My absolute favorite iOS holiday shopping app

My absolute favorite iOS holiday shopping app

Summary: This app can actually help you save money over the holidays!

TOPICS: Mobile OS, Apple

Here is my absolute favorite iOS holiday shopping app - RedLaser.

RedLaser isn't some tacky snowglobe app, or a game or an app that allows you to send cards. No, this app can actually help you save money over the holidays!

Here's how it works. You're out shopping and you find the perfect gift for someone. But before you buy it, check to see if you can find a better deal by whipping out your iPhone (or iPad/iPod touch) and using RedLaser to scan the product's barcode. The app then goes off to search for the lowest online and local prices from its catalog of thousands of retailers such as Google, TheFind, SDC, eBay,,, and more!

RedLaser as a whole raft of cool features:

  • Scans UPC, EAN, UPC-E and EAN-8 barcodes!
  • QR code scanning including URLs, contact info, calendar events, emails and more!
  • Searches for prices with Google, theFind, SDC, eBay,,, and
  • Keyword search and Voice search functionality to find the best deal when you don’t have a barcode handy
  • Local search powered by and TheFind
  • Local search locates books in nearby libraries
  • Lists – you can now organize your products to create shopping lists, wish lists or gift lists. Or use lists to archive your books or CD and DVD collections
  • In-app checkout. Now you can find the best prices AND purchase directly from within the app for home delivery or local in-store pickup from select stores
  • High-res Retina display support for iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 LED light option during scanning
  • Send scanned products as email attachment ? great for inventory!
  • Automatic search localization for USD, EUR, and GBP
  • Create a QR Code from your contacts, a URL, or text

RedLaser is an absolutely amazing app - don't leave home to go holiday shopping without it!

Best of all - this app is free!

Topics: Mobile OS, Apple

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  • RE: My absolute favorite iOS holiday shopping app

    I don't see this as any more helpful than the usual Barcode Scanner, Google Shopper or many of the others out there.

    And btw: I don't know why it's being highlighted as "iOS" and for iPhone? It's also available for Android.

    It's made by Ebay ... does it favor Ebay then? Just a thought
    • RE: My absolute favorite iOS holiday shopping app

      @Boan2003 Hell, even Amazon's app has a built in barcode scanner. Where the hell have you been Adrian? Is this really the first time you've seen one of these apps? I first saw it on my sister's iPhone 3G years ago.
  • ...and then you have to walk, bus, train, fly to wherever and hope

    that you've picked the option that has your desired product in stock. Often much better just to buy the one you see in front of you. At least you have it and can move on. The time I've wasted trawling around shops when I should've just bought it there and then. There's pros and cons to everything ;-)