Nokia: 'We’re way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

Nokia: 'We’re way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

Summary: Nokia is betting everything on Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, but is it too little, too late?

TOPICS: Apple, Google, Nokia

Nokia claims that its next-generation smartphones will offer a better interface and far superior cloud experience than is offered by either Google or Apple.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Chris Weber, President of Nokia, head of North America was in bullish mood, attacking the competition on a number of fronts.

First, he attacked Android and iOSes reliance on the app as 'outdated' because it forces users to download multiple apps. Instead, Nokia will offer a more seamless interface  ... makes sense really since this is the metaphor of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. Instead of being standalone apps, apps will be integrated into what people do.

Another ace that Weber sees Nokia having over the competition is cloud integration. "We're way ahead of them [Apple and Google]," Weber said in relation to cloud integration to offer features such as cross-platform services for enterprise. Much of this is down to Microsoft's cloud services, and Weber was eager to talk up Microsoft services such as SkyDrive and Office 365 that would be baked into the handsets.

Another revelation made by Weber was that Nokia will not be releasing its latest N9 Meego-based phone in the US, calling the platform an experiment and saying it will not be replicated.

So, with Nokia dropping Symbian and backpedaling on Meego is clearly betting everything on Windows Phone. But there's a snag, and that's shipping. When pressed on availability, Weber would only say that Windows Phone-based Nokia handsets wouldn't be available in the US "in volume" until 2012. The reason given is that Nokia wants to build a good working relationship with the carriers. Whatever the reason, it seems that Nokia won't be cashing in on this year's holiday spending jamboree.

How will this work out? Who knows. Until we get to see (and use) Windows Phone-powered Nokia handsets then it's hard to know how good the handsets are and what differentiates Nokia's Windows Phone handsets from the competition.

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Topics: Apple, Google, Nokia

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  • RE: Nokia: 'Weâ??re way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

    <I>"Is Nokia right to bet everything on the Windows Phone platform?"</I>

    Only time will tell. However, Windows Phone has a bigger backing to it than MeeGo or Symbian did. They were correct in dumping those.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Didn't take them long...

      to adopt the "our next version is going to be really good" strategy from the MS competitive playbook.<br><br>A true meeting of marketing minds. Unfortunately consumers have been hearing this for too long to continue to believe it. Time will tell...
      Richard Flude
      • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

        @Richard Flude Nonono! Not Mango - the one after that, Tango is the good one. Requires new hardware too, so Mango phones are a dead end.
    • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

      @Cylon Centurion IMHO they would have been wise to have an Android offering or two as well.
  • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

    With a president that confident about its products you know that Nokia + WP7 is going to be totally awesome. They saw early on that WP7 is going to separate them from the rest of the pack and differentiate them. Apple and Android should be afraid, very afraid.
    • Yawn!!! Yeah like all the iPod killers and now the iPad killers

      @LoverockDavidson ... and once again we have the iPhone killer like we've not heard that one over the past few years:) Wake me up when something actually happens.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
      • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

        @James Quinn
        Its about to happen, I wouldn't go to sleep if I were you.
      • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

        @James Quinn Depends on how you're referring to it...

        The iPhone Killer = Better Hardware? We've already had that...

        The iPhone Killer = More Feature Rich OS? We've already had that as well...

        The iPhone Killer = Short Term Sales? We've even had that...

        The iPhone Killer = Total Phone Sales? With so many other handsets running Windows Phone 7, Android and WebOS you won't see a single phone outselling the iPhone over the long haul because there's far too many choices for one to beat everything else out.

        If you want an Apple phone you pretty much have two choices and one of those is likely to disappear fairly soon... With Windows Phone 7 and Android you have at least 10 different handsets that target a different market.
      • Where it counts... Profit!

        @Peter Perry .. Margins per individual sale and profits generated from said sale in terms of Apps, Movies, songs, TV Shows etc..etc. We've all seen the PC Price Wars and what I learned is that selling a huge volume is meaningless unless there is some sort of profit involved.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • You do realize it's been said before don't you?

        @LoverockDavidson .. Wait and see shall we and by that I don't mean I plan on sitting on the edge of my chair:)

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • Maybe that's why MS (hanset makers) aren't pushing WP7 on cheap hardware

        @James Quinn
        like Android is these day.
        Sure there are alot of Android phones out there, but is there any real profit?
        Even Motorola is back peddling saying they're interested in putting WP7 on some of their devices as the Android arena is just too cut throat.

        MS doesn't need this to be the best selling to make a good profit from it, just like Apple is.

        Apple sells more phones then any single handset maker, but they don't sell more then all of them combined, which is why they are making a profit.

        It sounds like Nokia has the same attitute - make a great handset and use an OS that won't be diluted by competing with cheap knockoffs.
        William Farrell
      • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

        @James Quinn Didn't Android already kill iOS in a meteoric rise to #1?
    • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

      @LoverockDavidson Why should Apple and Android be afraid? Nokia lost half of it's distribution chain and WP7 has less than 5% of the Market share? It will be a the great phone that no one ever had.
      • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

        They should be afraid because WP7 + Nokia have no where to go but up. Every time they increase market share its taking away from Apple and android.
    • Nokia is DOA, thanks to Microsoft

      <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br><br>From the article: "Microsoft's platforms, which presumably include Windows Mobile in addition to Windows Phone 7, saw the largest percentage decrease from the previous quarter. Microsoft dropped to 1.6 percent from 3.6 percent"<br><br>But don't let FACTS get in the way, Loverock! 1.6 percent. Yeah, great choice, Nokia, I'm sure Google and Apple are shaking over a 1.6 percent domination of the market. Heck, I'll bet Nokia may get dominate that piece of the pie when they release their WP7 phone...and they'll clean up!
      • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

        Enjoy the ride on top while you can, but android is going down soon. Its fragmented and plagued with litigation problems. Any handset maker would be crazy to release an android phone and they are starting to realize that. WP7 will bring to the table much needed competition and a whole new way of looking at mobile data.
    • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

      Windows phones are a fad. And not even a very big fad, since they're lumped in with "other" in the market share charts. I think the problem is that they aren't worth the money.

      It's too bad about Nokia.
      Robert Hahn
  • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

    I suspect my Nokia N8 will be the last Nokia phone I buy. I like the symbian os more than iOS, Android, or WP and am quite bummed that symbian won't be available any longer. I'm not sure what phone I will go with next, but right now a nice Samsung phone running Android would probably be the front runner. It seems to me that Nokia has blamed it's woes in the US smart phone market on symbian and I don't think that's the case. I think instead it was it's lack of carrier support, which I think had a lot to do with Nokia offering applications on it's phones which the carriers also offered as pay services, and nokia refusing to budge. Which, honestly, is one of the reasons I like nokia's and which is why I paid the full un-subsidized price for the Nokia N8. I think if Nokia could have found a way to get their phones price point down to $225 and had spent more on marketing in the US, explaining why unlocked phones were better, I think Nokia could have been a game changer. I can't speak for everyone else, but 3 of my last 4 phones have been nokia's and the only phone I was unhappy with was the non-nokia one. The non-nokia phone was also the only one that I got rid of after only 2 years, the first 2 nokia's I kept for a total of 8 years (both for 4 years each), and got rid of them not because they didn't work anymore, but because the options on them had become so outdated. Anyway, I'm sad to see nokia closing the door on Symbian. Maybe someone could convince samsung to start using Symbian on some of it's phones. The Galaxy series are pretty nice phones.
    • RE: Nokia: 'Were way ahead' of 'outdated' Apple and Google

      Sorry to hear about your loss, but if you are looking for a good phone you might want to go with an HTC. I handle many different platforms here at work and the HTC's are by far the best phones on the market right now. These phones "just work" whether is be Android or Windows Phone. I recommend the HTC Windows Phone from my experience with multiple platforms, but Android on HTC is superior to Samsungs offerings. HTC Incredible was the best phone I have ever owned outside my HTC Trophy which is better because the interface is much smoother and easier to navigate. iOS is good, but just seems outdated after using a Windows Phone interface. All the old women here had to have iPhones so now I call it "your grandmothers" phone.
  • Well I will say this much....

    Android has it's IP issues to settle and is in the midst of a repeat of the famous PC price wars thing. So OEM's may very well find themselves selling both WP and Android just to find some breathing space and maybe make some actual money? Something they presently are finding rather difficult.

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn