Poll: Do you like your new iPhone 4S?

Poll: Do you like your new iPhone 4S?

Summary: What do you think of Apple's latest shiny thing?


Calling all iPhone 4S owners!

Judging by the amount of feedback I've been getting via email, a lot of you are now owners of Apple's latest shiny thing. But the feedback is very mixed ... some of you love you new toy, while other are disappointed.

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I'm also hearing of a few iPhone 4S problems. Have you had any problems (you specifically ... not someone else, and not something you've heard about from someone else)?

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Note: Something worth noting is that x.0 releases of iOS invariably seem to suffer from battery life issues.

If you've seen any other problems, post them in the Talkback section so I can make a note of them. Final question:

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  • RE: Poll: Do you like your new iPhone 4S?

    I like it, but the horrible battery life and the apps crashing in the background (like the music player or a game) is getting really annoying.
    • RE: Poll: Do you like your new iPhone 4S?

      @Bates_ I mostly agree. Definitely Love/Hate. Everything white is very yellow on my display. I have to crank the brightness up to fade out the yellow tint and then my battery life goes to heck. In some ways, it feels like a step backward from my 3GS in display quality and that's just sad. The lack of a separate FaceTime application like my iPad2 is also just beyond annoying. Also, why doesn't iCloud let me sync my application selection/arrangement between my devices? There should be a way to specify a set of apps which gets put on ALL of my iOS devices. Plus, going back and forth between the devices is far from smooth now because some things work differently (FaceTime) and others are missing completely (Stocks, Calculator, Clock on iPad). Apple needs to get their act together. This is just lunacy.
  • No problems

    I haven't had a problem with the 4S, but did have to replace the SIM card an hour after getting the phone. Not a big deal for me as the ATT store is close and I was able to get in and out.

    Overall the 4S is a pretty nice version. More speed & better camera (especially over the 3GS) are my top two features. Siri is nice, but I don't sit around trying to think of a question. (But my grandkids do.)

    I am just a basic user. I want the phone when I need it. I use Maps when traveling, etc. The camera is important with grandkids and the integration with OS X is the final feature I need.
  • No problems

    The battery seems to be a little short but I believe that's just because it's new. iPhones always have poor battery life when they're new until the battery gets broken in. Siri only works half the time (must be overloaded.) Otherwise I'm thrilled.
    • RE: Poll: Do you like your new iPhone 4S?

      @taylor@... Does Siri work well when it works?
  • RE: Poll: Do you like your new iPhone 4S?

    Most of the 3rd party apps are crashing and also I noticed yellow screenand then freeze on white iPhone 4S few times especially when loading data intensive apps like StarWalk, SolarWalk, Distant Suns etc. And on iPhone 4 upgraded to iOS 5.0 I noticed few issues of losing the apps closing as soon as I click them and also losing the earphone, and only thing I had to bring the earphone without using speaker phone for all communications was restoring it back and upgrade it. Definitely there are few issues on the hardware (probably device specific) on iPhone 4S, and iOS issues upgrades to iPhone 4. But I dont have iPhone 3GS, so I don't know the issues there though
    Ram U
  • i have already returned it.

    i spent 5 1/2 hours on the phone yesterday and today with sprint and apple trying to figure out why i could not get onto or download itunes.not worth the money
  • RE: Poll: Do you like your new iPhone 4S?

    I used it 2 days iphone but i am not satisfy with iPhone 4s.

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  • RE: Poll: Do you like your new iPhone 4S?

    Phone call clarity is a 10. Download speeds a 5 as surfing and email retrieval very slow at times. Icloud a 10 and truly way ahead of everyone. Display 8....Very clear but needs to be a bit bigger. Software Apps etc...10 Overall very happy with phone. If it was 4G it would be a 10 but without 4g its a 9
  • RE: Poll: Do you like your new iPhone 4S?

    Placing the voice button between the "123" and "space bar" in the text keyboard is just dumb. I've lost count on how many times I've tried to switch to numbers from letters and hit the voice button. Very POOR design with absolutely no thought.