Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4

Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4

Summary: During a keynote speech at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) Kevin Turner, Microsoft's chief operating officer compared the iPhone 4 to Vista.


Shoe is on the other foot now ...

During a keynote speech at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) Kevin Turner, Microsoft's chief operating officer compared the iPhone 4 to Vista:

"It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that."


Turner went on to humiliate Apple further:

"One of the things I want to make sure you know today is that you're going to be able to use a Windows Phone 7 and not have to worry about how you're holding it to make a phone call"


Topics: Hardware, Apple, iPhone, Microsoft, Mobility, Smartphones

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  • Payback is a bitch

    Karma people. It affects everyone. Apple included. :)

    Looks like Microsoft took your advice Adrian. Take advantage of the word on the street.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4


      What's the payback for exactly? Competing?
      • All of those Get a Mac ads

        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • Are you serious?

        @dave95. Apple has been an giant iPrick for years.

        This is heaven.
      • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4

        By any chance, did you two ever seek any therapy for the Apple problem? Or is this finally the therapy you've been waiting on? I know the past few years must have been really rough on you ABAer's. I hope all this extra hating truly is a cure.
  • Wait!

    Does this mean that MS is saying my copy of Vista is no good? Why didn't they recall it and replace it then?
    • MS fanboys will jump in

      denying any problem with Vista.<br><br>My question to Turner would be how does one make calls on a imaginary Windows Phone 7 phone? Surely holding it anyway would be a problem (not just reception).<br><br>MS products are always fantastic before they're created, jump back anytime in the seven years it took Vista to be released;-)<br><br>And no MCSE's I'm not defending Apple, as I've said repeatedly they have a real problem with their antenna issues.
      Richard Flude
      • I do not know. How does anyone do laundry in an

        imaginary Apple washing machine?

        I imagine you have a point, but it has so far eluded us.

        Tim Cook
      • I don't know what MS fanboys will say but I'll say Vista was...

        @Richard Flude: ...problem free for me and everyone I know who still uses it.
      • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4

        @Richard Flude Sorry, I have a Vista business based server running 24/7 for two years now without a single minute of downtime. Before I upgraded to Windows 7, my development machine ran Vista business, again, with zero downtime.

        Maybe I just know what I am doing with my OS installations. Or maybe the fact that I write software and you simply use it, makes me better than you... either way, I had no problems with Vista.
      • It's simple.

        @Richard Flude The Windows 7 Phone is a phone that doesn't exist and doesn't make calls...The iPhone4 is a call that DOES exists and doesn't make calls.

        It's kind of a 50-50 thing.
    • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4

      No. It means: "Apple, get ready for the resonannce effect that will tarnish your product image forever, regardless of quality".

      Granted: Microsoft installed base means its their effect is much bigger.
    • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4

      You got service packs and that was a software issue can be easily patched with service packs without losing the look and feel, where as iPhone 4 issue (if any) is hardware issue and if you put cheap rubber (also know as bumper) on it, it loses the look and style of it. Too bad, Apple QC and its higher management should be blamed.
      Ram U
      • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4


        No - there actually is no real problem - the stats prove it.

        Also the tests I have done myself show that even the most reliable phone I have ever used has the same behaviour as the iPhone 4.

        The people who should be blamed are people who turn a small number of reports of signal dropout into a pretend problem to make the Windows world feel better.

        I can tell you now that a Windows 7 phone will be affected by the user in the same way every phone is.

        As a blogger you should do QC on your statements before making them. Your reality distortion field should be deactivated before you start.
    • It's only no good 25% of the time

      @Bill4 According to Apple, being crappy 25% of the time is okay.
      • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4


        The iPhone is not crappy 25% of the time.

        The iPhone has better performance and better user satisfaction than most smartphones.

        Again - this is a reality distortion field being created just to try to knock Apple down.

        The If anyone can put up hard facts to show me what I know from my own testing is false then there will be something to complain about with the iPhone 4.

        If I apply the arguments of the bloggers and journalists then I should ask for my money back on the Sony-Ericsson phone I have had for many years, that has served me very well.

        Should I return a phone because holding it normally can drop the bars from 4 to none? Is the manufacturer producing bad product? Is the manufacturer producing 'shoddy' product? Should ZDNet be running articles almost daily making wild claims about the phone?

        If so then start now with the Sony-Ericsson K750i - because I can tell you that it does this very thing.

        Now ZDNet and the harpies of MS - show you are balanced and fair minded defenders of the people and ask for a recall of the K750i?

        If not - why not?
    • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4

      @Bill4 They did! It's called Windows 7. LOL!!!
    • Great Point

      @Bill4 ... if Microsoft admits Vista is a dog, they should offer every Vista owner a free upgrade to Windows 7.
      • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4

        @HollywoodDog That shouldn't be too hard as not many people moved to VISTA anyway once the word got out about it. I went straight from XP to Windows 7.
  • RE: Microsoft mocks Apple over iPhone 4

    Turner makes a bold claim regarding WP7 phones, considering somebody else is designing, engineering, parts-sourcing and assembling the devices.<br><br>(Hand positioning impacts on reception are documented for other phones. It's a little thing I like to call physics.)<br><br>Wasn't he the same guy who was cartwheeling in joy because Apple legal called him about a laptop finders' ad. And after the cartwheels, he took the call, made the change they were requesting, and then presided over Microsoft's worst quarter? While Apple's quarter was pretty good?<br><br>Oh yes. The problem with Vista was that no one wanted to buy it, not that it didn't work. (Though because of third-party drivers it was fairly rough for XP upgraders in that first year.) The iPhone 4 seems to be selling well, or at least, even after the publicity storm, as fast as they can get them into the Apple Store. (Anecdotal evidence from a friend who today told me that there wasn't one available when he went in to get one last weekend. He was told he needed to get on the waiting list.)