Still using Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC)? Read this!

Still using Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC)? Read this!

Summary: If you're still using the release candidate (or RC) version of Windows 7, you need to make plans to move away, as the expiration date is fast approaching.


If you're still using the release candidate (or RC) version of Windows 7, you need to make plans to move away, as the expiration date is fast approaching.

Three dates RC users need to be aware of:

February 15, 2010

  • Users start receiving an expiration notification in the task bar once a day
  • Users will see a Notification Wizard once after four hours and then one time every hour
  • The OS will continue to operate as normal

March 1, 2010

  • Task bar expiration notifications continue
  • The OS will restart every two hours (note that any open documents won't be saved before the restart)
  • Between reboot the OS will continue to operate as normal

June 1, 2010

  • Windows 7 RC effectively expires at this point
  • The OS boots to a black desktop.
  • Users are shown a Windows Activation screen informing users that the OS is not genuine
  • The OS will restart every two hours.

Plan ahead to avoid hassles and possible data loss. Your options basically boil down to two: upgrade to Windows 7 or downgrade the system to an earlier OS.

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  • Isn't that how Windoze 7 works NOW??

    It boots to a black desktop and restarts every two hours?? at least that is what I'm hearing from all the people I know that use legit, store purchased, licensed copies Windoze.
    Ron Bergundy
    • All right

      Son, you need to get out of your room, go outside and see some day light for once. You just can't sit around in front of your hand me down PC in your jammies writing inane board messages all day long. It is simply not healthy. By the way, your mom wants you to take the garbage out for once and that it is time for you to go find a job and stop leeching off us, you are in your forties, for god's sakes!
      • You could help him have some fun

        Why don't you lend him one of your inflatable dolls?
        The Mentalist
        • You're saying your finished with it? (nt)

          John Zern
          • Yes but...

            I prefer them straight so next time don't send the strap-on with it, OK?
            The Mentalist
          • I bet you used it anyway, didn't you?

        • Mentalist, what is your preoccupation with inflatable dolls?

          You used that line on me a while back.. Clever
          insult by the way, never heard that one before.
          Obviously, you've got some things on your mind
          that we are going to be unable to take care of for
          • Thanks for sharing your concern

            It's always good to get such an excellent piss of advice for free.
            The Mentalist
          • Goody! EconoMentalist is back!!!

            They decided that he could finally come out of his padded cell...
          • Mentalist = A child or a crazy person

            He is always making immature remarks like that which leads me to believe that he is either some 13 year old kid in his mothers basement that needs some dicipline or he is some old crazy person in an institution.

            Take your pick.
          • Yeah

            His screen name is 3 characters too long, and it shows.
            Hallowed are the Ori
    • Some of you Linux people

      are just idiots... did you not even read the article? Do you not know what RC even means? Come on, keep up with the rest of the world here.

      Let me explain this to you. RC = Release Candidate which is/ was the publicly released test version of Windows 7 - it was never meant to be a permanent release.

      So NO, the store-bought aka retail aka legit aka licensed version of Windows 7 does not have these issues, just the RC version which people knew about before they downloaded it.

      You know, it's people like Linux All The Way that make me wonder what in hell running Linux does to one's brain... his posts get more and more idiotic as time progresses.
      • You say "Linux all the way" is a nut job....I say Loverock Davidson is

        the same type nut job only he is a Windows fan boy so obviously he's ok in your eyes. Loverock Davidson must be on M$ board of directors in my eyes as his absurd opinions are just as off the wall as "Linux all the way" are. So which idiot do you prefer? :-(
        Over and Out
        • Six of one, half dozen of the other...

      • That was more attention than he deserved. (nt)

        Lester Young
    • Baby want some attention?

      Here, have some attention. Feel better?
      Lester Young
  • Building a New Computer

    I just filed my taxes and as soon as I get that I will be building a new computer and then I can install the Free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate that I got from the launch party promotion. My friend said I should have installed it on my current setup because it is a retail copy license and I can uninstall and re-install but I did not want to go through the trouble since the RC was running so good.

    Unlike the FUD Spreader above Win7 is very stable and I rarely reboot it.

    I think I will keep that set up and maybe see what happens about the time WHS "vail" is released.
    • Thaat's the same as what I did

      I have my first build (Onto my second already) set up running Home Server.

      Fun stuff for sure.
      The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Yep

      my PSU started going and it wouldn't always boot the machine anymore, however once it booted, it would stay on fine. So I just stopped turning the computer off for a while. I think it was like a month or two before I finally went ahead and got a Corsair HX750, but that was 2 solid months of 24/7 up-time. Linux fanboys like the dude above will cling to anything to justify themselves basing their entire personal around a piece of software, weather true or not. Can't really blame them, they vested so much of themselves into supporting these strings of 1's and 0's that it would be physically painful to admit their wrong. Hmm... now that I spelled that out, sounds a lot like symptoms of an addictions.

      So there you have it folks! Linux is an addictive substance that will make you an absolute douche if you let it.
  • Already downgraded to Vista...

    Already downgraded to Vista after upgrading my hard drive over Christmas. Now running Vista/Ubuntu 9.10 dual boot and have put the RC on a virtual machine (Virtual Box).