My Alienware Experience begins

My Alienware Experience begins

Summary: A few days ago I took delivery of an Alienware notebook for review (which, unfortunately - for me - has to go back in a few weeks ...). That means the start of a new series of posts - "My Alienware Experience."


A few days ago I took delivery of an Alienware notebook for review (which, unfortunately - for me - has to go back in a few weeks ...).  That means the start of a new series of posts - "My Alienware Experience."

My Alienware Experience beginsWhen it comes to gaming notebooks, gamers have told me that you can't buy better than an Alienware.  Having never really experimented with gaming on a notebook, I expressed an interest to Alienware in getting my hands on a system for a few weeks to see just what they are capable of.  The notebook I've been sent is a brand new, top-of-the-line Alienware m9750 system with Windows Vista Home Premium loaded onto it.

As usual with these kinds of posts, thy are going to be 10% standard "review" stuff and 90% hands on experience of the system. 

Heh heh heh.  Having this notebook also gives me an excuse to get some serious gaming in!

Stay tuned!

Topics: Laptops, Hardware, Mobility

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  • Serious Gaming, eh?

    Man, if only I could sell that line to my wife. I can easily see it coming to "But dear..."
  • My Alienware Experience was horrible

    This is just my humble opinion, but their laptops are trash. We bought five of them at work three years ago, and they all had to go back at least twice over the first three years. Their turn-around time was three weeks when you sent them in. Aside from the CPU and Graphics card every other component was bottom of the barrel crap (SiS chipset, Broadcom NIC). They are also fragile. In their forums that you have be a customer to post in they would delete threads even remotely critical of them.

    Of course now Dell owns them, so I have my doubts about there being much improvement.
  • What about the Mini?

    I haven't seen anything new since you posted your initial impressions.
    • He can't log in to it :) (NT)

      • good one :)

      • Makes it more secure...

        If you prevent the user form logging in it makes the computer so much more secure. You know what they say the biggest security problem is between the keyboard and the chair :) :)
  • how many hours in a day ?

    Hi Adrian
    I hope you have enough time for other things (like eating or sleeping, etc) while you have the laptop. These things can be addictive and lead to serious social and economic breakdown. As a current addict myself i would advise divorcing yourself from family and friends now as it will spare you the heartache later on (from being disturbed in the middle of a game).
    Also before your current 'supply' dries up i would suggest using an ASUS G2 until another supplier can be sourced.
    Happy gaming !!!
    • What to play ?

      On a more serious note...
      What games are you intending to play to test the laptop with and why ? Are you going to stick with new games like Overlord, Ghost Recon, Battlefield 2, Juiced 2 etc, or will you add a few older games into the mix like Need for Speed Most Wanted, DarkStar, SpellForce ?
      Can you test the games with different resolutions - both screen size and detail (e.g. FAA) - and give a report as to which settings are better for these games on this model laptop ?
      Is there any chance that you could run a few benchmarks like SpecViewPerf 10, Gun Metal, AquaMark 3d, OpenGL Express and list the results ?
      Can you also test the laptop with and without a powered laptop cooler (please have the laptop running uncooled for about 3 or 4 hours first before benchmarking - I see a lot of older laptops start to fail around this time frame when uncooled) and report on responsiveness, frame rates, battery life, sweaty palm syndrome from heat radiated through keyboard.
      I look forward to reading your review.
      Happy Gaming !!!
  • RE: My Alienware Experience begins

    Who cares ?