Opera 10.50 beta - Speed demon!

Opera 10.50 beta - Speed demon!

Summary: Opera 10.50 beta is out, and it's a real speed demon!

TOPICS: Software, Google

Opera 10.50 beta is out, and it's a real speed demon!

In testing that I've carried out lately, I've found that Google's Chrome browser has been ahead of the pack now ever since it was released. Now with Opera 10.50 beta out, we have a new pace-setter.

I ran Opera 10.50 beta and the latest release of Google Chrome ( through the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark and Google's V8 Benchmark Suite v5.

My benchmark of choice is Sunspider JavaScript, and it's the main benchmark that I use. V8 is secondary.

Here are the results:

As you can see, Opera 10.50 beta is almost 30% faster than Google Chrome on my test rig (Windows 7 64-bit, 4GB, 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo). This is a very impressive win for Opera over Google.

In the V8 Benchmark Suite test, Opera 10.50 beta doesn't do so well, but it still manages to achieve a respectable score.

Nice work Opera team!

Topics: Software, Google

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  • unfair comparison

    In my book it's unfair to compare Opera beta
    release with Chrome stable release.

    Compare with Chrome 5.0.x beta and you'll get a
    different result...

    Chrome still rules
    • The only Chrome build ...

      ... I could find was a dev build, not a beta. 5.0 is a dev build.
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
      • Chrome 5 vs. Opera

        Having tested Chrome 5, I can tell you that Opera is still faster at Sunspider.

        But not at V8 where Chrome is cheating because the test leaves out stuff Chrome is very slow at, giving a false impression.
        • Opera slower than Chrome 5 on my system.

          System: Acer 5715Z Laptop 3GB Memory
          OS: Win 7 64-Bit

          Versions tested:

          Chrome: 5.0.322.2 dev
          Opera: 10.50 Beta Build 3248

          Results from SunSpider comparison:

          Chrome: 815.8ms +/- 6.0%
          Opera: 937.8ms +/- 5.2%

          Conclusion: Opera is *1.15x as slow* as Chrome

          Pretty close results, but *for me* on *my
          system* Chrome still outperforms Opera.

          FYI, I have been running the DEV build of
          Chrome since the split into Stable/Beta/Dev.

          • Strange

            Weird that you get results like that. All other tests clearly show Opera in the lead.
          • Various results

            I got curious so ran some tests of my own.

            Running on a Mac Pro 2x3ghz dual core xeon, OSX 10.6.2.

            I actually found the WebKit nightly to be the fastest:

            Firefox 3.6: 842.0ms +/- 1.7%
            Safari 4.0.4: 407.2ms +/- 0.6%
            Opera 10.5 Beta: 364.0ms +/- 1.1%
            Chrome 5.0.307.7 Beta: 336.8ms +/- 4.4%
            Safari Feb 13 Nightly: 316.4ms +/- 1.9%
          • Did you religiously and meticulously clean your caches out first?

            Did you religiously and meticulously clean your caches out first?

            I'll bet you didn't.
      • Opera Beta


        Do you know if the results are similar on a Mac running Snow Leopard.
        Also the last version of Opera did not support multi touch; has that been

        Michael Wells
    • No, the comparison is fair:

      Actually, Opera beats Chrome 5 at Sunspider too.

      What's unfair is using the V8 benchmark since Chrome cheats there. The test specifically leaves out the part Chrome is extremely slow at.

    • Chrome 4, Chrome 5, Makes Little Difference

      Most of the tests you'll find if you search for "Opera 10.5" on Google News were done against both Chrome 4 and 5, and almost without exception, they still show Opera the fastest.
  • RE: Opera 10.50 beta - Speed demon!

    Still won't use it because of their unfair tactics that they pulled with Microsoft and they can't compete on merits. Now I hope they just continue to waste money on their browser no one will use and then go out of business for good.
    Loverock Davidson
    • The usual biased rubbish

      So bundling IE with Windows was/is "fair" and "competing on the merits"?

      Go away.
      • Yes, just like bundling Safari on OSX or Firefox on Linux

        Why shoulnd't MS be able to bundle whatever software they like on their OS that they offer to customers?

        When will Apple provide a ballot screen when you open your new Mac or when you upgrade to the next SP or version of the OS?

        And when will Linux do the same?

        Next thing we know you'll have to answer a 50 page ballot screen whenever you open ANY OS asking you which browser you want, which GUI, which media player, which clock, which messenger, which filesystem, which memory manager, which ...

        It's insane.
        • Not sure what point you are trying to make

          LD talked about not using Opera due to them acting unfairly and not competing on the merits. I simply pointed out that his favorite company (MS) has been acting VERY unfairly and NOT competed on the merits. Hence his entire argument is bogus.

          The state of bundling and general fairness/unfairness or pain-in-the-a$$ solutions to perceived or real problems are not really relevant.
        • 50 Page ballot sounds like a good idea to me

          Or at least as an option for power users. On first time start-up, there could be an option to do a default setup, custom setup or a really big cusomize everything option. While I'm not generally a fan of desktop Linux, most distributions already offer options like that (at least during installation) and I definitely would not mind Microsoft doing the same. It would save me the time of changing everything I want to change later.
        • Right, so you should if the browser supplier has a monopoly as M$ does.

          Right, so you should have to answer reams of awkward questions if the browser supplier has a monopoly as does Microsoft.

          No other browser can embed itself within Windows the way IE does, nor can IE be removed even if ones want's to do so.

          Most of the major religions of the world encompass notions about fairness justice and equality. Therefore, why is it so hard for some to grasp the simple concept that unfairness and monopoly go hand
          in hand?

          No wonder at times the world is an ugly place.
          • The same...

            goes for Safari on the Mac.

            The problem with Opera is, that they complained about MS's monopoly of the browser space to the EU, and the EU took action, but only after MS lost over 40% market share...

            Which showed that the sanctions taken by Opera / EU weren't necessary. Other players in the market had all made significant market share gains against IE, except Opera.

            That says to me, that MS were already losing market share to superior products and/or marketing, but Opera was stagnant. Which either means that their product isn't good (it is) or they are marketing it poorly - and whining and running to teacher isn't a good way to get positive publicity.

            On Windows Mobile, their browser is the best (and only realistic) option, Mozilla Fennec is dreadful and IE on WM is worse than IE6!

            There desktop browser is good, very good in places, but it looks dated and it still doesn't match up to Safari, Chrome or Firefox in user experience.

            If they could make their desktop browser as good as their mobile browser, they could be onto a winner. But it needs a serious facelift and some improved marketing.
      • indeed.....

        [i]So bundling IE with Windows was/is "fair" and "competing on the merits"?[/i]

        I know... It totally ticks me off when my car comes with a steering wheel too.
        • My points are apparently

          too complex for you to grasp.

          And the steering wheel analogy is downright silly.
          • Points

            Well, I'm sure glad I don't own a new Ford that's equipped with MS Sync! It might have the IE rendering engine installed. I'd much rather have Opera's rendering engine, but MS won't allow me to choose that one. And there wouldn't even be a startup option screen!


            And the only point is the one on top of your haid, E-mister.
            M.R. Kennedy