Speedlinking - iPod, PS3 and Zune news

Speedlinking - iPod, PS3 and Zune news

Summary: Lots happening in the hardware world this week:- Universal may try to force an iPod royalty fee on Apple- The PS3 is to get 1080p/24 support, and will allow for DVD upscaling- Intel to add pre-standard 802.11n to the Centrino chipset at next update - Transferring movies, ZIP files and PDFs between Zune PMPs


Lots happening in the hardware world this week - too much to cover separately on Hardware 2.0 anyhow.  Here's a small selection of news that you might find interesting.

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Topic: Apple

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  • Not no but HELL NO

    What right does any music company have to charge money for a device that may never see their music and, if it does, it was likely bought through iTunes? I think it was stupid for MS to agree to pay that fee and I think Apple should tell them where to stick it.
    Beat a Dead Horse
  • Thanks but no thanks

    You should note that Apple wouldn't be paying Universal, the customer would, as that fee would be tacked on to the price. And it's not just Universal. MS is supposedly going to have to pay this fee to every single label they get to participate in their Zune store. Stupid, stupid, stupid, a desperate move by a company whose first offering in the market failed miserably.

    By the way, here's an update on Zune sales. The first article shows how poorly they're doing on Amazon, and the second has better figures, which show that, as expected, the Zune is cannibalizing the Plays-For-Sure market, but not touching the iPod.

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    • miserably?

      check the second paragraph


      Apple only wishes it could 'fail so miserably' in the PC market. Hell, any company out there wishes for such failure in any market.

      As for paying Universal, I think it was a good move by MS to change the nature of the game(I'm personally against it, but let?s look at it from a business point of view). They (MS) understand the dynamics of entering into a market against a monopoly; they watch others try against them in the PC market, and they have done it in consoles and hand helds. By turning the suppliers (the content holders) against the distributer (Apple), you should be able to cause at least some disruption in the chain.
      And the disruption of your competitor is your opportunity
      • Yes, miserably

        Um, go back and re-read. That word, "miserably" referred to the failure of Plays-For-Sure, and was not used to describe the Zune at all.

        ---check the second paragraph---

        Which says 35% of Zune buyers are buying it to replace a previous player. And all indications are that those previous players were Plays-For-Sure devices, not iPods, which is exactly what I said.

        ---By turning the suppliers (the content holders) against the distributer (Apple), you should be able to cause at least some disruption in the chain.---

        Short term, perhaps that makes sense. Screw your competitors. But let's say you take over the market. Then aren't you screwing yourself? Don't the suppliers already have you over a barrel? What if Sony, who want to promote their own mp3 player over the Zune, decide that the fee MS must pay them for each hardware sale is $100? How will the Zune store compete against other stores that have the Sony music catalog?
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        • Microsoft screwed up

          I can't find the quote anymore (and maybe it isn't even real) but I read somewhere that Gates, early on in Microsoft's history, said something like:
          [i]We never failed to overestimate the competition's competence.[/i]

          In other words: we succeeded because our competition sucked. I was paging through the flyers that came with my newspaper this morning and while there were pages and pages dedicated to iPods, Sansa, Creative, et al, there was nary a mention of the Zune. Apple is succeeding because Microsoft has, once again, screwed up in the portable player market.
          • I sitll think that . . .

            their BIGGEST problem with sales is that the 'thing' is UGLY. Seriously, it looks like they got the design from Fisher-Price, only without the primary color schemes . . .Would you want something that looks like the Zune, or something that looks like the iPod, or the Sansa, etc . . .?
          • I think the big problem....

            ...is that it's pretty much the same as everything else on the market. There's no reason to choose a Zune over any other player on the market, be it the better screen on an Archos, or the bigger capacity and better online store for the iPod. There's nothing compelling about the Zune.
            tic swayback
          • The Zune vs. Windows . . .

            You'd think they would at least use their experience from introducing the Xbox. I think part of their problem is they're too used to already owning a market (Windows), and assume that simply because it has Microsoft stamped on the box it will fly off the shelves. . .

            If it was cheaper than a comparable iPod, it probably would sell, even the Brown(yeeecchh!) ones. BTW, d'ja notice that they calling it "Earthtone" now?
          • Hard to compare

            Remember though, that the Xbox has the built in advantage of games that you can't play anywhere else (Halo). The Zune plays the exacct same material as every other player out there. Makes it tougher on a player that doesn't excel.
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