Photo of (quite possibly fake) iPad 3 mainboard makes an appearance

Photo of (quite possibly fake) iPad 3 mainboard makes an appearance

Summary: A5X 'system-on-a-chip' revealed.


An image has surfaced on the Chinese technology forum WeiPhone purporting to be a shot of the iPad 3 mainboard, which if true it gives us some interesting details about the new device.

Here's the photo:

Image credit:

Assuming this image is genuine (and I'm a long way off being convinced) then here's what we can gather from this photo as to what the iPad 3 might have to offer.

First off, the upgraded 'system-on-a-chip' (SoC) processor is called the A5X in this shot. This has a manufacture date printed on it of '1146' meaning it was made in November 2011 (the 46th week of 2011). There's been a lot of speculation as to what the new processor would be called, many suggesting A6. The rumors also suggest that the new SoC will feature a quad-core processor.

On the board along with the A5X is 16GB of Hynix flash storage (the iPad 2 featured Toshiba memory) and a second chip with an Apple logo on it, which appears to be a audio codec chip.

Also doing the rounds is a photo of what claims to be the case of the iPad 3 showing a more beveled look:

Image credit: Next Media

We expect Apple to unveil the iPad 3 on March 7, and rumors suggest that it will feature a 'retina display' screen and possible be LTE ready.

This mainboard shot looks pretty convincing (I'd be more convinced if it showed the whole board), but looks can be deceptive and without seeing it work, this could literally be anything. The case I'm almost certain is a fake. I think we'll have to wait and see for the launch event to know for sure if these photos are real or a fake.

For now, if I had to put money on it, I'd say they're both fake.

(via MacRumors)


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  • RE: Photo of (quite possibly fake) iPad 3 mainboard makes an appearance

    It actually makes sense... The CPU model numbers reported were using a designation that suggested it was an A5 based processor and not an A6 like many believed it would be.

    Honestly, I am interested in seeing if the GPU jumped from an MP2 to an MP4 as that is the biggest strength of the iPad 2.
  • Can't get excited over a circuit board

    I think I'll wait for the fully assembled iPad
    William Farrel
  • RE: Photo of (quite possibly fake) iPad 3 mainboard makes an appearance

    I would like to see more of that main board.
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