Sony's lame response to PS3 backward-compatibility critics

Sony's lame response to PS3 backward-compatibility critics

Summary: Sony has responded to PS3 backward-compatibility critics - sort of.

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Sony has responded to PS3 backward-compatibility critics - sort of.

The response doesn't come directly from Sony but instead through Sony's "unofficial" Three Speech blog, a strange sock-puppet blog under the control Sony's PR department.  What's disappointing is that this "announcement" doesn't reveal any new information

There is an amusing side to the blog post on Three Speech though - they way that Sony still dodges the real questions.  For example:

If this is a business decision to save cost, why are users left to bear the burden, having to purchase a system inferior to those sold in the US and Japan at a higher price?

The PS3 launching in Europe is every bit as powerful as the PS3s available currently in North America and Japan. PS3 is defined by key features such as the CELL broadband engine, its Blu-ray drive, the SIXAXIS Controller and its ability to output full 1080P HD game content which makes it an entertainment system for the future, without equal.

PS one titles remain backwards compatible and we will continue to assess the compatibility of PS2 titles right up until launch We will continue to offer firmware upgrades to increase the number of titles that are compatible, but rather than concentrate on PS2 backwards compatibility, in the future, company resources will be increasingly focused on developing new games and entertainment features exclusively for PS3, truly taking advantage of this exciting technology.

What makes for far more interesting reading are the comments on this post.  These really show how potential customers feel.  Here is a random selection:

It seems clear now more than ever that sony are unable to deliver the concole experience they envisioned and that their vision was grossly unrealistic…
That is sucks, I am thinking seriously to cancel my PS3 pre-order
I will now cancel my preorders. On launch day I’ll check the backwards compatability list and then decide whether or not to purchase a PS3 based on the contents of that list!
Most revealing was the last question. That tells us that there are NO advantages whatsoever to the consumer in this change. If the new emulation was able to add AA and/or output in HD, then we’d have something to cheer about.
Agree with the above, the answers are utterly atrocious. Updating a website with a list of compatible games *on* launch day does not cut it as releasing information sufficiently in advance to allow potential buyers to judge whether the backwards compatibility is “sufficient” for their needs. Whilst PS3 games are naturally a priority, Sony’s rep’s attitude towards the BC in the future has been sincerely at odds to their attitude when they were boasting about how infinitely better the PS3’s BC was than the 360s’.
This is completely rubish!!!! I have pre-order my PS3 and now the hardware as been changed! and my point is that we are paying more that the others and get less hardware inside!!!! this is a total lack of respect! I’m in Portugal and i have already payed for my pre-order! I’m totally p**** off!!!!!!
I’m going to canceled my pre-order!!! Sony isn’t geeting my hard earned money!!!
I had a pre-order placed for the European PS3, but the whole BC debacle has made me cancel it. Sure BC isnt everything, but for £425 (a lot more than the US and Japanese PS3s) I dont expect an inferior box, with inferior capability.

People are upset, and I'm not surprised.

Topic: Hardware

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  • Sony is Kaput

    Sony is paying for all its unpunish illegal activities (especialy the infection of millions of compunter with Virus/Root Kit). Sony is a has been. it was a great hardware company, not it is just a common crook. PS3 is a total flop. PSP is barely alive, UMD is a flop and Blue Ray (witch is illegaly rig with so much DRM that it is not worth buying at all)

    Game Over Sony
  • Get a Nintendo Wii, they're more popular in Japan anyway!

    The PS3 is an overpriced clueless dream.

    - The Wii has Wi-Fi as STANDARD (does the 20Gb PS3?).
    - Does the PS3 REALLY need a Blu-Ray drive (or are Sony trying to boost support over HD-DVD???). I cannot imagine games being released on Blu-Ray discs, if they did what good would the 20Gb drive be?
    - The drive is a 5400RPM POS (a Seagate Momentus 5400.2 60GB at $55.00).

    Where is the super-fantastic-earth-shattering improvements that place it over twice the price of the Wii?

    Overpriced, not that well thought out. The Wii beats it hands down for value-for-money, the games for the Wii concentrate on playability and NOT raw GFX (something both Sony and MS could take note of). The XBox360 does nearly all the PS3 does, came out over a year earlier and is STILL cheaper.

    Sony, as all good gamers would say - "You got pwn3d".
  • You really hate Sony, don't you?

    Man, you don't even try to hide the fact that you despise Sony, do you? If that's the case, just come out and say it.

    Yeah, Sony removed the Emotion Engine from the European PS3 and replaced it with software emulation for PS2 backward compatibility. They chose the same strategy as found in the XBox 360 that you love sooo much. It's probably the strategy Sony should have taken from the start to help reduce hardware costs.

    Well, Sony announced today that over 1,000 PS2 titles will be backward compatible with the European system at launch, with more continually added through firmware updates. They also expect PS1 titles to be fully compatible with the PS3.

    So, how's backward compatibility going with the XBox? How's that workin' out for you? I bet you wear XBox Underroos.

    The 360 is a great system, but guess what? The PS3 is a great system too. Your myopic view of things is pretty pathetic. A little objectivity from someone in your position would be refreshing.