Oops! New iPad drop test

Oops! New iPad drop test

Summary: The new iPad is just as fragile as the iPad 2. Surprised?


Guess what happens when you take delicate electronic devices and drop them on the ground? They break!

According to after-sales warranty firm SquareTrade the new iPad is just as fragile as the iPad 2, although it seems that the display is prone to shattering more spectacularly when dropped.

Here's a video of the drop test released by the company:

According to SquareTrade the iPad 2 was 3.5 times more likely to be damaged compared to the first-generation iPad, a claim based on 50,000 iPads covered by the company's care plans. First year breakage data for the iPad 2 was put at 9.8 percent, with 1 in 3 iPads breaking over a 3 year period. The company doesn't yet have any data on the new iPad but expects that Apple's latest offering will be just as fragile as the older model.

I'm not surprised that something as thin and as tightly packed as the iPad breaks when it hits the ground. In fact, I'm surprised that a fall from waist height onto the back of the device didn't break it. Also, I think that a fall onto an edge or corner of the device is more likely than a flat fall onto the back or the front of the tablet.


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  • Most of Apples portable tech is fragile

    That's why a whole industry emerged to produce protection devices. Heaven knows why such a premium priced product is not better made. Too many lemmings I think.
    • Careful now...

      ...don't want to make the children cranky. You know they have no sense of humor. ;-)
      • don't want to make the children cranky...

        ... Let them play with your electronic devices while on a nice safe comfy couch.

        Don't let them hold it above a concrete floor. Accidents DO happen. ;-)
        Harvey Lubin
      • How bout...

        Drop yourself head-first from shoulder high to a concrete floor, then tell me how that turned out...if you're able.
  • How not to break your device

    Here's a helpful hint:

    This is how you can avoid breaking your iPad, Android tablet, mobile phone, or notebook computer...

    Ready?... Don't drop it onto concrete.

    Problem solved! ;-)
    Harvey Lubin
  • Take care of your stuff

    When I was but a wee young lad I was taught that if I have a possession I wish to keep, I needed to take care of it. The greater the cost of the possession the more care I would generally take.

    I can remember circa 1985 saving my paper route money to buy a Sony WM-10 Walkman (the smallest cassette Walkman ever produced). It cost $100 (a lot of money for a 14 year old in 1985) and I saved for quite a while. When I eventually dropped it and it broke, I didn't get upset at Sony for making a fragile device. I mean, they engineered a player that (when empty) was the size of the box that cassettes were stored it! It was small and high tech and of course it would be fragile. I was pissed at myself for not being careful with it.

    Be careful with your toys and you will be able to play with them for longer. It really is as simple as that.
  • You know......

    A nice case would take care of both the "drop" problem and the "heat" problem at the same time!
  • You've been spammed

    I am shocked -- I say shocked -- to find that the company that ran this test sells extended warranties with an extra-cost "Accidental Damage from Handling" option.
    Robert Hahn
  • burningreviews

    another drop test