PlayStation 3 doesn't do 1080i

PlayStation 3 doesn't do 1080i

Summary: Do you own an older CRT HD TV set that only supports 480i, 480p, and 1080i? If you do, Sony's new PlayStation 3 has a surprise for you - it doesn't do 1080i.

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Do you own an older CRT HD TV set that only supports 480i, 480p, and 1080i?  If you do, Sony's new PlayStation 3 has a surprise for you - it doesn't do 1080i

What this means is that the image is downscaled from 720p to 480p instead of being upscaled to 1080i.  This problem specifically affects games designed for 720p but not 1080i, for example Resistance: Fall of Man, NHL 2K7, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, and Need for Speed Carbon.  This upscaling is something that Microsoft's Xbox 360 can handle without a problem (although it can have a problem with 1080i).

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There's no word from Sony yet as to whether this is a problem that can be fixed via an update or whether it's a true technical limitation, so some early adopters could be in for a nasty (and possibly expensive) surprise.  If your HD TV doesn't support 1080p and you're not in the mood to buy one that does, then you might be better off waiting a little while and seeing how this one plays out.

Sony really, really, want you to buy games for your PS3 - and lots of them!As an aside, it's also interesting to note how much Sony is subsidizing the PS3.  It turns out that they are losing $307 for every 20GB PS3 and $241 for every 60GB PS3, and that's before before marketing and distribution costs.  Compare this to the Xbox, where initially Microsoft was losing $153 per unit a year ago but who are now making $75.70 on each one sold.  When it comes to the Wii, Nintendo is making a profit from the outset.  What does this tell you?  That Sony really, really, want you to buy games for your PS3 - and lots of them!

So, if you're buying a PS3 any time soon, and it feels like a lot of money, just remember that Sony is feeling your pain too.

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  • So, anyone here got a PS3 yet?

    Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
    • Who am I kidding?

      ... anyone with a brand new PS3 is not going to be on ZDNet today ... you're gonna be gaming or on eBay!
      Adrian Kingsley-Hughes
  • Well XBox 360 Doesn't Do 1080p

    The XBox 360 only has component outputs, and no HDMI. Consequently, Microsoft's claim that it outputs 1080p from their available HD-DVD drive is all well and good, but no current television will accept 1080p over component inputs.

    For the article check out:

    I'll take the PS3 any day.
    • FanBoy Alert

      This is at best overly simplified and partly flat wrong. It's true that there's currently no HDMI connector for the 360, but it's likely coming at some point. MS is probably balking at the licensing fees and DRM requirements more than anything. There *are* current TVs that accept 1080p over component, just not many. Overall not many people have HDMI yet either. The 360 also supports VGA output and that's the primary target for the 1080p support right now. Sounds like someone isn't entirely secure in the large sums of money they plan to spend on a PS3 and associated games. ;-)
      • Agreed UK_Jay

        Component does 1080p just fine. I've got a Samsung HL-S5087W DLP that I've enjoyed and have everything running component through an Onkyo A/V Receiver I have (my A/V receiver does auto-source switching through component which is why I am using that instead of HDMI currently just for convenience) and the TV verifies receipt of signal at 1080p through component (1920x1080@60Hz).

        Of course, don't take my word for it, see for yourself:

        That link will take you to where you can look at the HL-S5087W User Manual where if you'll look at the Specifications listed on page 129 of the PDF, you'll see that component can accept any signal (including 1080p) that HDMI can.
    • Youre wrong

      The lates update from microsoft allows you to do 1080p with no problem and it will up scale no metter what unlike ps3 xbox360 can do it using the vga cable i have ran it at 1080p it does it beautifully
    • 360 DOES do 1080p

      Not true, some do support 1080p over component. Not well known, but true. And most 1080p TVs and monitors also have a VGA input, and the 360 does have an optional VGA cable you can buy, probably for less than the HDMI cable Sony doesn't supply with the PS3.

      So, saying the 360 doesn't do 1080p is a lie. I personally have a widescreen VGA monitor, and upscaled 360 games to 1080p look great, as do HD-DVD videos on my new HD-DVD player, bought for $159.

      PS3 has an HDMI output. 360 has a more powerful, more versatile GPU. I'll take the 360.
  • Here's a Question

    If your TV does 720p, isn't this a non-issue... Sounds like an over-exaggeration of a problem to cause panic/anger. It's the person's own problem if all their set can do is 480.
  • PS3 vs Wii vs Xbox360

    I think sony got it finaly right ps 3 as in it will take 3rd palce next to wii and xbox360 ps 3 has more issues then the 1080i or what ever it has issues with not being able to play 50 percent of ps 2 games and alot of ps1 games and also sony has trouble developing blu ray disks and so do alot of the gameing companies so ps3's doom is blu ray also ps3 only relseased 400 000 units because they could not make more do to problems developing bluray and masive amoutn of glitches in ps3. so i feel bad for those who bought ps3 because at this point xbxo360 and wii are more supperior system.
    • PS3 downwards compatibility

      isn't really an issue. the reviews on it have said there are a few, but far less backwards compatibility issues than the xbox 360 which supports only about 200 xbox games. We have an Xbox, and a PS2, and have been watching the whole thing play out.Blue Ray is one of the developing standards for high def video, and right now, the ps3 is the cheapest player out there. ALL of the investors out there don't think selling only 400k worth in the US will hurt it in the long run, and say it will stay on top. 1080i-720p could be an issue though. So far neither the Xbox 360, or the PS3, are what you would call perfection. :( Don't forget the overheating of the 360's, and the power supply issues. New consoles just flat have teething problems. better to wait until they have been out a while.
      A. Noid
    • I owned xbox 360 for long time no issues

      I have ha dmy xboxfor long time an di lafet it on for 12 13 hours adya when i se to watch 24 seasons and it never overheated or gave me a power issue
  • Many so-called 1080p HDTVs don't support it from the HDMI inputs

    Most HDTVs from 2005/2006 that claim to be 1080p DO NOT support 1080p from the HDMI interface. This turns out to be an implementation problem with the HDTV rather than HDMI. But this would mean that it's almost certain that you'll only be playing your PS3 in 720P mode which would be a big downgrade over 1080i.

    In fact, I don't even know where you can buy an HDTV that supports 1080p from the HDMI interface.

    haha u said before twice right after the other hahaha i just made an account right now to lagh at you
  • Not true!

    It does 1080i. It doesn't upscale to 1080i. Semantics are important
    here. My TV does not do 1080P, but does 720P and 1080i
    aaa aaa
    • But PS3 Still Sux

      PS3 will never have what 360 and wii have sony was good in the age of ps2 but due to difficulty of development and other issues nutting new about ps3 it uses old tech, cell processor is really slower then p4 processor if it was in a computer but since it needs to do one thing ppl think its great wanna talk about revolution in the gaming world we take a look at wii then. All in all, Gears of War Rapes any game on ps3 and ps3.