New iPad (aka iPad 3) benchmarked

New iPad (aka iPad 3) benchmarked

Summary: The results are a little over the the iPad 2 score, and quite a bit faster than the iPhone 4S.


Vietnamese website have their hands on a new iPad (aka iPad 3) and have put it trough its paces using the Geekbench benchmarking tool.

The results of this benchmark give the new iPad a score of 756, which is a little over the 720 that the iPad 2 scores, and quite a bit faster than the 620 or so scored by the iPhone 4S.

Also confirmed is a 1GHz processor (same clock speed as the iPad 2), and a RAM upgrade to 1GB (up from 512MB that was present in the iPad 2).

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  • It should be noted that this benchmark can not rate GPUs, so no difference

    ... between iPad 3 and iPad 2 could be measured.
  • Not surprising

    The more information I find about the new iPad, the more it reminds me of an existing device that received a ram bump and a video card bump.
    • You do not need to find more information, since Apple said right away that

      ... the new iPad have updated graphics, not SoC overall.
      • And

        ... and "four times the performance of a Tegra 3."
  • The 4s is clocked lower (800 MHz?)

    No improvement in chip technology aside from 4 GPUs.
    Honestly, the screen is the main selling point!
  • So...

    Only thing makes "new iPad" different is screen resolution (which will not be used by most apps)


    So where did that "four times faster than Tegra 3" stuff come from? Oh wait... Feels like rear back...

    "Revolutionary"? Oh yeah yeah...
  • If I read this right - and these scores are real...

    This chart claims to compare the new iPad and the Transformer Prime using the GeekBench test.

    According to the company that publishes GeekBench, higher is better and scores are directly comparable (ie: a score that's twice s big means the computer is twice as fast).

    Sooo... the short version?

    Apple new iPad (3) scores 759
    Asus Transformer Prime scores 1944

    Which means the Tegra 3 is 2.56x faster overall - the A5X is slightly faster single core to single core - but since the Tegra has twice as many cores, it stands to reason it's about twice as fast.

    Once again Tim is Cooking the numbers...
  • This is 4x Tegra 3??

    Apple may be in a little bit of trouble -