Nokia announces 808 PureView Symbian smartphone with 41 megapixel camera

Nokia announces 808 PureView Symbian smartphone with 41 megapixel camera

Summary: Nokia's flagship Symbian handset.


From the 'that should be enough for anyone' files, Nokia has announced 808 PureView smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that features a 41 megapixel camera.

Yes, you read that right, 41 MEGAPIXELS!

Well, OK, there is some cheating involved. Nokia has taken its proprietary pixel over-sampling technology and combined it with Carl Zeiss optics to make this trick work.

Having high-resolution images means that users will be able to zoom, reframe, crop and resize the photo afterwards to get the best picture possible.

Note: The smartphone allows you to store a 38 megapixel image.

The Nokia 808 PureView also features full HD 1080p video recording and playback with 4X lossless zoom, and it is the first device to use Nokia's Rich Recording that will allow for CD-like recording quality.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, this smartphone isn't a Windows Phone handset, it's powered by Symbian. Yes, you read that right too ... Symbian.

The 808 PureView will retail for 450 euros, and availability is expected in May.

We'll have to wait for image samples before knowing whether the high-resolution camera is actually useful or just a marketing angle.

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  • Wow....

    I guess unlike you i read the proper notes released with this camera.

    You can save in 5MP (default) 8MP(high detail) and 38MP (full resolution).

    So you may want to edit the post where it says you can only save 5MP photos.
  • Symbian? I am confused now.

    Anyone else?
  • How is this cheating ????

    Can anyone explain how it is cheating ? Cheating would have been having a 5MP sensor and interpolating (creating) the pixels to create an image of 41MP.
    The 808 does not use interpolation. It uses oversampling/downsizing. It combines data of 7 pixels to generate 1 pixel so that the file sizes are at manageable levels. It has a 41MP sensor which can generate a 41MP RAW image but it will be difficult for the phone to handle those file sizes.
  • Hands-on this mobile
  • Id love to see a refresh of this with WP8 and intels next gen medfield

    Hopefully this fall :)
    Johnny Vegas
  • And, then, . . .

    Well, when they get this one out on more mainstream units it will be time to start a new and probably more important camera feature race, that of user controllable focus and exposure control. Then, when they have that down, they can start on the last and greatest holy grail of photography, exposure latitude. I can't wait!