Microsoft gives free laptops to bloggers - does that affect their credibility and integrity?

Microsoft gives free laptops to bloggers - does that affect their credibility and integrity?

Summary: In your opinion, does accepting a major freebie (such as a notebook computer) affect a blogger/journalist's credibility and integrity?

TOPICS: Laptops

Maybe you've already heard the story that Microsoft and AMD decided to give away a limited number of Ferrari laptops to bloggers to allow them to experience and review Windows Vista.  If this story is new to you then here are a few links to get you up to speed.

Ferrari laptopNow a lot of people have spoken about this topic, mostly other bloggers who are annoyed that they didn't get free laptops (Disclosure time - I didn't get one, but to be honest if I'd received an email saying "do you want a free laptop" I'd have flagged it as some spam or scam and binned it, I'm also not sure what the fuss is, after all, it's not like these Acer notebooks are top of the line or anything.  If I'd been offered one I would have turned it down without a second though.  Why?  I already have better notebooks! ;-)  ), but I'm interested in what you, as readers of tech blogs, have to say on the matter.

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In your opinion, does accepting a major freebie (such as a notebook computer) affect a blogger/journalist's credibility and integrity?

Topic: Laptops

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  • Poll reaching 103% of votes ?

    53% yes, 50% no... guess there's an error or a cheat in there...
    Julien Collot
  • Acer....???

    As far as a blogger receiving something for nothing, I don't think it will change their credibility or integrity. If it does, they had none to begin with.

    Who would want an Acer?
    I know all to well about Acer. they S**K!!!!

    I don't consider this advertisement, I consider it My review of Acer computers. Feel free to use it it any way you wish.

    Posted to my blog

    sincerely, Ed
  • Are Bloggers given the same rules as legit press?

    My one concern is that on the one hand many are asking that bloggers be given the full freedom of the press that syndicated journalists receive. If a political or tech journalist receives gifts from those he reports on I would question any integrity of what they report.
  • Swag is industry norm

    Attend a trade show, show interest in a vendor's product or if you hold a position of influence you'll get swagged. I've seen iPods, Xbox's and laptops given away. Just wish I could jump the gravy train for something more exciting than a dozen T-shirts or the like.
  • 54% yes, 47% no, equals 101%???

    What is the margin of error on this poll? Does it include the extra 1%?
    • Hmmm...

      Let's see: 46.5% + 53.5% = 100.0% but rounded is 47% and 54%. I remember learning this in fifth grade...
  • Can't believe 45% says it's ok

    It would NEVER be ok to receive a gift THAT expensive without disclosing it, and it's not worth your reputation for a laptop even if you convince yourself it won't affect you. I can't believe 45% of the voters think it's ok. I guess they're assuming it's ok if it's disclosed, but I'd have a big problem with this.

    Getting a free drink or dinner (so long as it's not every week) once in a while from Microsoft or ANY company is something you shouldn't worry about. Getting a notebook for free should not be confused with a free dinner.

    I wonder who's idea this was. I do know the PR firm that handles Microsoft also handles AMD. In fairness this was never a give-away. The problem is that companies tend to conveniently "forget" to ask for these things back.

    If you're wondering, I didn't get a free notebook either. All I got was a burned DVD for a Vista review kit which I asked for. Not that I'd want or need a review notebook.
  • Bloggers? Senators ? Integrity ? Really ? Nobody Cares !!!

    The only reason you are pissed is you never got the call, even though you BN with MS - Acer aint all bad -fer free- all use same/same INTEL/IBM/MS/ATI etc, different color poly, is all. I have 5 notebooks, would have taken a freebie. My babes are always looking for one. BTW, that Vista knockoff you did sucks, get a decent Linux Distro with KDE 3.5 inc the 3D Effects & get out from underneath this monotonous he-said/she-said trash that you sprout all year long. Which is what is wrong with you lot - not a whole helluva lot to say, good or bad.
    Strangely, there is zip on Linux, not even a Section, let alone support or any real engagement. A great pity. ZD is a decent outfit, but we have heard it all before elsewhere & dont really like to stoop to these levels.
    What happened to the 'sharing of information'?
    Got moi a bottle of Single Barrel for tonite - no Ingle Ells here, bub!! No doubt-in-my-mind I will find some babe to share it with - In Health - Jack-Daniels
  • Not necessarily

    Depends on what MS' reaction is when the recipient pans the laptop (or Linuxes it after the review is published).
    John L. Ries
    • In any case

      Receipt of the freebee must be disclosed.
      John L. Ries