MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

Summary: MSI unveils an NVIDIA 580GTX graphics card featuring 'Dust Removal Tech.'

TOPICS: Hardware, Start-Ups

Tired of your fans clogging up with dust and other detritus (like cat hair ... I'm looking at you Mr Kitty!)? MSI has just the solution for you.

The company has debuted an NVIDIA 580GTX card (called, imaginatively, the N580GTX) that features 'Dust Removal Tech.'

So, what's the magic behind this technology? A special coating for the fans? No. Some fancy materials? Nope. a force field? No. Actually it's dead simple:

When the system is turned on, the graphics card fan will rotate in the opposite direction for 30 seconds. By running in reverse, the fan helps to remove dust from the heatsink fins to ensure optimal cooling every time.

According to MSI, a clogged fan and heatsink can raise the temperature of your GPU by as much as 15°C, which can cause systems to 'end up crashing from overheating.' By applying a 30 reverse spin to the fans at start up, MSI claims that it can prevent this build up of crud and ensure proper cooling.

Does it work? No idea. MSI aren't making anything that resembles a guarantee so your mileage may (and probably will) vary depending on how you use the system.

Also new of the N580GTX is a redesigned fan blade which offers 20% better airflow and a smart temperature sensor in the form of fan blades that change from blue to white when the ambient temperature is above 45?.

Gimmicks, or useful features - you decide!

Note: Good point made in the comments ... how can you see these fans when fitted onto a motherboard installed in a chassis since they will be facing downwards?

Topics: Hardware, Start-Ups

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  • Um ...

    ... so I'd have to have my case open to see the colour of the fan blades right? Wow ...

    • RE: MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

      @Ludovit Even if you've got a windowed case, the fans are facing down. Useless.
      Crimson Avenger
      • RE: MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

        @Crimson Avenger @Ludo ... my thoughts exactly ...
        Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • RE: MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

    I was disappointed in this article. I believe Mr. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes should have experimented with a PC fan and a bottle of talcum powder to actually tell us if this idea worked, rather than merely raising the question. :-)
  • RE: MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

    Not much use in a silent PC, might as well strap a couple of Dysons to your ears.
    Alan Smithie
    • Compromise

      @Alan Smithie Most PCs spin the fans up when they start. 30 seconds of back spin isn't much and once cleaned out the fans should operate slower and quieter as they don't need to work as hard as if the card was clogged with dust.
      You also have to consider that this is a high end graphics card and quietness always has to be balanced against performance.
      • RE: MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'


        I prefer not to work with a washing machine on spin cycle :)
        Alan Smithie
  • Mixed opinions

    I think the reverse flow is an excellent idea. When I clean my tower, I blow compressed air into the ventilation outlets first because I noticed years ago (as I'm sure many others have) that this loosens the dust build up very effectively.

    The color changing fan blades, though? As others have pointed out, you have to be able to see them in order to use them and in most cases that's not going to happen. That one is a good idea isn't isn't likelyto translate into a good implementation.
  • MSI answer to Karate Kid...

    Dust off, dust on... dust off, dust on... But 30 seconds is absolutely not usefull... the dust will still be inside the PC cabinet !

    Some compressed air and a vacuumcleaner will be the most effective solution ! Or a oil cooled system where every part is covered with oil in closed PC cabinet !

    Blue to white ? Why use radioactive material when they can apply a little light diode in the backside of the card ? White is not always the symbol of "clean (green)" technology.
  • RE: MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

    Ho Hum - I just pull off side panel every 6 months and blow it out. Always helps to add a extra case fan and hard drive coolers to your rig.

    Reverse fans, color changing fans Nope !
  • RE: MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

    " your mileage may (and probably will) vary depending on how you sue the system."

    Sorry, I don't really want to have to go to court to ensure that it works...

    (need a proof reader? ;-)
  • RE: MSI debuts 'Dust Removal Tech'

    Useless fan coloring. But this tech is also useless for those of us that rarely turn off our computers or reboot. There should be a software option to make it clean itself.