More Trojanized games enter Google's Android Market app store

More Trojanized games enter Google's Android Market app store

Summary: More Trojan apps appear in Google's Android Market.


Disguising malware as a free version of a popular game (such as Cut the Rope and Assassin's Creed) seems to be a popular tactic that the bad guys are using to scam users of Google's Android Market app store. Overnight more malware appeared in Google's official app repository.

The Trojanized games have been uploaded by a company calling itself Eldar Limited. This is the second time in two weeks malware disguised as free games has been uploaded to the Android Market.

These have now been removed by Google, but their appearance in the official Android Market in the first place is worrying. Not only is Google putting Android users into contact with malware, it is also allowing the brand names of reputable companies to be tarnished by letting the bad guys upload this stuff to the Android Market in the first place.

The folks at F-Secure have a tip to help you figure out whether a free app is genuine or not.

A useful tip for users out there is to search for the paid version of the app and take note of the developer's name. If the name on both paid and free versions matches, then it is very likely to be a safe app. Otherwise, don't proceed with the download.

Good medicine!

If you've downloaded and installed these apps then needless to day you should uninstall them immediately. Oh, and watch out for more malware over the holidays.

Topics: Malware, Android, Google, Security

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  • Google just does not seem to be good at hands on stuff

    like curation. That's such an important characteristic of a safe app store.
  • There's No Excuse for This

    It's true that no matter what kind of vetting system you have, within reason, it's possible for a Trojan to slip through the process. These, though, seem so obvious that I just can't see an excuse for them getting into the market. I wouldn't be depending on the Google Market to vet my applications in the first place, but there are people who do, and they should have a reasonable expectation of not receiving Trojan software.
    • People slam Microsoft for less

      @CFWhitman .... but somehow, Google is except of any criticism.

      Fact is, the Google Android Marketplace is INFECTED with Trojans and Google doesn't care. They have their own spyware Trojan called Android OS.
  • RE: More Trojanized games enter Google's Android Market app store

    Another google failure.
  • RE: More Trojanized games enter Google's Android Market app store

    The paltform API should not even make this possible. This is a pathetic failure and Google will have to tighten the bolts on this soon.
    The Windows Phone market and Apple app store are by far more secure.
  • Google doesnt give a crap what happens to your phone after theyve been paid

    If it wasnt for this kind of bad PR they probably wouldnt even pull the malware. The fact is this stuff is easily preventable, they just dont do it.
    Johnny Vegas