Nintendo announces Wii 2

Nintendo announces Wii 2

Summary: Nintendo has announced that it will release an updated version of the Wii gaming console in 2012.

TOPICS: Mobility

Nintendo has announced that it will release an updated version of the Wii gaming console in 2012.

No technical details have been reveled by Nintendo, but gamers will get a hands-on with the Wii 2 at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles in June.

The original Wii was a massive hit when released five years ago. However, over the past year sales of the games console has fallen off sharply, knocking Nintendo's profits by 66% over the past year.

Nintendo's chief executive, Satoru Iwata says that the updated console "will offer a new way of playing games within the home."

So, what can we expect? Here's a shortlist of possible upgrades:

  • HD gaming
  • New motion sensors (XBox Kinect or PlayStation Move perhaps)
  • Integration with mobile gaming

But hardware improvements will only be part of it with Nintendo. I expect that the new console will not just bring with it different hardware, but also a different way of playing games.

What would you like to see in the Wii 2?

Topic: Mobility

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  • RE: Nintendo announces Wii 2

    Here is what some reliable sources are telling IGN about the specs:
    • RE: Nintendo announces Wii 2

      My concern with the next-gen consoles is whether or not they will be backward compatible.
      • Exactly.

        I know a lot of people play their games then sell them, but I like to hold onto them and play them again. Nostalgia and all that.
        I really don't want to have to abandon an entire library of games because the hardware isn't backward compatible. At least Sony is still selling the PS2.
  • That's quite a list

    <i>HD gaming
    New motion sensors (XBox Kinect or PlayStation Move perhaps)
    Integration with mobile gaming</i>

    So they are going to release a Nintendo branded Xbox 360? You can already get that today, sans Nintendo badge. And for a lot less $$$.
  • RE: Nintendo announces Wii 2

    If they just said "update", it probably really means HD, tight(creative) integration with 3DS, more built in media online services out of the box(netflix, facebook etc), an even more improved Wii controller's response time to the screen, however I doubt that they will improve their online gaming services which has always sucked/close to non-existent. But why did you say it is named Wii 2, did you make that up? It doesn't make any sense. They won't call it Wii 2 if it is just an update, more likely Wii HD. Naming it Wii 2 would over sell and under deliver.
  • RE: Nintendo announces Wii 2

    What I'd like to see in an "UPDATE" are improved response of the motion sensor time to the Screen, improved online gaming services, and of course HD.
  • RE: Nintendo announces Wii 2

    The biggest problem I see with this is that if they actually do surpass the PS3 and 360. The developers might not fully develop for the PS4 and 720. I don't think the gap between the 3 systems will be enough to justify not too. Just look at what they are doing to PC gamers.
  • RE: Nintendo announces Wii 2

    I'd love to see the ability to play Final Fantasy III and IV DS in Nintendo Wii 2! :)

    I haven't been to Best Buy (or any store) and have a look at the screen size of Nintendo DSi XL, though, but when one of my loved one were playing with their Nintendo DS, I had a look at it, but I can't see the screen too well. If I will have trouble seeing the screen in DSi XL, then if Nintendo granted my wish to play DS games in Wii 2 (a very long wait, though), I'd be glad to play games that are only available for the DS. Well, let's just say that I'm tired of the look of Final Fantasy III and IV. Heh heh.

    Of course, playing DS games in Wii 2 defeats the purpose of portability, which I'm willing to sacriface for that. Well, I could take an 8" version of Nintendo DS, but not a DSi. I really don't care about fitting a DS in a pocket, though. :) But wouldn't a DS be cheaper than DSi? I only care for just a portable/non-portable gaming console and nothing else. :)
    Grayson Peddie
  • RE: Nintendo announces Wii 2

    • RE: Nintendo announces Wii 2

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  • RE: Nintendo announces Wii 2

    How about an android tablet controller?