Sony to discontinue 20GB PS3

Sony to discontinue 20GB PS3

Summary: Today Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that it will discontinue selling the 20GB PlayStation 3 games consoles.

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Today Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that it will discontinue selling the 20GB PlayStation 3 games consoles.  The reason for this move is that it seems that both consumers and retails are shunning this model in favor of the 60GB version.

According to David Karraker, a spokesman for Sony, the decision is "based purely on consumer and retailer demand, which favored the 60-gigabyte model 10 to 1."

Looks like a small hard disk, no media slots and no built-in WiFi was a deal-breaker for consumers.  What's surprising (and something which should be worrying for Sony shareholders) is how the company could so badly misjudge what it's customers wanted, and misjudge it so badly that less than six months after the PS3 was released to have to pull the plug on this version.

Sony says that it has a limited supply of these consoles available, so if you want to pick up a PS3 for $500, you'd better be fast.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Now if...

    Sony was really smart. They'd drop the price of the 60 GB model to $499 and sell a
    180 GB model for $599. That's just my thoughts on the matter, as I have no inside
  • The 20Gb version has NEVER been available in Aus.

    For whatever reason, the Aussie release of the PS3 was delayed until last month (23rd March). Nevertheless, we didn?t get the option of buying the crippled 20Gb model in this country.

    My daughter was lucky enough to win a PS3. After playing with it for a while, I think that Sony is counting on most PS3 buyers seeing it as more of a home entertainment system than a gaming console. I have resisted gaming consoles for years - never owned one. However, the multimedia capabilities of the PS3 and the out-of-the-box features of the 60Gb model persuaded me to allow it to be hooked into my home theatre setup.

    I even dumped 17Gb worth of music and about 8Gb worth of images on the HDD (too much for the 20Gb version) using the card reader and an external HDD. The WiFi feature connected into my network just fine and on a decent 1920x1080 LCD TV (using HDMI), browsing the 'net is actually feasible.

    As for Blu-ray; I am happy to have that capability available in my home theatre. The PS3 is a much better (and cheaper) proposition than buying a dedicated Blu-ray player.

    I do concede that Sony has released the PS3 with a lack of decent games (for the gamers). Currently there are less than 40 games available in Aus and quite a few of them are sports simulations and/or fighting rubbish, mostly old titles with updated graphics. This will not attract a hard-core group of gamers, so Sony has to rely on the other ?features?.
    Big Scoddie
    • Also in AUS

      Scoddie, as far as I'm aware, the 20gb model has been DELAYED in Australia.

      Now you and I can proudly say "It sucks to be an aussie."
      Justin Carmichael
  • And in a Vista-related story...

    Microsoft is now scrambling to copy Sony's model. Their Marketing Director was overheard saying "Dayum. How can we translate "PS3 60GB" to "Vista Ultimate & Vista Business" so we can discontinue Vista Basic & Home Premium? Phone calls from Microsoft to Sony have yet to be returned. ;-)