Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch

Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch

Summary: Samsung/Google: 'Not the right time to announce a new product.'

TOPICS: Google, Mobility, Samsung

Samsung and Google have cancelled the planned announcement for the Galaxy Prime/Nexus Prime scheduled for next week.

Here's the statement from the two tech giants:

Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall.

We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced.

No reason has been given for the cancellation. Some are speculating that this might have been done as a mark of respect following the death of Steve Jobs, but I'm not so sure.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what Samsung and Google do next.

What might you be missing? Romanian site have what they claim is a video of the handset.

Topics: Google, Mobility, Samsung

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  • Respect for Jobs?!?

    No, I don't think a competing company is going to cancel a presentation a week and a half after Jobs' passing, but I can think of three scenarios:

    1) Hardware\software\manufacturing problems

    2) their lawyers have told them they are infringing on Apple patents and will be in for an embarrassing, expensive battle.

    3) they had planned some demo for a feature that they were going to play up and the iPhone announcement beat them to the punch. Though most smartphones can accept voice commands, Siri's lead the bunch. It was spun off from the Dfense Advanced Research Projects Agency at the Pentagon.
    • RE: Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch

      @ShazAmerica Siri is hardly a market leading feature. WP7 Mango has similar technology.
      • RE: Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch

        @ccrockett@... As well as Android. It's Apple who's playing catchup here.
      • Siri goes far beyond Android's voice commands


        Siri makes Android's voice control look very primitive.

        My bet is:
        HW/SW issue but that never stopped Google in the past.

        Simply not ready and they don't want a repeat of the Honeycomb disaster.
    • 4) They haven't paid their M$ tax

      What is a WP7 Mango anyhow and what does it have to do with this topic???
      • RE: Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch

        @Gr8Music Are you seriously that ignorant or are you just trolling?
  • RE: Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch

    "It is just not the right time" is an odd way of putting it. Could be that they want the eulogies for Jobs to die down a bit before annoucing the phone. Whether that's a sign of "respect" is debatable.
    • RE: Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch


      I agree... I feel it is Steve Jobs related but nothing out of respect for him. They are likely to hold off until everything calms about Jobs passing... When that happens then they can announce the phone and have the public's attention opposed to announcing it now right at iPhone 4S launch regardless if the 4S is a flop or not it is still strong competition as well Jobs news keeping all eyes on Apple. Why waste money and hope that your product gets attention?

      I respect all the tech that is out there, I can't say I have ever been a fan of Apple or Google but I respect at least Apple's products on quality and style. Samsung makes excellent phones of quality as well but I feel Android is a knock off and slow/glitchy. All they are doing is using proper marketing strategy and I bet you this comes down the pipe from Samsung as they are battling Apple in courts and blocking products. There are too many reasons that point to strategy and not redesign.
      • RE: Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch

        @audidiablo On top of the 4S release and the passing of Jobs you have iOS and iCloud going live. There is a whole lot of Apple talk (good or bad) out there right now that will take a lot of the news cycle away from anything else announced.
  • Could they be pulling a

    Motorola?? Like Moto did with the Bionic when they pulled it back for a redesign. Maybe not as significant at the Bionic redesign, but could be a reason for this delay.
  • RE: Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch

    I'd say it's clearly to do with Jobs. And I think it is genuinely out of respect. The industry - Google at least - can afford to pause for a moment at this time.
  • Nope! Sorry! Not buying it. The postponement is not out of respect for Jobs

    and it's most likely to do with product announcements from the competition, such as the iPhone 4S and the release of WP7/Mango, which might be more feature-rich than whatever Google/Samsung might have had in mind. <br><br>Nobody gives up 1 or 3 or more weeks of sales, which could add up to many millions in lost revenue, "just" for showing respect to a passing comrade. The condolences have been said and the world moves on, and the competition is still around and as fierce as ever.
  • What ever the reason it sucks

    I was looking forward to details on Nexus as I am a 3G user and was considering it instead of the 4gs. Now it looks like I'll be going 4gs...
  • RE: Samsung/Google postpone Nexus Prime launch

    Cynical lot you are.
  • Yes - It is because of Steve jobs!

    It has been postponed as a tribute to Steve Jobs. Check details here<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a></a>
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