' is now running on one out of every 6 Mac systems. Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion' has a total overall market share of 0.96% (putting it at the #10 spot) while 10.6 'Snow Leopard' has an overall market share of 3.22% (#4 spot) and 10.5 'Leopard' with a market share of 1.09% (#8 spot).

For comparison, Windows XP is at the #1 spot with 48.89% overall market share, Windows 7 is at #2 with 28.52%, Vista at #3 with 8.76%.

What's more surprising to me are the stats relating to iOS. iPhone iOS is at 1.74% (#5 spot) while the iPad is at 1.43% (#6 spot).

Linux is at #9 with 1%.

NetMarketShare uses data captured from the 160 million unique visitors browsing some 40,000 Web sites it monitors for clients.

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  • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

    LOL. That chart separates out the Android versions but not the iOS versions?

    What a crock.
    • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

      @Droid101 does not really move Android up the charts by much. They would go from #11 to tied for #10.
      Your Non Advocate
      • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

        @facebook@... These numbers are a crock!

        Every other survey I have seen actually has Linux between 2 and 3%...

        Even more, Android adds up to just under 1% while iPhone is at 1.74%? Somebody needs to check their number as Android 2.2 and 2.3 make up more than 90% of the Android deployments out there and Android has over 50% world wide market share to the iPhone's 27% and we are to believe the Android percentage isn't higher?
    • Message has been deleted.

  • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

    Stats like these always pop red flags for me. This doesn't show actual market share, or even installed base. It shows the share of Internet browsing. It only makes sense that some of the listed operating systems wouldn't be used for heavy Internet browsing because that isn't their normal purpose. One could also speculate that some of the computers running older operating systems are probably ONLY used for browsing the Internet, because they are so old. There are so many ways these numbers could be artificially biased by circumstantial influences that they are essentially useless.

    For example, I have a dozen different computers running 4 different operating systems, but I generally do most of my browsing on only one of them. Does that mean the other 11 computers running the other 3 operating systems don't exist? No. Does it mean they don't have Internet access? Again, no. Does it mean I couldn't decide to use a different one tomorrow? No. If an advertiser targeted only the operating system on that single computer I normally use, would they miss out on opportunities to sell me things for the other 11 computers? Yes. So, what good is the NetMarketShare observation about that specific computer/OS I'm using to browse the Internet? As I said, it's borderline useless information.
    • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

      @BillDem <br><br>I totally agree with this...<br>In fact I think he writes "Market share" he needs to change it to "Usage share."<br>Usage share is very subjective in my opinion, it is different for every company that comes out with them, and they depend the actual sites that are in their network.

      In other news, can you believe OS X has been out for 10 years, and is just now cracking 6% in this companies usage share chart? LOL
    • Taking your comments into account, Windows share is even higher

      After all, we have all been told that Windows is too dangerous to surf the Internet with and that we should all switch to OS X and Linux whenever we want to do any browsing.

      If true, that would suggest that Windows is actually underrepresented in those statistics.

      If, however, it turns out that Windows is overrepresented in this statistics, that would suggest that people are actually doing most of their work on OS X or Linux and only switching to their Windows box in order to surf the Internet. I would wonder why a statistically significant number of people would do that?

      My belief? While you raise valid points, they are not statistically relevant. While there may very well be people who own Linux, OS X, and Windows boxes but choose to only surf the net on their Windows box, I find it hard to imagine that this is a large number that would have any noticeable change on the statistics as presented. If it turns out that OS X actually has 6.01% usage share for the reasons you outlined, does it matter?
    • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

      @BillDem <br>You're not suggesting that there are lots, in the neighborhood of tens of millions of people like you, so that the above numbers are fatally skewed?<br><br>There is a skew, but the correct assumption is that as long as the methodology is constant and the sample size large enough, the skew becomes a constant and the delta over mutiple measurements is where the information lies.<br><br>And really, what does it matter to you if it's 3.73 or 4.96 or 7.01 percent?<br><br>Here are the two interesting bits of data which could lead to some interesting investigation. Lion in 2-3 months seems poised to pass Leopard, which was the last PowerPC capable os (from Apple.) Snow Leopard was the os end of the road for single core Intels. Does Lion's share among Mac users reflect upgrades or new systems bought? ZDNet seems to say Lion is too iOS. Do the numbers support or disprove the contention that the bloggers speak for the users?<br><br>And XP is 4 to 3 favored by Windows users to Windows 7 and Vista. The trend is moving the way Microsoft want, and there is some inevitability to the fall of XP.<br><br>But what does it's long goodbye say about how quickly respected Windows 7 will be upgraded to Windows 8?
      • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

        I swear, the iPad miscorrected the its in the last line.

        And, if I could navigate to the spot, one of those uses of "interesting" in paragraph 4 would be so gone.

        I beg everyone's pardon.
      • Interesting comment about Lion and PowerPC vs XP

        Vista and the Intel Mac both came out at around the same time (2006-2007).

        These numbers tell us that of all the world's computers, only 0.5% of those computers are Macs that are older than 5 years old.

        With XP being used by nearly 50% of all desktop computers out there, and XP being replaced by Vista 5 years ago, there would have to be a major statistical freakstorm if it turned out that less than 0.5% of those XP machines were less than 5 years old.

        *poof* There goes the myth of Macs lasting longer than PCs.
      • You need a keyboard for your iPad

        "And, if I could navigate to the spot, one of those uses of "interesting" in paragraph 4 would be so gone."

        My Logitech-Zagg iPad case / keyboard is fantastic. Arrow keys are so useful.
    • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

      @BillDem all stats say incomplete things. If we had stats on purchased computers with Windows 7, that doesn't tell us if they downgraded to XP or Vista, or just installed Linux on it. If we had total number of purchased Macbooks, we don't know if they use Windows or Linux on thier Macbook. So this set of stats shows numbers for internet surfing computers, useful information for web development, internet advertising, etc.
    • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

      @BillDem I agree, this is just one big cluster of garbage data that tells us nothing!
    • Another reason that these stats cannot reflect actual usage or market share

      @BillDem is that there are millions of desktops used in business and government where people actually do real work (as they are paid by their employers to do) instead of spending time on the net browsing and sending/reading email.
  • What percentage of Macs run Windows?

    Mine does and I can't believe that I'm alone.
    • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

      According to NPD group, one of the world's leading market research firms, more than 50% of Macs currently in use have Windows installed.
      Doctor Demento
      • RE: Mac share hits 6%, 1-in-6 Macs running Lion

        @Doctor Demento

        Source please... I doubt that is true.

        I have windows "installed" on my Mac. I only boot it to update it and run 1 piece of software (ham radio programmer) and help people with their Windows machines.

        I definitely don't "use" it.
  • The number I find most interesting?

    Vista's usage share is bigger than every single OS X and Linux desktop usage share combined.

    Note that this is actual usage share so it even takes into account all those people that we are constantly told bought a Vista computer and then immediately "upgraded" it to XP. Even after all those "upgraders", Vista is still more popular than every single OS X and Linux desktop version out there.

    Very interesting and puts some context around all those who suggested that Vista "sucked".
    • Vista was fine

      Early adopters had some trouble, which was exaggerated, but that's what you get for being an early adopter, but I have a rule that I never buy a new OS until after a few months have passed and the early bugs have been fixed....for me Vista ran pretty fine overall, especially after SP1 was released.
      Doctor Demento
  • SIX PERCENT!!!! Wow in 2034 we should EASILY see 7.3% (nt)

    haha suck it you ABA'ers. MAC OS X r0xors the world (well 6% of it!)