MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

Summary: Apple's iCloud announcement might be music to the ears of many, but those with current MobileMe subscriptions have been left confused as to what's going to happen after MobileMe shuts down June 30th 2012.


Apple's iCloud announcement might be music to the ears of many, but those with current MobileMe subscriptions have been left confused as to what's going to happen after MobileMe shuts down June 30th 2012.

Apple's discussion forums are a-buzz. Three questions stand out ...

Question #1 - What about people who've paid for MobileMe? There is a refund policy in place. Some people have already received refunds, others not.

Question #2 - What happens to files stored on iDisk? Unknown. This is a big deal as some people have used iDisk as a way to host files (such as images) for websites. Apple's transition document says nothing.

Question #3 - What happens between MobileMe shutting down and iCloud starting? Unknown. We know that users get free MobileMe until the end of June 2012 and that iCloud should kick off this fall, but what the transition process will involve is not known.

iCloud might be cool, but the MobileMe customers feel they are caught up in transition hell.

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  • This is covered at Macworld

    Existing customers will have their accounts automatically extended at no charge until June 6, 2012. If you already purchased an activation code you can get a refund.
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    • There still mystery over ...

      @oncall ... refunds ... not everyone seems to have had one. Also, what happens to iDisk. How Family accounts will be slip is also a mystery.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

        @Adrian Kingsley-Hughes I am currently on a one year free from Apple due to issues I had last year so not looking for a refund but am curious about family accounts. Am also curious how everything will get transferred over. My MobileMe login into does not match my iTunes account info so how are they going to connect the two?
  • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

    Already spoken to Apple Customer care, my account which was due to renew in September, gets no refund. iCloud which is now free, well we just lost exclusive rights to use a product that is now available to the public, good show Apple, good show...
    • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

      @Aknet I cloud probably won't go live until after your renewal date so what do you lose?
  • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition


    Apple users, ripped off for years. Awesome.
    • Oh, I don't know

      I have a MobileMe account that I kept around for the convenience factor. At ~$8 a month I thought it was worth it until this year. I was planning on letting the account expire in October. Now that account is extended <i>at no charge</i> for an additional 8 months after the date it would have otherwise lapsed.

      I'm not sure if I will use iCloud or not yet, but being handed 8 months of service that I wasn't expecting is hardly what I would call getting "ripped off".
    • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

      @Droid101 How do you figure that? Go ahead and explain it to us if you can.
      • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

        @athynz the fact that you have been paying ~$10 a month for garbage for an indefinite amount of time?
      • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

        @athynz When had he ever explained any of his posts let alone back them up with an facts.

        @moses007 I don't feel ripped off for paying what ended up being $4.50 a month from the point I started using it to the point it will end in a year. The convenience that it gave was worth at least four times that cost.
  • @Adrian Some Help Please


    Have you heard anything related to support in iCloud for iWeb? That is the primary reason I have been a Mobile Me subscriber.
    • iWeb doesn't need iCloud

      Most of the iWeb users I deal with export their iWeb sites to a folder structure and then upload that to the web site space provided by their ISP. It's not a one click, but it's not tough either unless your ISP makes it so.
      • Thank you


        I will try that solution. I did actually get my email answered by Steve Jobs and he said it will not be supported in iCloud.
  • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

    Maybe you are, but they are not.
  • Apple is treating their most loyal customers like DIRT!!

    I just renewed our family plan in April. I am an apple fan but very disgusted on how this seems to be working.... when looking at the refund link.... it only says BOXED subscriptions... I auto-renewed because I have been a faithful mobileme customer for years. I certainly didn't support mobileme because it was a good product... I supported it because it was apple and i supportED apple. but now it appears I am S.O.L... way to treat your loyal customers. This is not a good way to introduce icloud to me!!!! What a waste of 150 dollars.... for what? an email address for 2.5 months???? I could have gotten that free with gmail. I'm ready to tell them they can keep their icloud if this is the way they treat loyal customers.
    • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

      @KenziK Seriously, did you bother reading the email you received from Apple yesterday? You just got a free few months of MobileMe to prepare yourself for the transition. Why would you want a refund? Please explain that to me.
    • Check your email

      Apple sent us all an email yesterday explaining that our MobileMe accounts will be converted to iCloud and available until June <b>2012</b>. You get the year you paid for, plus a bit on the new service. You were not ripped off, you were extended.
    • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

      Ditto for me as well, auto-renewed in April, feeling betrayed. The offering of extending my family account to June 2012 is miniscule and insulting. if Apple said I get iCloud for 5 years that would be more like for the $150 I got billed. I will be contacting Apple to share my displeasure.
      • RE: MobileMe customers confused by iCloud transition

        You do get iCloud for 5 years... and more. It's free.

        I called Apple yesterday and asked. The official Word is that you get MobileMe through the end of June 2012... AKA 1 year from now plus change. During that time, you can convert to iCloud whenever you want. Once your subscription is up (plus the extra month or so you just scored for free), you will not have the option of renewing, but you can keep your email etc by switching to iCloud.

        Before you go calling apple and getting angry (like I did) and then feeling stupid, you might want to actually learn about what's going on. There is lots of info on Apple's websites.
  • Confusing...

    I have been a MobileMe customer for a couple of years now. Like KenziK above I let mine auto-renew. I'm not terribly worried about the transition as my renewal date is late October, very close to the iCloud deployment date, so I'll get my full year's sub worth of usage, plus the free time for transition.<br><br>I am a little bit concerned about the aggressiveness of the strategy, although maybe I shouldn't be surprised this being Apple. Whilst core components are being transitioned across (Mail, Calendar, Gallery etc.) there are worries about retaining data (they never did very well moving the online Calendar over to the newer system).<br><br>Also, iCloud has 5Gb data allowance. A MobileMe sub has 20Gb. As a goodwill gesture, all existing MobileMe subscribers should at least get the same data storage capacity to enable a smoother transition.<br><br>Finally, are some of the other features of MobileMe going to have an analogous component in iCloud? iDisk is already a point of concern. What about the Gallery features such as e-mail upload? This, along with the iPhoto sync, was incredibly useful when I got married recently. We put the album web address and the e-mail upload address on the back of our wedding programmes and have so far collected almost 1000 photos, which all auto-download into my iPhoto and sort into time/date order automatically. Will things like this be available under iCloud?<br><br>And finally (seriously this time) - the e-mail that came out last night (or yesterday afternoon if you're stateside) stated again that iCloud is for iOS5 and OS X Lion customers only. Lion excludes all Macs with processors older than Core 2 Duo. iOS5 excludes the first 2 generations of iPhone. I am sure there will be a percentage of MobileMe customers who are therefore ineligible for iCloud but for whatever reason may not be able (or want) to upgrade in the time window (e.g. financial etc.). What happens to those poor sods? For those who find MobileMe very useful (like myself) but are using older hardware (I'm not in that group thankfully), it forces an upgrade.<br><br>I can't decide whether to say "Well played Apple. Well played." or make a point that Apple's increased userbase means they have to be more careful about these forced transitions and obsolesences. This one is particularly nasty if you fall outside of Apple's designated favoured group.