Should Windows 7 be a free upgrade to all Vista Ultimate users?

Should Windows 7 be a free upgrade to all Vista Ultimate users?

Summary: Should Microsoft make Windows 7 available as a free upgrade to all Vista Ultimate users? Analyst Michael Cherry thinks this is what Microsoft should do.


Should Microsoft make Windows 7 available as a free upgrade to all Vista Ultimate users? Analyst Michael Cherry thinks this is what Microsoft should do.

So, why should Microsoft extend this generous offer to Vista Ultimate users? According to Cherry the reason is because the company failed to deliver on its promise to provide those running Vista Ultimate with the Ultimate Extras that were promised.

Regular readers will recall that I've ranted about the poor show of Ultimate Extras that Microsoft released for Vista customers a number of times. In fact, "poor show" is an understatement. Most of the downloads that Microsoft made available were little more than junk.

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I was also very annoyed as to how Microsoft tried to brush the whole Ultimate Extras issue under the mat with Vista SP1 by changing the wording on the relevant screen in Control Panel.

Personally, I agree with Cherry and feel that Microsoft should give something to those people who bought the Ultimate Vista package (especially those who paid for a retail copy) and didn't get everything that they were promised. After all, a free (or perhaps a lower-cost) upgrade to Windows 7 is all that Microsoft has left to offer. Realistically though, I don't see it happening, both because of the cost and the admin hassles.

Anyone else out there feel annoyed at being duped by the Ultimate Extras?

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  • Compensation due

    Free would be generous ... but some compensation would be fair and well received.

    Reminds me of a visit I made to a brand new cinema. The sound quality was poor for a couple of minutes, flickering on and off: no big deal. When the audience exited the auditorium they were greeted by apologetic staff ... issuing free tickets to another movie.

    Excellent customer relations turning a loss into a win.
    • Or offer a $29 upgrade to 7 Ultimate...

      Even if they offer 7 Ultimate as a $29 upgrade for Vista Ultimate owners, it would go a long way toward calming the ill-will they generated by not delivering on their promises.
      • agree

        i can live with this idea
      • You have it backward

        The suggestion of simply giving an entire newly minted OS away to compensate for missing "Extras" on an older OS is overkill. Sure, it would be nice, but lots of things in life would be nice but wouldn't make a lot of sense if they happened.

        What MS might want to do is offer a $29, or even bigger discount for those who want to upgrade to Win7. That makes more sense.

        The problem is that Ultimate Extras was never so clearly defined that it is now clearly a breach of an MS promise, it just looks like shabby performance on their part more then anything. A discount on a Win 7 upgrade from Vista Ultimate (no deadline on the upgrade) would be a tangible method of showing that if nothing else purchasers of Vista Ultimate definitely get at least one real Extra.
        • backward?

          Windows 7 is what vista was supposed to be. We got short changed. What should happen is all vista versions should have a free upgrade. All windows 7 is is a service pack. It is not a completely new OS as it builds on what vista is, otherwise you would not be able to choose an upgrade option, but a new install.
          • Builds on what Vista is?

            While the resemblence is there, at the heart Windows 7 is a completely revamped OS. Have you even used it?
          • Wrong

            "While the resemblence is there, at the heart Windows 7 is a completely revamped OS."

            Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Vista took 6 years and didn't include any of the next gen features they promised but Vista Service Pack 3 (Win 7) is a completely revamped OS and they got this out the door in two years?

            Nice try.
          • Wanna try that again..?

            Windows 2000 came out - it was (like Vista) a brand new version of the NT family - version 5.0.

            XP came out shortly after that and it was a "brand new" OS - And yet, it wasn't. It was version 5.1.

            In exactly the same way, Vista is a new version of the NT family - version 6.0.

            Windows 7 is version 6.1. It is not Vista SP3. It is not "what Vista should have been." It's Windows 7. Period. Full Stop.

            Like it or not, Windows 7 has enough substantial differences under the hood as well as on the desktop to make it a new OS.

            And yes, 2 years isn't that hard to imagine. Vista was a complete overhaul of the OS. Given they used the Vista code base as starting point, it wouldn't take all that long to write the new code on top of the existing code base.

            Those "next gen" features were pulled mainly because they weren't quite as workable as they looked on paper. They were ideas that didn't pan out. Gee.. Like that's NEVER happened before.
          • NOT Vista SP3

            Until you use it, please shut your trap. You're only serving to make a fool out of yourself as the Linux zealots would clearly show you what Ubuntu did in 2 years time was major progress. Why is it so unbelievable when I can already tell you haven't even used it and are already judging it? Sorry, but for everyone claiming it's Vista SP3, quite frankly IT ISN'T. Anything else is FUD.
          • Wrong --> Vista took 6 years...

            Vista itself didn't take six years to develop, it just took six years to hit the streets.

            Vista was the result of the post-Longhorn reset OS where Longhorn had become what basically amounts to as a cancelled project.

            Read here for the information that will clarify:

          • The Poets were wrong. The bestthings in life are not free!

          • Re: backward?

            I would wholeheartedly agree with the free upgrade. Why pay for something to work the way it should have in the [b]FIRST[/b] place?
          • Sure, let's go with that.

            Hey, this Windows 7 thing is just what Windows 95 shoulda been in the [b]FIRST[/b] place! We demand free upgrades!
          • AMEN, I feel the pain

            I was promised that with DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1.That didn't work out to well.Half of you probably don't even know the old ways.If microsoft pisses you off so bad then switch to Apple or Linux.

            Funny thing is Redmond knows you are full of hot air and you will buy Win 7.As a gamer , XP is the better OS hands down.I do have Vista on a laptop it's ok.

            7 is a new OS regardless how you feel you have been cheated or promised something.Promises are broken all the time.Did I want Vista ? no.Do I like it? not really.

            But when you all get it and use it and they come out with something new after 7 you'll find a reason to complain about that too.Better yet complain to the president,he will assuredly fix all of your problems.
          • i'm glad

            I'm glad i am going back to mac cause this windows stuff is stupid, apple released a very bad 10.0 and they made a 10.1 a free upgrade for such a bad previous OS and they have done this with 7.5.3 as well. MS doesn't cause they don't care WHAT SO EVER about there customers. Apple may be a pain sometimes, but at least on occasion they do the right thing. Why cant M$?
          • Why pay for anything??

            Why pay for any version of Windows or any version of any software??? After all, upgrades represent what the producers think the software should be as opposed to what it was before!!

            Get real. Your comment is both stupid and the result of no thought brought into the debate, just an animosity for MS. No one says you have to like MS, but common sense dictates if your going to take the time to post at least use a modicum of logic.
          • They still owe me for the Vista-capable upgrade fiasco

            But I don't expect them to pay. Greed rules their day.

            Wintel BSOD
          • RE: backward?

            But it is a new install, so I don't follow you on this. I do, however, think it would be a wonderful gesture for MS to offer a reasonable discount to Vista Ultimate users and perhaps all of Vista users.
          • I have Vista Ultimate

            It has never really done anything like they were saying it would. I wasn't as bad as people said, but Vista is just slow and bulky. I wasn't unhappy with XP, but I thought, this was going to be a marked improvement. Even after SP1, it is marginal at best.

            I have used Windows since 92, last year I got so fed up with it, I switched to Ubuntu. I still use Vista a few times a month, but I wouldn't use the rebate for Ultimate owners anyway. They have nothing I can't do in Linux. It is just going to take me a while to figure everything out. I still don't know all the tricks to Vista, like most of the rest of you. But I will not be using it enough to bother with that.
          • I agree, its great for you...

            ...that you could switch. In fact, anyone who really can switch without making things worse should. But for 90% of the population switching isn't currently a good choice. Most who suggest switching have no idea at all the difficulties in MOST situations switching would cause.