NVIDIA 8800 Ultra to ship soon

NVIDIA 8800 Ultra to ship soon

Summary: The NVIDIA 8800 Ultra. Out soon. Yours for $800.

TOPICS: Hardware

NVIDIA has announced that hardware partners will ship the NVIDIA 8800 Ultra, dubbed the "the world's fastest graphics processing unit" by May 15th.  If you're interested, you better save up - the cards will cost around $829.

The NVIDIA 8800 Ultra ships with 768MB or RAM and will deliver frame rates between 10 - 15% faster than existing NVIDIA 8800 GTS cards.

NVIDIA 8800 Ultra cards will be available from several partners, including Asus, BFG, EVGA, Gigabyte, Leadtek, MSI, PNY, and XFX.


Topic: Hardware

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